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Feb 9, 2017
    1. NaruSaku4Life

      It's been a while and yes, I too was busy, so it's all good. Glad to hear from you again.

      I hope you enjoyed your holidays and have a happy new year. :)
    2. Animeblue
      Happy Holidays and have Joyful NewYear:beer:beer
    3. NaruSaku4Life
      No problem. Take all the time.
    4. NaruSaku4Life
      Here you go, the post on Naruto/Obito.

      Long post inbound!

      First of all, the whole situation between Naruto and Obito have started since the time they set their eyes on each other. That said ask yourself, why on earth is the pacing is going the way it is now. Why not go the pace of Nagato/Pain vs. Naruto? Because in that battle, it's about finding peace. In Obito's battle, it's about new vs. old talking to each other. The situation is much bigger than anything else.

      Let's quickly recap. Obito is Naruto of last gen. Enough said. That's all you need to know. That said Obito has changed his life in a complete opposite because everything he once believed is a lie. So where do we start? First of, Obito cared about friends and he had connections to many. Now, he don't care anymore. Enter volume 64. That volume was highly focused on friendships because Naruto finally got his friends on his side and it's all about trust/sacrifice. Obito don't believe it because they will die and they can't be protected. All of them will die in vain. However, Naruto was reassured that everyone will die eventually in a combat, but don't stop because they died with a reason and even so, they'll be in his heart. Obito hoped it would be th end of Naruto, but he bounced back.

      In volume 66, it continued from the friendship theme, which concluded that Naruto won't stop fighting and even if his power is draining because of his friends, he would rather die than his friends die. Therefore, Obito gave up on persuading him on friendships and so, enter him and Kakashi. Let's skip that to the current volume.

      In this volume, this focused on the fact Minato was the guy that gave him the belief of never gving up on love and reaching that dream of becoming Hokage. That said that's why Obito attacks on Minato because he gave him a false belief. It's like if a guy gets "reborn", he would hope everything would change, but it doesn't or not at least the way he hoped for. Not only Obito tried to bash him, but he also putting the blame on him for Naruto to understand on harsh reality, but he didn't give in. That part is over. So now, where do we go next? Likely point, love.

      When you recount every moments in this battle, we went from friendship to family to something that we are waiting for. It's likely that love is the next and final step because Obito is slowly understanding the sense of hope, something he hasn't felt since his youthful days. He understands friendships matter in the real world, understands that bad moments happen but you can pull through and go further to the future, hoping that dream can come true, and the importance of being alive such as carrying the will of others in which this case is for Minato/Kushina. Now, which one carries the Rin's situation? That's right. None.

      This is his main driving force and it must be addressed. Minato don't understand completely on why Obito became the way he is now. Kakashi knows but he can't do anything because he has already tried and he is on the verge of killing Obito without remorse. Naruto is not a killer and he will know him before they are done. Love is personal and that's the only part that hasn't been covered. So, how will the parallel and Sakura get involved?

      Well, this is up to Kishi's way of handling. That said let's think of the possibility. First of all, Sakura is behind and Tsunade is still away. Is Kishi stalling Gokages' arrival because of this volume focusing on one thing? If so, is it possible that without Tsunade, Sakura can't enter the battle? Can she do anything since Obito is immune to non-senjutsu? Who knows but love must be addressed and must be dealt with in order Obito and Naruto understand each other completely. Why Rin is being shown many times? Why 540 and 635 for Sakura happened the way it did? Why 631 for Naruto/Sakura happened the way it did as well? Why Obito didn't even see Sakura in her glory back in volume 66? While I can't many of these questions, but I believe the answer is being stalled for a reason. Is it possible that Naruto/Sakura would actually end in a very glory moment? You decide.
    5. NaruSaku4Life
      They're up now. Can't wait for the next one. :)
    6. NaruSaku4Life
      Sorry, it will be uploaded today. In fact, two reviews. I have been busy for quite a while but I am able to proceed to work on my stuff. That said please check them out before the next chapter.
    7. NaruSaku4Life
      Well to be fair, they haven't used that angle of prophecy in a long time. It was meant for us to understand that Naruto is truly the guy with a golden heart. It's not that Naruto is going around and say, " I am the chosen one." It's just something for us readers to understand that Jiraiya's fate was on the hand of the prophecy, that he once believed it was hopeless until his death. Granted people in Tsunade's office knows it, but it doesn't change anything. They just know that whether it is true or not, he earned the respect.

      Thank you on the feedback on Naruto and Sasuke. Yes, it's rather sad that they can work together well but their fate separates them. It's just the way it is and sadly, Sasuke hasn't completely change for the best. The only thing that Itachi did to Sasuke is not going for ending Konoha for the past mistake, rather get rid of the mistakes today. It sounds good on paper, but the fact Bijuus are good creatures, so killing them would be a horrible mistake. It's like in one game, where you are told to kill the monsters and when you reached to the last one, it talks to you and tells you that they only wanted to live and we are to be blamed. The point is Sasuke is using destruction to end all. Naruto is against that.

      Because of all of these circumstances, they will fight each other and they will fight till the very end. I don't think they will die but it will be a meaningful battle between the two. To be honest I was afraid that Kishi was making Sasuke good too soon that every developments for these two to fight just erased. So I'm happy with this turn of event and happy that regardless that he returns, nobody in the village trust him and when Sakura doesn't trust him, you know it's hopeless. Well, time to record my reviews.
    8. NaruSaku4Life
      I see what you mean. Yes, the chapter was definitely good because it really shows Naruto is the one to get the shine and the world will know his name. What I like is that it's building up to have Naruto the ultimate glory victory from his people because of his birthday and the stuff he will do to save everyone from total annihilation. As selfish it may sound, but I don't want anyone to get it but Naruto. Naruto is the guy who will show the world that there is always hope for brighter future. The whole war arc has been focusing on Naruto. While I don't know the clear reason why Sasuke is there, I do think there is a purpose behind it and so far, it has been

      1) To show us that he has not changed at all or for the most, especially wanting to kill Naruto

      2) Possibly to have Sasuke see Naruto's growth in order to get the better idea in order to get stronger (throwback to Gaara's fight)

      3) To have many characters to develop themselves on having Sasuke around (Sakura's distrust which can be crucial development, Sai's discomfort), proving that having him just don't make them feel better.

      There's also a plan behind Sasuke, but we have to wait until two great evils are dealt with. I will explain more in the review.
    9. NaruSaku4Life

      Two reviews this week. I was busy doing multiple stuff and got it straight. Well, most of it. That said time for two reviews. Stay tuned.

      Also, I still have a lot of stuff to say but it will be up on Saturday.
    10. NaruSaku4Life
      Enlighten me. Tell me what is it. I won't get mad...or will I? But seriously, what is it?
    11. NaruSaku4Life
      Don't worry, I'm not going to rush it, I'm just doing it because I wanted to.

      About that Naruto/Obito, due to no chapter, I have a lot to share and oddly enough, this chapter helped me to write more. You'll understand soon.
    12. NaruSaku4Life

      Since there's no chapter next week, I took a small break. That said there will be one this weekend. I had to do something before Saturday, so now that's over with, I can review. I can only say it's decent. I'll explain. Thank you for your concern.
    13. CA182
      Thanks for the rep! :33

      After the first theory I did this week, I didn't think any of my theory threads this week would get viewed. :lmao
    14. Hunted by sister
      Hunted by sister
    15. Ernie
      Helemaal eens met je!
    16. Archah
      Hey JH24!! Thank you so much, man! Sorry for the delay.

      I hope everything goes well for you for 2013!
    17. hgfdsahjkl
      Hiiiiii sorry for the delay :)
      thank youuuuu

      how is life?hope everything is good in the new year :)
    18. Black Wraith
      Black Wraith
      Happy New Year to you too!

      May a thousand Legendaries shower on you this year (even if most will be useless).
    19. liborek3
      Happy New Year to you too!
    20. Rios
      Happy New Year and same to you too!
    21. Synthetickiller
      Happy New Year to you too!
    22. NaruSaku4Life
      Happy New Year!

      Well, not new year here yet but oh well. Best wishes to you! :)
    23. NaruSaku4Life
      Merry Christmas! Funny that I still have the One Piece Christmas song after all these years. Lol. Have a great time! Have a wonderful New Year! :beer
    24. Animeblue
      Happy Holidays and have Joyful NewYear:beer:beer
    25. NaruSaku4Life

      Sorry couldn't reply earlier but I'll reply next time after the last chapter. That way, I can pile up and talk about it in one go. Ok, I'll be back. Have a good day. :)
    26. NaruSaku4Life

      Well, it will be interesting to see what's going to happen next. I just know that there will be a break. There's so many conflicting issues that's going on such as Tsunade's possible death, Yamato and Anko MIA, and so on. Then, it's hard to say Sasuke is the final villain but I know that he wil be in the final phase of the final arc. Naruto and Sasuke will fight each other.

      No problem on the anime. Quite frankly, I'm enjoying it a lot since the animation is great, nice actions, and so far, a fun arc with maybe a good plot. I just they stay consistent to the end.

      Well, I hold you get a break, so you can rest and ease down to get a fresh air. Well, I wish the best for you. :)
    27. NaruSaku4Life

      I had a great time and the Black Friday was fine, but nothing so special this year unless you need a tv. But at least I got what I need, so it's all good.

      Well, I do wonder where Kishi is going with this juubi. Now that is out, now what? Is he going to kill it off here because that will be shocking to say the least. I don't know where this is heading to in terms of juubi, but I do believe it's time for the rest of squad to show up to back up Naruto. This week should give us an idea.

      As for anime, well there's a special anime arc that the studio has put a lot of money on. The first episode started off pretty good. The interesting part is that Kabuto is the main villain in this arc. It's supposedly taken place before the war arc. There are filler characters, but right now it's only telling us the backstory of their event that already happened, which the village was utterly defeated. So it switches from present to past. Overall, it is promising and it's a pretty good entertaining start.

      Well then, I hope you had a good time in your vacation and what not. Stay safe. :)
    28. NaruSaku4Life

      Thank you for the luck I will need for Black Friday. Hopefully, I will get the stuff I want, especially for those who I want to give for Christmas. So yeah, as of now, it's Thanksgiving day, so Happy Thanksgiving. :) I will be helping my family to prepare a family dinner and what not. It's going to be fun. I will get a job soon and thanks for the luck.

      As for the manga, well looks like it's getting crazier since well the beast has awaken. I do believe we are in the last step of this battle that could lead either two things.

      1) This could be the last part of the arc, which ends it and start a new and most likely the final arc, involving Sasuke.

      2) This could be the end of the middle of the arc. If Kishi plans to make this arc as the final arc, then this part will be the end of phase 2. Phase 3 will be the final phase as in main characters are being used to the fullest, which can be said the same for the first option. It will have a calm before storm moment and then, on to the finale.

      The reason why I said this is because the fact that there are a lot of new discussion to be discussed after this battle, mainly the situation of Kages. We still have Yamato as MIA, as well as Anko. Sasuke is searching for the truth, which could be after this arc. As for the current villains, it could happen in many ways. As of now, I can say Obito may not live after this, though I can be wrong. Madara can live after this, which might make him search for Sasuke to replace Obito for the summon or some sort. It is possible that both will live after the summon, but something tells me one will die.

      So yeah, that's all I got to say. Contact me for anything else. I am actually looking forward to the anime special arc. It has nice presentation and it could be a solid entertainment. Take care. :)
    29. NaruSaku4Life

      I am fine and nothing severe happened to the area at all. Well rooftop needs a cover, but it's underway to repair, so no problem at all. Family is safe and that's all I care about.

      Thanks. I tried not to stretch so long. It's been somewhat busy. I have been doing cleanup, finding a full-time job, etc. I am good as of now, and I'm only gearing up for Thanksgiving, which should be fun and nice. I am going for Black Friday shopping. Wish me luck and safe. Also, Halo 4 has been taking over, so yeah, big delays on my end. Yeah, I forgot to mention, I am a huge fan of Halo. As for the review, don't worry, on my notepad, I listed the pros and cons of them, so I can always remember what's good, bad, and what to talk about.

      Well, I hope everything gets better for you very soon. I wish the best of luck to you. I'm always here to talk to, so contact me whenever you want, ok? Stay safe. :)
    30. NaruSaku4Life

      Sorry for the late update. I am back after so many things, starting with the hurricane. I am back and ready to bring out the reviews. I will be writing them this weekends. Be on the lookout this time. So yeah, sorry for the very late update. So many stuff has happened to me and I believe it's the same for you.

      How is everything? I hope everything is great. :)
    31. Black Wraith
      Black Wraith
      Seems like you have a fan.

      After that game I left after you left too. I'm not exactly the best player around so having someone with less then 20k damage is going to make things a heck of a lot tougher for me.
    32. Black Wraith
      Black Wraith
      Who's your friend BasTer on D3?

      With less then 19k damage him joining the game made me the only mele type really vulnerable.
    33. NaruSaku4Life

      I want to let you know that I gave up on version 2. I decided to stay with the first one. The reason why is because well, I feel like I'm summarizing the movie with spoilers and it comes out forced on my end. It wouldn't sound professional and it would come out somewhat lousy on my part. I decided to do this way. I will add "Reviewer's comment" as my way to express my view with my own words. Basically, reviewers' comment is my version 2 but shorter and straight to the point. I believe I did this before. So yeah, I will do this way. I am used to the first version because it does have me expressing with my own words in a professional style.

      Well that all said be prepare for a pack of DBZ movies reviews. My review era begins next week. I will let you know when. I'm going to change my older reviews with new score system. Thank you so much. I really appreciate this. If you anything to ask, please feel free. Until then, I will see you later. Take care. :)
    34. NaruSaku4Life

      I want to let you know that my other review is delayed to Thursday night. Sorry, I was away and worked on something else at home. Sidetracked here and there. Nevertheless, it will be done. Take care. :)
    35. NaruSaku4Life

      Thank you for the feedback. I admit, the one you pointed out is the one I had trouble with wording it right. I wasn't straight on that one. Also, it's more of a rough draft, but you get the message. I will work on version 2 soon. Then you decide which one I'm suited for. Looking forward to more feedback. :)
    36. NaruSaku4Life

      I sent you a PM and it's the first version of the review. Later tonight or tomorrow, I will send you the other version, the one that I speak with my own words. The one I sent is not the finalized version, since I didn't give a score, pros and cons, and forgot to mention the voice actors. Other than that, take a good look at it. I will be working on the other one. Leave a feedback.

      Thank you. :)
    37. NaruSaku4Life

      Well I saw both for the fun of it. I am going to PM you both reviews. Get ready to read them. I will start working on them now. I was away but my memory is still there and ready to write. It will be done by Tuesday night. I hope you enjoy it. :)
    38. NaruSaku4Life
      Hey, nice to see you back.

      Good choice. I have to see it again for memory sake. Don't worry, I'll watch it now. I got nothing else to do in here for today. :P Yeah, I do remember those two moments. I was rather confused. Fan service for older villains but man, did it pass by so quick. I will write two reviews and see which one you prefer. It will be up on Monday. Now then, time to watch.
    39. NaruSaku4Life
      It's fine, really. Don't have to apologize. I'm just glad you're fine and that's what important. Glad to hear from you again.

      As for reviews, well, I need you to choose one. I can't think of one for now. I am waiting for that One Piece special translated, so I can watch it and review it. Anyway, this is my profile:

      NaruSaku4Life's Profile

      Pick the one that I'm already done. It can be movie, ovas, anime, anything. Thank you. I will wait for you tomorrow. :)
    40. NaruSaku4Life
      Hey, it's been a while. Where have you been?

      I just came to make sure if everything is alright. I haven't start a review, because I needed your guidance. I need you to choose an anime. I am thinking of one right now, but I want to see if you can choose one for me. Also, I want to know if you like the idea that I do 2 reviews with different styles to see which one you prefer.

      I hope everything is okay with you. Contact me if you want to talk about anything. Have a good time. :)
    41. NaruSaku4Life
      Thank you for replying back. :)

      That said let's talk about the manga first. First of all, I would like to say things are definitely getting too interesting and it seems like the pieces are finally coming together. There are stuff that I didn't notice a hint from Madara and Obito working together in the older chapter. It's always good to reread them when you have the chance. So yeah, it's really getting interesting. By the way, the one thing that I'm really wondering is Tsunade. It looks really bad for her. I don't know what will happen. If only the flashback happen after knowing what's next for her. Oh well, the more wait we wait, the more tension it builds.

      Now on to the review. I got a great idea. I'm only doing this once. I'm going to do two reviews on the same anime. I'm going to show you which one you preferred more and perhaps share with others to see their opinion too. I want to see which one is more suitable for me. It will come this weekend. Right now, I'm thinking which one. I am planning to review all Naruto movies as soon as I get the idea on writing a review. So now, I just need to find the right one. Any ideas? Here is my list of anime that I already watch. I believe I promise you a list a long time ago. Here it is:

      NaruSaku4Life's List

      I haven't update everything, but most of them are there. So feel free to check and pick one. Thanks for everything. :)
    42. NaruSaku4Life
      Hey, it's no problem. I'm just glad you did respond back. :)

      That's great to hear from you about NaruSaku. Lol. I should ask you this, doesn't Obito/Rin reminds you of them at all? It really does to me, and it was sad for him to never got what he wanted due to his early demise (well before the latest chapters). I know Kishi is tossing messages at us, so it's no surprise to see it again with Obito as he represents Dark Naruto.

      Back to the movie, well the storm calmed down when people just left the thread. That's it. Haha. When the movie was advertising so many things, people were talking about it all day. They tried to convince others that Sasuke wasn't a playboy, rather he was a guy that shows love in a deep fashion. Yeah, when the movie was released, people went silence and left the thread. Yeah, Sasuke once again broke Sakura's heart. What a shock. That's why I said trolled in my last post. As for NaruHina, well she was used as a comedy role. The funny part is when she found out that Naruto/Sakura were dating (not really but they presented it that way), so she quickly threaten Sakura by telling her to leave Naruto or she will kill her. Sakura turned blue and Naruto breaks up the fight, which got Hinata more mad for him choosing Sakura over her. Naruto/Sakura managed to escape from her and yeah, it was funny.

      The whole fiasco ended by everyone moving on and acknowledge the movie is a filler. I don't want to rub in people faces, but the fact Kishi made this movie gives you the idea on his intention. This movie proves that NaruSaku is truly a pairing that can be the endgame to all. Oh yeah, Kishi even wrote that they had the longest date ever. Wow. People who saw the movie were convinced that Kishi is serious with NaruSaku. There are many fanarts that described the movie and many of them highlights Naruto and Sakura being together and connects them as a new Minato/Kushina team. Even a SasuSaku fan couldn't deny it. That's how much people were convinced. Fun fact: fans have the opportunity to write down a short paragraph on why we love Naruto, so they can present our opinions worldwide; in the end, they chose 25 comments and 2 of them has NaruSaku comments. Words going around that Kishi chose them himself. Not sure if that's true, but regardless, 2 NaruSaku comments were presented world wide.

      You can say it was the darkest day for the anti-NS people. If anything, the message is "Be careful what you wish for." Actually, this past summer has been a NaruSaku season. There were a lot of moments in the movie and anime (since they love to add more scenes), including that new Rock Lee SD anime. Oh yeah, the storm rose again when the latest anime ending happened. If you didn't watch it, well, let's just say anime studio is not hiding on NaruSaku. It's too obvious.

      Nice to know that you like NaruSaku and see it to be the true pairing. I won't shove it to your throat on it, but I do like to see a friend a NaruSaku person. Don't necessarily have to be a fan, just like the idea. If you don't, that's still ok with me.

      About my anime reviews, I am going to do one next week. That said I need your help. I want to know which preference would you go for. One have me talking like it's about me and my feeling on the anime (Example: I just couldn't get into this anime for the slow pacing and bland characters). The other one have me talking in a professional tone (Example: This anime is slow paced and the characters are bland.). I hope you know what I mean. If not, I will provide more examples. So please tell me which one you prefer.

      Thank you for the response. I highly appreciated it. If there's anything you would like to talk about, feel free to ask. Take care. :)
    43. NaruSaku4Life
      Wait, do you know anything about the movie? If not, well here's the thing. This movie is considered special to the fans because it's made by Kishi himself, like One Piece Movie 10 and Z made by Oda. It was incredibly hyped because of alternate universe of Konoha 11 and the return of Naruto's parents.

      The only problem was that majority of fans in here care to see which pairings Kishi prefers. This is where the fun begins, especially if you're not part of it. At the start, people were outraged to find out the main characters are Naruto and Sakura, and they're the only one that are sucked into alternate universe, not to mention Minato and Kushina are also main characters. Then, an advertisement has Sasuke (AU! version) flirting Sakura, which got SasuSaku fans wild. AU! Hinata seems to get a lot of ads as well, so it somewhat indicated that she will play a big role for Naruto, and this is the only chance that Hinata can be bold. Naturally, people believed the story will have SasuSaku and NaruHina, which leaves NaruSaku out of dust. Even the color spread has some sort of fanservice. Me, I kept myself quiet and wait for the actual movie to release. Now, here's where the storm arrives.

      The movie premiere early for Kishi and his family, as well as lucky winners. They post the summary in 2ch and boy, was it a outbreak. First of all, K11 were hardly in the movie at all. Naruto and AU! Hinata didn't have a moment, rather she scared both Naruto and Sakura. As for Sasuke, well let's just say no matter what world she's in, Sasuke is Sasuke. How about this: trolled. The movie is mainly about Naruto and parental love.

      NaruSaku is earned as a minor theme of the movie. We learned that there were many moments together. If you doubt Kishi that he made Naruto stopped liking Sakura, think again. He is in love and it's really funny when he was found by none other than Kushina. There are more hints as well. Hinata questioned Sakura, in which she was shocked to hear it, but sadly, Hinata continued to bash her, which is funny.There are plenty of them, but not sure if you want me to tell you. Oh yeah, when I say NaruSaku as a minor theme, I mean that Sakura learns how Naruto's life is without parents and develops her character to a stronger one as she actually fights like Naruto. They both switched role and it's really well done from what I read. Most notable one is the fence scene, which portrayed as splitting up. Oh yeah, did I mention about the parallel between MinaKushi and NaruSaku? It's there at full force. It's no secret now. Well played, Kishi.

      So yeah, the storm is that NaruSaku is the one that a lot of reviewers in Japan believed that Kishi is serious about NaruSaku. In short, NaruSaku is now seen as a true pairing and a lot of fans in Japan think differently. Unfortunately, in here, well it's still anger and dismissed this as filler. I can understand that, but the fact that Kishi made this movie means this is his intention. Not to mention, this was the chance to show NaruHina and SasuSaku, but he didn't.

      Star rating system seems like a great idea. I can deal with that. Yeah, I can work with it. Okay, I will give it a try. Hey, how would you like on reviews? Like, I'm reviewing it like I'm writing an essay or write it like a professional way. When I say essay I mean like, "At first, this anime sounded horrible, but after 3 episodes, I was hooked." When I say professional, basically no "I" or me alone.

      Thank you. I hope you enjoyed your weekend. You know, you almost sounded like a NaruSaku fan. :laugh
    44. NaruSaku4Life

      Oh nothing, it's just a doorman job. So boring, but hey, I got internet to provide me for some fun. :P.

      Yes, of course. I read the chapter and loved it. It was predictable, but the thing is that predictability isn't a bad thing as long as it was build up right, which it did. Plus, it's best to wait for the next chapter. It was different from all other chapters, and it was well done. Granted there were art errors, maybe, but the message was done and it was great. Next chapter should be story heavy.

      It's fine that some interest is lost. For me, well I am always dedicated to the show that I watched for long. It's always fun to reread/watch to see something you missed. But that's just me.

      As for your statement, yes, I am referring to NaruSaku. Lol. I thanked the movie for it. If you wasn't following the movie thread, well let's just say the storm came and it took a long time to go. I don't like to start a flame war, but it's a lesson of "Be careful what you wish for." Anyway, yeah, the movie has a lot of NaruSaku moments. The kicker is that Kishi himself made this movie, 100%. Not to mention, it has a great reenactment scene of Minato and Kushina, only this time it's happening to Naruto and Sakura. There are more, but it will be a while to explain.

      Btw, I am planning to review again this month, since now I think I would like to write stuff again. I am going to modify my review style, so you will notice a difference. Score system most likely gone, because I feel that people should not look at numbers to determine what's good. That or change into .5 system. I don't know. Help? :P

      Anyway, yeah, lots of stuff are on the horizon. :)
    45. NaruSaku4Life
      Well, that's good to hear. Good luck on finding your new job. :)

      Of course, I still follow the series. It's not like I dropped the series or anything. Same goes for One Piece and the rest of the anime/manga. It's just a lot of work happened to me during my Spring season. Then, after graduating, well I'm free. If only my work has Wifi internet. Oh well.

      So yeah, everything is ok with me. Anything you would like to ask me, feel free to do so. Of course, I am still huge support to my name, especially what happened recently. smile-big
    46. NaruSaku4Life
      It has been a long time.

      I am doing great. I am done with college and now, I have all the time in the world. So, yeah. I feel so free. Haha. Also, I am in a great mood for the past summer.

      What about you? How have you been doing this whole time? I hope life is treating you really well. Anything new?
    47. NaruSaku4Life
      Hey, remember me! :)
    48. XMURADX
      Thank you so much, I'm sorry that I don't have enough time to reply. But thanks a lot, Take care and thanks for everything.

      Gotta go now. :)
    49. XMURADX
      BTW, since I'm leaving this Thursday, I won't be active anymore until the end of July or August if I needed more time. Also, I will be taking a break from One Piece and other stuff so I would give all my time to my wife.

      It was nice talking with you, until then, take care and have a great summer time. :)
    50. XMURADX
      I don't remember much from Ninja turtles, since I've watched it before 18 years or so. But the scene had nice animation indeed, only thing is that the movements lacked complexity, and at some part it looked odd, as if the animator didn't know how make good transition from a move to a move, but it still looked great. Specially for something that old.
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    Chapter: 386
    Reading, drawing, swimming, computers, interested in eagles/wolves/volcanoes
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