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Feb 21, 2017 at 10:59 AM
Jul 6, 2012
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arf! arf!, from Inside your girlfriend's pants

@TetraVaal just admitted he's a homo. Hahahahahaha Nov 5, 2016

Jake CENA was last seen:
Feb 21, 2017 at 10:59 AM
    1. Jake CENA
      Jake CENA
      @TetraVaal just admitted he's a homo. Hahahahahaha
    2. Jake CENA
      Jake CENA
      i only call you when its half past five!
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      2. Jake CENA
        Jake CENA
        you dont have a phone nigga
        Oct 17, 2016
      3. VAK
        Lol, funnily enough I accidentally ripped out my landline :(
        Oct 17, 2016
      4. Jake CENA
        Jake CENA
        lmao stop prank calling 911
        Oct 17, 2016
    3. Jake CENA
      Jake CENA
    4. gabies
      idk, im doing a 2nd playthrough and father g and cleric took one go but im on my 4th attempt for BSB but i dont use summons on this playthrouh lol

      i haet BSB
    5. gabies
      logarius wasnt that bad for me, mine was sitll BSB, cuz lowleveled and poison DOT lol
      everyone else was hard but not as rage inducing lmao
    6. gabies
      old hunters
      which btw is so freaking hard
      that DLC is showing me what pain truly is lol
    7. gabies
      the best way to use it on mobs is to charge it untransformed and then transforming halfway so it swipes with ikts full length,
      i love it

      so far the beast hunter saif is my 2nd favorite, its movesets are odd but it has a guaranteed stun if charged transformed
    8. gabies
      its because that electrical damage, shes kin so shes weak to it
      i only use the saw spear, +9.
      her charge is the worst, so hard to dodge
    9. gabies
      so how many tries for ebrietas :LOS

      took me 4 tries :catthinks
    10. epyoncloud
      china will enslave the black people <---gramma nazi
    11. Freechoice
      Termina THOR THE GREAT
      1. Shining Force likes this.
    12. Son of Goku
      Son of Goku
      Doesn't matter, you hate both culture and people.

      You and your buddies from the KKK must be estatic about all this Islamic-Terror talk since 9/11. Takes pressure from your own little terror organisation, doesn't it? Any big plans for the near future?
    13. Son of Goku
      Son of Goku
      I didn't invent shit, words are created out of necissity. And my mentality/culture is heaps and bounds ahead of your hatefueled, intolerant and narrowminded mindset and is respected by everyone who isn't full of shit.

      Hating 1,5 billion people (which btw, I'm not a part of, moron) over the crime of a ridiculously few individuals is equally retarded.
    14. Son of Goku
      Son of Goku
      Instead of taking the word literally like a wannabe smartass, look it up and know what it fucking stands for.

      1. (Psychology) hatred or fear of Muslims or of their politics or culture
      2. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) hatred or fear of Muslims or of their politics or culture





      hatred or fear of Muslims or of their politics or culture

    15. Son of Goku
      Son of Goku
      You're proof enough buddy.
    16. Darth Niggatron
    17. Thor
      Are you mine?? :LOS
    18. Darth Niggatron
      Darth Niggatron
      A 5 thereabout.
    19. Freechoice
      I remember you.... you're that guy who posts things.
    20. Yagura
      Not really, no. More like I'm appalled by your disgusting unenlightened bigotry. Hating on an entire nationality is no better than hating on a ethnic group.

      Oh and I've never owned an Xbox or an Iphone so lol.
    21. mihawkzoro
      Can you tell me where i should discuss AMV's about one piece
    22. Freechoice
      Have you changed your name before?
    23. Flow
      sup Big Jimmy?

      I notice I'm the only one who gives your page visits. Want me to put you over? :maybe
    24. Flow
      Sup Big Jimmy? :LOS
    25. Alicia
      Your signature is too large! max allowed sig space is 550x400 including pictures, gif animations, spoiler tags, text and youtube players. Please resize or change your signature.
    26. UkkiThePlant
      Join date: 07-06-2012

      Excuse me if I don't take your neg seriously.
    27. Derozio
      Your signature image is made up of SO much win omg. It is very funny. :DD
    28. Jake CENA
      Jake CENA
      Of course you can. Who's pantsu would you like to go in? :maybe
    29. Morglay
      Whats a "Pantsu"? Could I go there too?
    30. Aries
      Your match is up. Your up against teenryu-Tsukiyomi

    31. Aries
      Hey not to bother uou but do you want to join this create a fatality game?

    32. Jake CENA
      Jake CENA

      sure thing, I'll check it once I get home. I have a date with gf you see.
    33. DarkingReYliegh
      Hey Nice to Meet you. i would like to invite you to my new for Forum. If you have time you can join i would really appreciate If you join and there Are Staff Positions that need to be filled. thank you for hearing me out X
    34. Jake CENA
      Jake CENA

      Well his name is Kirge OP right? Might as call him Kirge OnePiece. Opie sounds like a slang term for Opium so its not cool at all. :zaru

      I feel sorry for that thread since it became a massive shitstorm with all the science people deny their existence when both party dont have enough evidence to prove nor disprove anything.

      @Black Mirror

      Good thing you noticed that too. :zaru
    35. Asura 大神
      Asura 大神
      Kirge OnePiece is a fucking hilarious nickname!! :rotfl
      You had me laughing so hard.

      Oh and I took a gander at your ghost thread.
      I believe in ghosts; I call them spirits, though. I hear them when I meditate. Rarely do I see them. But one time, I saw hundreds of them. I think my house is some hotbed for spiritual activity or something.:laugh
    36. Black Mirror
      Black Mirror
      I knew your intention from the first post :zaru
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