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Jaded Heart
Jan 15, 2008
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May 3, 1993 (Age: 24)

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    1. Mariko
      How're you Jad? It's been a while...
      1. Jaded Heart
        Jaded Heart
        I've been good. I finally found a job, and it only took me four months. lol

        Working for a city government now, and relocated about 4 hours from my home. Really loving my job so far though ^^

        How've you been?
        May 5, 2016
    2. jayjay³²
    3. Leeroy Jenkins
      Leeroy Jenkins
      Sweet! Glad to hear that. Are you still in school or did you finally graduate? And take your time with that thread. It's a very good one. I'm sure people will wait on it.
    4. Swarmy
      Still counts :hehee

      People here get guns only when they want to hunt :nod

      It's nice, the nature and especially wildlife is very rich here, from mountains to beaches and forests :iria There's actually a small forest near where I live but I can't brag since you too have awesome nature there :hurr I live in Burgas btw it's a beach city even though I prefer forests to the sea...

      Where do you usually post on here, I don't see you around much but then again I'm not that active :lmao
    5. Leeroy Jenkins
      Leeroy Jenkins
      Hey. How are you these days?
    6. Swarmy
      Ah Texas, I see why you mentioned guns earlier :hoho Can you ride a horse? :hurr

      I'm from Bulgaria, it's in Europe :maybe
    7. Swarmy
      I had to google them but yes I see some resemblance :nod

      May I ask where you are from? :iria I'm pretty sure you're from the US but still :lmao
    8. gabies
      believe in yourself, you can be handsome and rugged :hurr
    9. Swarmy
      No need, I was just stating the turth :hurr You kind of remind me of someone famous but I just can't put my finger on who :hmm
    10. gabies
      cuz i do drag sometimes
      and i wanna look pretty


      and you can look rugged and handsome in my clothes
    11. gabies
      well yeah.........grandpa sweaters are fucking sick :pek

      i lsot my cardigan, give me yours
    12. gabies
      yea sure whatever, i got grandpa sweaters
    13. gabies
      Give me your other jackets

    14. Setoshi
      That sucks that your trip to NYC didnt work out, but theirs always next time. We have delicious food indeed. I just figured out we have a spot on Brooklyn that makes rainbow bagels, I'm gonna try it out this weekend. I was born and raised here so I'm sorta used to this lifestyle. New York is the greatest city on the planet imo. But you?re not a New Yorker if you don?t wake up some days and be like "fuck this place" :lmao

      Maybe I'll learn how to swim.. Actually I should learn, could be useful one day :cat

      Can't feel bad about this because 99.8% of girls feel the same way. I'm the perfect height but I don't let it get to my head because theirs taller people out there and height isnt the only thing that make men attractive :pimp
    15. Zyrax
    16. gabies
      yep, people at casinos need liquid courage and i gotta serve it to them
      good tips from what i hear though :vegeta

      ross is just dependent on what warehouses they cleared out
      i just wear what i like :vegeta
    17. gabies
      i mean if you are 21 then yeah you can take it, im a beverage server :catprone

      i only get flannels from walmart since they always have them
      ROSS is hit and miss
    18. gabies
      a job i havent started yet, damn hr and their paperwork :lmao

      and i get half my clothes from goodwill or random thrift shops tbh
    19. gabies
      i got 4 dollars and im waiting for my first shift to get money

      probably thrift store right?
      i got mine at ROSS :lmao
    20. gabies
      I got it for 10 dollars, you pay for it you get it
    21. gabies
    22. Khaleesi
      I thought she was bigger until I saw another one of the pics you posted in that pet pics thread and oh my god SHE'S SO TINY AND ADORABLE :wtf

      lmaaao, she looks like a little diva tbh What's her name and what breed is she?
    23. Setoshi
      We're awesome like that, thats why.

      If you do visit, you won't be disappointed:cat You'll find so much to do in this city that a vacation isn't enough. I've lived here all my life and I'm still finding refreshing places to visit or new foods to try, I love it here. What parts Europe have you visited? I always wanted to visit.

      True, you can swim. But I can eventually learn and still be tall :pimp
    24. Khaleesi
      Hi, your doggie is really cute :catblush
    25. Setoshi
      I'm the same way. Once I leave work, all I want to do is get home and relax. Even if I want to hang out with some friends of mines, I just tell them to come over my place and we'll chill. Maybe I'm getting old :catghost

      New York City weather is bi polar. One day it snows, the next it rains, followed with a warm sunny day. It didnt even snow at all last year which is weird. We recently had a huge blizzard but things over here are random. I'm a city boy so I don't know how to swim :lmao

      5'7 is good tho, not too short, not too tall. But I'm still taller than you.
    26. Setoshi
      Exactly, I'm at that point at my life that I can't go out every weeking spending money on drinks. I could easily spend 60 bucks a night. I prefer meeting up with a couple friends while having drinks at one of their places, I save a lot more money. Hows Texas like? What do you like and dislike about it?

      It's funny because I got friend who has a low tolerance and we always joke around saying we should switch our tolerances because l'd save more money. He'd get drunk off coors light which I find amazing because Coors Light is basically water :lmao so, wanna trade tolerances? :LOS

      I'm 6'3 :naruramen the height can definitely help but it basically boils down to how responsible you are as a drinker. :catflower.
    27. jayjay³²
      When are you posting more nudes in the BH?

    28. Setoshi
      Completely agree with you on Jameson, its sooo smooth which is surprising to be honest. Most of my friends actually like to drink Hennessy and Jack Daniels. In my opinion they're both disgusting.

      I hate NYC because everything here is so expensive:catprone. I could go to a bar and I could be charged 10 dollars for only one beer haha, its insane. I prefer taking shots at social gatherings, a lot cheaper. I have a high tolerance, I think it has to do with the fact I'm tall, I can take more liquor:supercat I like having a glass of liquor (no soda) and pace my drinking.

    29. Setoshi
      I like tequila, most of my coworkers love it and we sometimes take a shot before we leave home. But whisky will always have my heart and Jameson is one of my personal favorites.

      We're now drinking buddies :catboogie
    30. Setoshi
      That's quite a list you got there, thank you :umafood. Patron is my favorite but the bottle is so small :catprone
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