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Apr 29, 2013
Aug 25, 2009
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Ito was last seen:
Apr 29, 2013
    1. Falcon
      yeah the ps4 looks sick! I think I will hold off on the next gen wave for at least a year or two though. Idk which one I'll go with first lol.
    2. Falcon
      I don't really have an excuse to get on here either. Sup!?
    3. Falcon
      Sure has! Not much time for this forum anymore eh?
    4. Falcon
    5. Falcon
      Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons of Liberty is a great game!
    6. Falcon
      I was going to but they were going to give me 50-60 bucks for it. Fuck that!
    7. Falcon
      i think i may actually trade in my wii and get a ps3....i should have never sold it in the first place.
    8. Falcon
      Got MGS 4. Still need to play 2 and 3 though..
    9. Falcon
      It's actually my brothers PS3, but I'll be playing it as well. So far he's only got inFamous 1 & 2, and I think I'm gonna get Uncharted, Blazblue, and Valkyria Chronicles again.
    10. Falcon
      hey i have a ps3 again lol
    11. Falcon
      Loved it! Although, I kinda wanted them to stay together in the end. Now I think I need to watch Cowboy Bebop since it's like the same creators involved or something.
    12. Falcon
      I can't remember if I told you but I finished Champloo...like a few months ago, lol.
    13. Falcon
      nothing new really. although i do have an interest in comics now, lol.
    14. Falcon
      heyyyyyy lol
    15. Falcon
      Yup, great episode, watch it now! You'll learn something about Shiro.
    16. Falcon
      The show just keeps getting better, I haven't been this excited about an anime since Code Geass and Brotherhood! Did you like Yoh-kun's sister? I'm so happy she turned out the way she did, or else it would have annoyed the hell out of me. And Shiro is so fucking insane, I love it!
    17. Kaitou
      I just got it from the Giveaways thread, actually.
    18. Kaitou
      Oh, thanks bro. =3
    19. Falcon
      hey did you watch episode 6?
    20. Falcon
      Episode 10 was great. The one with that "street killer" samurai. I guess Mugen used chi like the other samurai did, didn't he?
    21. Falcon
      I know it's insane! I'm 8 episodes into Champloo btw. I like it so far, but the story isn't really going anywhere. Characters are really cool and I really like the sword fights. :ohpek
    22. Falcon
      did you get to episode 5 yet? It's so crazy!
    23. Falcon
      I hope they get episode 5 up soon, I've been waiting a whole week!
    24. Falcon
      Aint it!!!
    25. Falcon
      Oh yeah, it's definitely worth watching.
    26. Falcon
      Hey have you heard of an anime called Deadman Wonderland? Just started watching it and it's actually really good. I mean REALLY good, lol.
    27. Falcon
      How many are there? I could only find 2!
    28. Falcon
      I actually started MGS 2. I'm still on that boat and how the hell do you destroy the infrared sensor? Otacon tells me to shoot the green light, i do, and the bombs are still armed.
    29. Falcon
      Yeah I have been looking on ebay, but the price is suppose to drop again within the next month or so. I also have 30bucks on a gift card for bestbuy so when the price does drop I can get it for really cheap. I think I might try to buy the games first though, just in case if I don't wanna wii I can just play it on the Wii 2(or whatever they're calling it) when it comes out.
    30. Falcon
      Yeah I can agree that the controls are pretty bad. I probably won't finish all of those games before I start MGS2 though, kinda gettin impatient, lol.

      I just wanna play the exclusives that I missed like Zelda and Metroid, and since prices on the Wii are starting to drop what better time than to get one now?..
    31. Falcon
      Well in general I just have lots of games to play, but I've started Okami, Final Fantasy 9 and 10, Resident Evil Code Veronica, and some psp games. Also for some reason I really want a Wii now..
    32. Falcon
      Yeah its was the only game I was playing for 3 days. I'm gonna hold off on MGS2 because I have other games that I've started and I wanna finish them first. Oh and have you played the original Metal Gear games? Is it about Snake and Gray Fox?
    33. Falcon
      At the end of the game Snake says his name is David. Really awesome ending btw, and what a twist with Ocelot. I almost thought that Liquid was never going to die, lol.
    34. Falcon
      So his name is David, lol.

      Yeah Otacon is cool. I feel like everything would have gone much easier if he'd given me his stealth gear, lol.
    35. Falcon
      That's what I had to do, I even tried calling her again at the same spot where Baker died after I talked to her.

      Yeah, I just beat Raven w/ his giant 20mm Vulcan after I defeated Sniper Wolf. All of them are some pretty well though out characters, and I actually really enjoyed their whole story. And Gray Fox was actually a whole lot easier than I thought he would be. He just seems way too badass to think he'd be an easy fight, but it was still pretty cool.
    36. Falcon
      I hated that part, because the game manual had Meryl's frequency and I used it but it didn't work. It was so frustrating, and it took me a LONG time to figure out that you had to go to a completely different floor for her frequency to work. It also took me a while to figure out how to fight Psycho Mantis because Campbell took his sweet old time after about 20 of my tries and deaths to call me and tell me to put my controller in another port. Other than all of that, the game is amazing and the characters are really interesting. It's really weird feeling remorseful for everyone that I've killed, because the game gets really dramatic after every boss fight, lol.
    37. Falcon
      I just defeated that guy who likes ravens so much and Naomi is suspected as a spy or something. I can't help but think that something HUGE is gonna happen lol.
    38. Falcon
      If I spoil anything it'll completely ruin the experience for you, lol, no way I'm doing that.
    39. Falcon
      Lin Yao or eh(I can't tell you the character lol) might be my favorite, but I don't think there is a character I dislike. They are all just really cool in their own way.

      If I get stuck do I use the codec for help? I guess this game really relies on that.
      And is the ninja guy the same guy you play as in MGS: Rising? His name is Raiden right?
    40. Falcon
      Now I don't wanna watch Nabari no Ou, lol. And yeah, I think Champloo is one my number 1 list of anime to watch starting this summer.

      Yeah same here, and it just gets better and better. There are actually some really badass characters in FMA, especially King Bradley.

      Do you remember the part in Metal Gear Solid where you had to set c4 to blow up walls right after you first meet up with that girl from the prison cell? I would have never figured that out if I couldn't search the internet. Anyway, I just beat Revolver Ocelot and this crazy ninja dude just came out of no where and chopped his hand off. Shit is going down lol.
    41. Falcon
      I've always been able to find what I want to watch at that site, although for the most part video quality completely sucks. What exactly kept you from saying Nabari no Ou is great? I wanna know before I decide to get into it. Oh yeah and there was also Rurouni Kenshin and yes, I know I still need to watch Samurai Champloo, I didn't forget lol.

      And hellz yeah, you're watching Brotherhood! Might be my favorite one. :amuse
    42. Falcon
      Oh wait, I did finish Angel Beats! all the way through and liked it a lot. I dunno if I told you about that one since the very last time I talked to you. I also saw the first episode of Corpse Princess and it was okay, I might watch more, and I got 5 episodes into Gosick but I got sidetracked so I might go back to that as well. There were a couple I was actually considering too, Toaru Majutsu no Index and Nabari no Ou(this one is about ninjutsu so I'm definitely gonna check it out).

      And those are all interesting names, honestly not particularly something I'd pick up at first glance. So they're all pretty good? Oreimo looks like it's about a lil bit too much family love from the description I read, lol.
    43. Falcon
      I was watching Gurren Lagann but I stopped because it was kinda weird. And there were a couple of others I watched on netflix but I can't remember the names.

      What about you, anything interesting?
    44. Falcon
      Word, lol. I don't think there isn't anything we won't be able to cut in that game.
    45. Falcon
      Yeah I know about Rising, but I'm talking about another possible Metal Gear. There are all kinds of leaked info anyway so I wouldn't count on it yet. I'll see if I can find it again.

      And Rising does look very different from preview MGS games. I would play it because I like those kind of games, lol.
    46. Falcon
      I think I saw linked info somewhere about Kojima working on another Metal Gear. They usually release HD remakes round the time that dev team releases a big hit title, just like what they did with God of War and what they're doing with The Last Guardian. So when Kojima spills more info about his new game then that's when I think we'll here about some kind of HD trilogy. I saw that the Gamecube had a Metal Gear game before. Have you played it?
    47. Falcon
      Yeah, I think I'd rather play it on my PS2. The PSP stretches the picture on playstation games to fit it's wide screen and it just doesn't look as good as it should be. Nothing against the PSP screen though.

      Do you think Sony will do HD remakes for the MGS series, like what they did with GoW. That would be pretty cool, it'd give me more reason to get a PS3. Wanting to play MGS4 is actually almost reason enough, lol.

      And thanks for the sig comment. :amuse
    48. Falcon
      So I got the MGS essential collection(had it for a couple months now actually) and I'll start with the first game whenever my ps memory card comes in the mail. Im actually quite excited lol, i've been listening to the mgs 2 & 3 soundtracks and its getting me pumped.

      I know you probably like all of them almost equally, but if you had to pick one which would be your least favorite?
    49. Falcon
      What do you mean, isn't it the same game, lol. You though Crysis 2 had bad graphics? I thought they were awesome, but I don't think Im gonna buy the game. And yeah, I wanna give the new MK a shot. I wanna pwn noobs with Kratos, lol.
    50. Falcon
      Nah...idk what im gonna do about my PS3 situation lol. I want to get one again but I can't spend too much on video games anymore lol, I just can't do it. Plus I gotta save the $300 for my NGP/PSP2 when it comes out.
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