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Aug 28, 2016
Oct 5, 2011
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Aug 28, 2016
    1. AoshiKun
      Some people in mangafox figured Akiyama's plan a week ago.
      He will also put Nao in third place and make the others pigs to gain around 1 billion or so.

      With that money they will pay the others parts.
    2. AoshiKun
      He always does.
      I guess he will force Harimoto's group to go red and force them to seal their cards so he will be able to buy them for a little price and give them to others to make everybody win.
    3. AoshiKun
      I want to read chapter 160 so bad :C
    4. Ragormha
      Lord Kurosawa.
    5. Melodie
      Thanks for the rep.:heart
    6. SoleAccord
      You sent that to yourself, not I. But that is a funny coincidence, lol.
    7. Itachisaywat

      Mind = blown
    8. SoleAccord
      It's not even an argument, its their opinions doing a complete 180 the moment I deny them a single jutsu and some feats.

      But meh ...you didn't see anyone else complaining. Everyone else answered. Except MEIzukage, he complained >.>
    9. SoleAccord
      You know what sucks? Having to type your own scenario of a fight in your own thread because some dude is utterly convinced that their favorites can't win.

      Then when you do, they don't say anything.

      God this community annoys me sometimes.
    10. SoleAccord
      Some people want facts and possibilities rather than story haha, its okay though.
    11. SoleAccord
      Anything they ever used is okay with me, just no single deciding factor like sleep bombs and the poison kunai.
    12. SoleAccord
      Oh so less dick riders? Nice.
    13. SoleAccord
      No one there seems intelligent from the thread I looked at.
    14. SoleAccord
      It gets annoying is all, trying to make an interesting fight, then some dolt comes along and comes up with a scenario as if the other side won't act. I was hoping some intelligent people would respond to it.
    15. SoleAccord
      No doubt. I'm doing college work while expecting people to use their heads in the BD and not make opponents hold still in fights. Silly of me right?

    16. SoleAccord
      Because they aren't part of the supporting cast to the extent Kakashi and the Konoha 11 are, that's why they aren't touched on. Kurenai could be AMAZING but she's only shown what, one canon jutsu over the past 10 years? xD
    17. SoleAccord
      Oh I don't play attention to that fucking thing.

      I'm not sure its her corpse, they never said she was dead I don't think, and if he did kill her off, then that's a sad death. We got little to NO info on her other than she was Orochimaru's student. You'd think when we found out in Part 1 she'd be a bad ass but NOOOO she's a dumpling eating Chuunin judge who gets no chance to be cool.
    18. SoleAccord

      Lol beating Madara is gonna take plot, or being saved. I'm expecting Yamato to pop up, possessed by the spirit of Hashirama or some other Will of Fire bullshit.
    19. SoleAccord
      I don't think he's different, its just he needs to fight beside Itachi and get some answers from him after the fight. Why act like a psycho maniac when you get the chance to speak to your brother after you thought he died forever?

      Sasuke would be the ultimate bad ass if he did that. I was hoping he'd debut by impaling Tsunade through the heart with Chidori Spear, sitting there grinning before igniting her with Amaterasu. All the Kages be like "WHAAAAAAAAAA?" xD
    20. SoleAccord
      Zetsu seems defeated too, everyone is moving to regroup with overpowered Naruto. I can't imagine them doing much except being stuck in an endless loop of running.
    21. SoleAccord
      Eh, one thing at a time ...he needs to grant the Konoha 11, excluding Naruto, more jutsu and feats. The past stuff can wait, I'm tired of flashbacks.
    22. SoleAccord
      Lol wood deflecting a bijuudama.

      Yeah, I think it was cool how Kisame admitted he'd miss the guy since they worked together for a while. Its too bad that Itachi didn't return the sentiment.
    23. SoleAccord
      I have Generations. Yes I have. They could've done better in the 'fight' department but it was okay.
    24. SoleAccord
      That's what their for.

      I wish the anime team did 'what if' fights. Like if current Lee fought current Neji. I'd love that.
    25. SoleAccord
      Can't Kishimoto contribute ideas to the filler staff? It's HIS manga, he can get things done in the anime that he couldn't in the manga..
    26. SoleAccord
      Done?...Do they want him to finish it all quickly or what?...And fuck his new manga, no one wants to read that, we want to read Naruto.
    27. SoleAccord
      I REALLY wanna know how Kakuzu lost ...and Sasori being defeated so quickly, as well as Deidara ...that's a bitch move on Kishimoto's part. He knew they were bad asses and anti-army types.
    28. SoleAccord
      Not sure. Kishimoto is really drawing every fight out. I'm still annoyed Naruto is still able to fight despite having fought a TON of separate battles before Tobi. I know he has a lot of stamina but still, this is ridiculous.
    29. SoleAccord
      Anything is better than Susano'o right now, its getting REAL old. Sasuke was at his coolest when he didn't rely on the Mangekyou to fight, now its all he bothers using in a fight.

      Karin is in a jail cell for who knows how long, I'd rather leave too.
    30. SoleAccord
      Same. I hope referencing ALL his former teammates gives him cause to work beside them one more time later on in the manga. Though not sure how he'll repair his relationship with Karin after leaving her for dead and trying to kill her.

      I wonder what she was doing in that jail cell.
    31. SoleAccord
      Possibly, but all Kabuto can do is die, its not his fault he was used as a spy when he was a kid though. People just used him =/
    32. SoleAccord
      Judging from the lack of detail on those thread responses, its possible.

      Looking forward to it. If he could dodge a Susano'o arrow, I expect a lot from him.
    33. SoleAccord
      Um, maybe a couple, but I don't know the members so I'm not interested in any one in particular.

      I AM laughing that a certain arrogant bastard is completely losing his match though, lmao, I'm eating it up.
    34. SoleAccord
      I'm not that good at debating.
    35. SoleAccord
      Bad users are bad.

      And yeah that game is scary haha.
    36. SoleAccord
      There are one line responses here too.

      "Kamui GG"

      "Tsunade summons Katsuyu until so and so is over, then blitzes, gg."

      How can people be that simple minded? If every fight would be settled with the strongest move, then this manga would blow.
    37. SoleAccord
      You notice how there's always that ONE guy who says Kakashi wins by Raiton clone and coming underground with a Raikiri?

      That gets annoying lol
    38. SoleAccord
      Considering a lot of the platoons, if not all, are moving towards where Naruto is, I would guess the war is in the favor of the Allied Shinobi Force.

      The only way Kabuto could turn the tide is launching an attack on the headquarters and cut off communications.
    39. SoleAccord
      All of a sudden his weakness is discovered and he gets one shotted by Tsunade.
    40. SoleAccord
      Well I won't be surprised if he rushes the ending too, he's basically having Naruto not sleep for a week already and fight a war by himself. Even with his major stamina and chakra reserves that's fucking silly.

      I hope that gangster manga fails anyway, he needs to focus on this, he's already ruined Gaara..
    41. SoleAccord
      *Insert picture of Tsunade-in-coma nudes*

      Oh. Yeah, well, Kishimoto could've done the 7 swordsman fight better too. He just rushed everything really.
    42. SoleAccord
      Lol the thought of Haku even letting him get close to his mirrors xD

    43. SoleAccord
      Not gonna go into that much detail >.> Gaara may or may not, dunno.
    44. SoleAccord
      Neji's Rotation won't last forever. Gaara could outlast Haku though.
    45. SoleAccord
      He'd fucking WRECK lol
    46. SoleAccord
      Haku was a pretty damn strong character, his kekkei genkai is pretty hax though. Crystal Ice Mirrors easily would've defeated most if not all Konoha Genin.
    47. SoleAccord
      >.> ...anyway erm, Kimimaro without a disease had the potential to be at least at Kakashi's level.
    48. SoleAccord
      Evil? Not evil, just ...not good :3
    49. SoleAccord
      Lol they've never done a thing for me, their on their own. Peace.
    50. SoleAccord
      Danzo destroyed it and Itachi used it on himself and killed the crow, both eyes are destroyed. Shisui's genjutsu is too hax, he could end a war on his own, he could kill Kages on his own.

      As for Kabuto vs. the Uchiha brothers, I'm interested on how its gonna play out.
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