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Sep 26, 2012
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Why cant we all unite and just conquer the stars?

    1. Dr. White
      Dr. White
      I peeped your scum game super early :cat
    2. Naisutime
      Jesus Christ, wrote a long ass reply and didn't realize there was a character limit.

      In short.
      TGR>BTTH&WDQK (however the latter having the fastest releases)

      All of Wang Yu's works are great.

      DE and IGE are ok

      World of Cultivation is great.
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      2. Hyperion1O1
        My Disciple Died Yet Again or Disciple for short
        Jul 16, 2016
      3. Naisutime
        Not yet. Is it good? I'm out of reading material myself atm.
        Jul 20, 2016
      4. Hyperion1O1
        Yeah it is good. MC is a girl and gives no shits
        Jul 20, 2016
    3. Swarmy
      So how is Dota 2 dying? You said some time ago that it's doing fine? :uwah
      1. Suigetsu likes this.
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      3. Hyperion1O1
        let me link you because the name is "slighly" long

        Jun 13, 2016
      4. Suigetsu
        Oh, so now you are a Tau commander, sounds good!
        Seems to me you wanted to show off your heroe states more than the name ehh? heheheh.
        Jun 13, 2016
      5. Hyperion1O1
        This is the only Tau aside from O'Kais from Dark Crusade that I like because Farsight fights in melee unlike the pussified Tau
        Jun 13, 2016
    4. NostalgiaFan
      Man can you believe the shit going on with this site? Clusterfuck doesn't even come close to describing how messed up it is.
      1. Hyperion1O1
        I fucking know right.

        Oh well, I'm willing to give it a couple of weeks until they sort out all this shit

        Still, its shit
        Apr 23, 2016
    5. Vino
      Suicide is always an option tbh
    6. Vino
      Him being a child was a good excuse, cause all kids are whiny brats but now..... :mikebatman
    7. Vino
      I just think his performance is lackluster and he's only been good in Fresh Prince and maybe that movie where his son is an infant (pre becoming a faggot)

      I also think his son ruined his image. :gglife
    8. Vino
      Will Smith

      the lead
      I'm good fam :mikebatman
    9. Vino
      You should watch Evil Dead (the 1981 film) if you want a backstory
      This is why I didn't watch it cause I hate series that forces you to watch some other shit in order to get it :mikebatman
    10. Vino
      No, is it that good?
    11. Vino
      But muh heart ain't content :cat
    12. Vino
      Can't be here 24/7 :mikebatman
    13. Vino
      And we're back. :catshades
    14. Vino
      Wanted to see how it looks on reset but it looks awful :D:
    15. Swarmy
      I see you like the Eldar :maybe

      I still don't see how anything fired from a bolter can't blast through some armor :lmao It's like a rocketlauncher, right?

      I spent around that on HotS and now I don't even play it as much :rotfl I'm wondering if I should buy Eternal Crusade when it's out :hmm

      I want the damn Overmind in HotS :C He'll be like Abathur but as big as a core :hurr

      Why do you hate him :lmao
    16. Swarmy
      The Eldar have those too :hurr

      Yeah but how can they cut armor? :hmm

      Oh I thought you spent more :lmao Well at least you'll never run out of money :hehee

      Duran is not Zerg though :psyduck
    17. Swarmy
      They look like legos man :lmao

      Yeah I meant those too... They are way impractical :hurr

      There are some solid 40k games for tablets though :yay And how can you be stingy when you wasted money on dota :rotfl

      Stukov is next :LOS
    18. Swarmy
      I don't know much about them :lmao I don't like their design :pek

      Aren't the chainsaws kind of impactical? A normal sword could slice better? :hmm

      I emailed the game creators and posted on the FB page, they said others are experiencing the same problem and that they're trying to find what the issue is :awesome Do you have a tablet?

      Haha yeah :lmao He looks kinda cool now, they redesigned him a bit :nod
    19. Swarmy
      It won't be the same :catcry

      What's next? Space nazis? :maybe

      Who needs to do that anyway, you just need to shoot :yay

      Yeah but I fell in love with this game :sniff I got an email now that they don't know why that damn error happens to some people :(

      Heroes of the Storm :edu Dehaka is coming :hehee
    20. Swarmy
      You might wanna check HotS' FC :maybe
    21. Swarmy
      True, still I wonder how they'll handle Aku now that his voice actor passed away :(

      That's pretty awesome! Well aside from the fact that they're space orks :maybe

      Still looks kinda 90s in a way, not that it's bad :lmao I have no problem with the pauldrons, provides protection :pimp

      I got addicted to a mobile 40k game and been playing like crazy for the last week on my tablet and now they ruined it with an update :rotfl Why does everything 40k have to be buggy :argh
    22. wibisana

      repped much appreciate if answer me
    23. magicalsieg

      You want this image as sig or just make it smaller?
    24. Swarmy
      OHHH that's awesome! I was kind of annoyed from the censoring :pek

      Hahha awesome bug report :rotfl

      Well they are promoting the Nids enough I think, the new ones from the last codex were pretty awesome actually :nod Did you read about the Orks anatomy in Xenology?
      As for the Space Marines I really like their design but it feels a bit 80-90s :hmm I mean they look impresive but I have to admit that the terran marines from SC 2 have cooler looking armor even if it's unrealistic :awesome
    25. Swarmy
      Should I have high hopes for the sequel? :lmao

      Warhammer 40,000 Eternal Crusade, it'll be a MMO and you can play as the Orks :nod

      It was amazing :yay Way better than the SC Field Manual that had almost no new info on the Zerg :( Then again Blizz aren't good at consistency... I mean there are like 4-5 different art styles for the larva and each contradicts the other :rotfl In the official site they say the larva has the same organs in each segment so it can survive being cut to pieces while in the manual you can see a dissection of one and the organs are far from segmented :pek
      But you don't care about all this, right? :hurr
    26. Swarmy
      I've seen that one actually, was epic :druul Have you watched Samurai Jack?

      I'm sure hardcore fans won't be that disappointed :hehee

      Btw you know you can play as an Ork in the upcoming WH 40K MMO, right?

      Oh and I read Xenology, the book that describes the dissection of alien races from 40K and I was right about the Tyranids! They have mostly exoskeleton with the skull and spine being the only endoskeletal features :nod I knew having both would be a problem :lmao
    27. Swarmy
      I prefer the bulgarian kurva :hehee

      Wait wasn't that the one from the Samurai Jack's creator? :hmm

      How can they let all this happen :lmao
    28. Swarmy
      You know we bulgarians can understand some basic russian, right? :maybe

      I don't remember watching the cartoon :hmm I started with the original trilogy when I was very little :lmao

      They must hate him so much :hehee

      Wait why is it a disaster :wha

      Get into the miniatures then :hurr Tbh WH 40k needs a bigger more complete game, all of the video games in that universe have a minor impact on the whole plot... Sure SC 2 was bad but at least the games moved the story forward, with WH 40k everything is still :oh
    29. Swarmy
      They call everyone bitches :lmao

      I see what you made there :hoho Do you like SW?

      Too bad :(

      Which new heroes? :wha

      Feels like Valve isn't that devoted to the game which is logical considering it's not their main franchise :awesome

      Btw I'm playing Warhammer 40k Space Wolf on my tablet and it's awesome :yay Too bad there are no Tyranids though :kickcan
    30. Swarmy
      And russians :hehee

      That can work badly sometimes :lmao

      Daaamn can't you get them back? :uwah

      3-6 months... maaan :rotfl Are they gonna take that long with every future hero? :maybe
    31. Swarmy
      Europeans are more polite? :maybe

      I can see how that can be useful :nod

      How did they steal your items anyway?

      Any news when he's gonna be up?
    32. Swarmy
      HotS players are a bit better when it comes to that actually, I've had very few times when someone actually started insulting :lmao

      I see :hmm I'm trying to learn all the items :nod

      Oh so I have to waste money :(

      How many heroes are left from the original Dota that are not in this one anyway?
    33. Swarmy
      One called me an idiot for stealing his kill when it was obvious that the enemy would have escaped if I didn't showed up :lmao Also one guy had his dick as an avy :zaru

      What's the blink dagger for?

      Awesome all those don't need me to use more keys :wtf

      Btw what's this winter pass thing?
    34. Swarmy
      Ok just spent 3 hours playing Dota 2 tonight and I won 2 of the 3 matches I had :lmao I have to say it was very exciting and I can see why you like the game :nod I played against other people and as you said it was a lot better as an experience! I actually did better than most matches I had with HotS :hehee
      But I need advice! How to build Nyx without dagon? I tried using dagon but I'm too slow so I just hunted whoever is low on health... I gotta say Nyx is a pleasure to play :druul
    35. Endless Mike
      Endless Mike
      Just wondering, what's that in your set?
    36. Daiae
      Understand that, lol
      They sound pretty fun themselves
    37. Daiae
      Makes sense honestly
      It's got to be hard setting up things like that, I know from experiences

      So all of them were pretty hilarious and weird? Sounds similar to the few I was in
    38. Daiae
      Only 4? Huh, expected it to be more

      Are all of them pretty hilarious, or is it occasional
    39. Daiae
      Damn, that's a lot
    40. Daiae
      That looks pretty hilarious
      Are you in them frequently?
    41. Daiae
      Yeah, I've seen them in action
      They get pretty hilarious and weird at some points
    42. Daiae
      I've heard of them before, they're hosted here as well?
    43. Daiae
      Sounds fun :maybe
    44. Daiae
      Lol, makes sense
      I've been here for a few months, so fairly new I guess
    45. Daiae
      Nice to hear, dude
      I haven't had an account here before, no
      Don't recall changing names either
    46. Daiae
      Hey, how are you
    47. Swarmy
      In a way yes but still it's more fast paced, I just had 2 matches and we were again almost going to lose if it wasn't for the last moment attack on the enemy's core :lmao I like how the game forces you to be a team player instead of wasting time farming and leveling up.

      Dude my main 3 heroes are Anub'arak, Raynor and Zagara :lmao And right now I'm playing her a lot cause I want that Zerg portrait :yay But seriously Kerrigan is horrible, I won't even waste gold on her :maybe Right now I have like 14k and I'm saving for Alarak.

      Forgiving before or after kicking ass? :hurr
    48. Swarmy
      Without the shared exp no one will willingly take on map objectives :lmao You think teh game will never be taken seriously?
      I expected to have more fun with Abathur but I get bored with him :(

      We're an emotional nation :lmao If you touch someone's gf in front of them you'll be in trouble :maybe
    49. Swarmy
      Idk cause you hate Heroes and I wrote a semi-tl;dr about how awesome it is :zaru

      I do that too :lmao I don't remember bdays and I lost a friend cause of that :(
    50. Swarmy
      You mad? :(
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