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Nov 23, 2016
Dec 23, 2008
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Sep 13, 1993 (Age: 23)

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blaah blah blah blaaaah, 23, from NJ

hellohi was last seen:
Nov 23, 2016
    1. Maerala
      Hi long time no see :33 Yeah I love me some Tsutsu still. ^_^ How goes it
    2. Maerala
      I did! There's only one message there I didn't respond to! :C Have you not been on the forums for a while? If there's one good thing about them it's the smilies. hao du yu forget dem :pek

      ermagurd you're only like a year older than me. I'm in my second year of college now. It's... not the best. Tsunade is still my goddess of course, even though Naruto hasn't been good in many many years. :tomasulk

      You should play League of Legends. :iria
    3. Maerala
      amg haiiii! If from time to time you mean once before this that would be accurate. :pek

      What had happened was is that I kinda disappear from NF every now and then, and I've just stopped posting in the Library altogether. I'm pretty much only on the League of Legends thread now. :-(

      how is your lief :iria
    4. gina24

      Your hypocrisy is at a level of such that it's not even worth negging you.
      If i can't read as you claim, then why even bother with the reply and with extensive explanation that still remain baseless to boot.

      If anything, i'm the one who shouldn't be taking you seriously so i'll let the insult slide.
    5. Nagato Sennin
      Nagato Sennin
      So Nagato is weaker than the Jins now? :lmao
    6. Mochi
      Thanks for the rep! :amuse
    7. Leon
      I don't have to call you a hypocrite. You did that on your own.
    8. Hamaru
      Lol, thanks. Now I know I made the right decision in my ava :D
    9. FoxxyKat
      No prob.:amuse

      Yeah, he's quite nice to look at.:quite Especially, with less clothes.:hoho
    10. FoxxyKat
      Thanks, sweetie.:hug I really owe it to the people that make the sets for me. I only pick the picture they use.:amuse

      I think Naruto looks quite smexy there, too.:hoho Here's the big version:
    11. Ryuzaki
      I'm 24'd. But I rep for you the more recent posts you just made :zaru
    12. IpHr0z3nI
      Yet my post will always be > yours.

      Look at our arguments.

      How many times have I corrected you?

      How many times have I proven you wrong?

      How many times have my argument been supported by the manga?

      The difference between are knowledge on the manga is as clear as night and day, it reflects in are argument.

      My post comes off as if I have a thorough understanding of the events; yours comes off as if you don't even have clue.

      You comes off as a person who lets their personal feelings for a character cloud their judgment. And still seems to be butt hurt by fights that happened almost two years ago.
    13. Maerala
      I've soooo been meaning to write back! :uwah But I forget. :C What had had happened wuz that that day I think the chapter had come out and I was like "NO TSUNADE?!?!??!11?!RAAAGE! :argh"

      I'm so sorry! :sniff Happy Thanksgiving? :ano
    14. FoxxyKat
      He's gotta have something back there for Sasuke to hold on to.:hoho
    15. FoxxyKat
      Oh, sorry. I didn't mean to shoot down your hopes.:Jet Maybe he does have some junk in his trunk.:laugh
    16. FoxxyKat
      I know what you mean, lol. He was a little weird looking in some spots, but, at least, he's growing to be a beautiful man like his father was.:love

      :lmaoYou know, I never noticed Naruto having a huge butt, lol. It's probably just his clothes, though. B/c sometimes he looks like he has a belly, too. Which we all know he doesn't have one.:amuse
    17. FoxxyKat
      LOL, he wasn't too bad. He was cute sometimes.:hehee Like here:

      Now he looks like this:
      and I'm like :faint.
    18. FoxxyKat
      Yes, he is.:amuse He has grown very nicely.:aroused

      I see nothing wrong w/ that, either.:amuse
    19. FoxxyKat
      I'm glad you like that pic in my album.:) I love that one, too.:amuse

      Thanks for the set comment, too. I also like yours. Smexy Naruto ftw!:hoho
    20. Maerala
      Shut up! I will kill a ho!
    21. Lust
      No I don't, sorry! > <
    22. Saturno
      Thank you.
    23. Kanali
      Why thank you, all credit goes to Kirsty :LOS
    24. Hasan
      You negged me for having a different opinion.:tomacry

      Well, opinions differ. I said arguably the strongest. Who else had the God of Shinobi title besides RS and Hiruzen? Then again, opinions differ. :laugh
    25. Mei Terumi
      Mei Terumi
      Fine I don't need you anyway! *runs*
    26. Mei Terumi
      Mei Terumi
      Oh what a shame! I love compliments from men... would you like me to Henge into Zabuza!? Mmm that's not my style though...

      And you can never share Cho-ju-ro-sama with me! *shoots Youton at face*
    27. Mei Terumi
      Mei Terumi
      Why thank you! Would you like a taste? *Mmm~*
    28. Geralt
      ♫ Why you gotta hate, I thought you were my mate! ♫ :tomacry
    29. Wanderlust
      No, I wish I was though so we could like totally connect and be best friends because I just joined :cry
    30. Maerala
      I already did that dungeon in the Test Realm. I got lucky and got to fight my two favorite characters, Sylvanas and Jaina. Sylvanas' Echo was extremely powerful. We almost wiped a couple of times. Jaina's wasn't as strong, sadly. :sniff They were both awesome fights, though! Super exciting. :datass I got those Echoes, but there's also an Echo of Tyrande (High Priestess of Elune, leader of the night elves), and an Echo of Cairne. Or Baine? One or the other. Cairne was the tauren Chieftain before Cataclysm; Baine is his son, who took up the mantle after his father's death.

      I really do love World of Warcraft's lore. :ohpek It's so amazing. There's a shitload of plotholes, but I think that's to be expected. It's not a book series or anything. They have a bunch of people working on this. They can't put every head together. It's still a wonderful world. I miss it. :( I just don't think it's worth the money monthly anymore, but I'm still in love with the stories. Now I'm just waiting for Guild Wars 2 to come out.

      Also, those stories you mentioned aren't canon. They come from the books, which were confirmed filler by a Blizzard Q&A. I was kinda happy about that, because she was about to kill herself and leave her people behind to fend for themselves, which I thought was shit and not in-character.
    31. Maerala
      :lmao I got banned once for telling Hiruzen Sarutobi to stop pulling shit outta his ass. :quite

      If you're talking about the Halls of Reflection, when she meets up with Uther the Lightbringer at Frostmourne's pedestal, then proceeds to fight one-on-one with the Lich King and then hold him long enough with her dark powers until "we" could escape, then, it is easy to see how anyone could fall in love. :quite Dat corpse. I'd tap it. :datass

      She's... a little like the Lich King. :pek But she has had no choice in the matter. She's only so because she employed the val'kyr after they were freed from Arthas' grasp to resurrect fallen enemies as Forsaken. Forsaken can't reproduce. If they die out, the Horde's grip on Gilneas and northern Lordaeron will go to shit. Sylvanas is a great leader. :quite


      I just had some foo' tell me that she was a bitch, and when I went to reply, he had blocked VM's! :wth Sumbitch. :C
    32. Maerala
      I played WoW for almost a year. Sylvanas is the shit, yo. :datass

      Why were you banned? :maybe
    33. Yagami_
      A person of good taste, I thank you. I can see you share my refined taste in beauty.
    34. Synn
      edit the post where you took that avatar and put the spoiler tags
    35. Synn
    36. Blackout
      Awesome Mū avatar. :datass
    37. Sasuke Uchiha
      Sasuke Uchiha
      Is that mystique in your avatar?
    38. Deshi Basara
      Deshi Basara
      Lol, fine :hurr
    39. Deshi Basara
      Deshi Basara
      Hey.. i'm not a girl :wth
    40. Deshi Basara
      Deshi Basara
      WOW, lay the smackdown :awesome
    41. FoxxyKat
      Okay. Your avy is super cool. Have I repped you on that? Well, I will.:amuse
    42. Maerala
      Stop hating on my set! :argh I've actually been trying to change name and set. I only come occasionally anymore, mostly for the weekly chapter. You should totally link me the name-change thread. :maybe
    43. PikaCheeka
      That is one awesome avy you've got. :LOS
    44. Maerala
      It is a senior-sized avatar; look at my posts. :pek And yeah, NF is kind of annoying lately. And I never deleted you off of MSN. :geg
    45. Maerala
      You! I was wondering where you'd gone. And I've been a senior member for the past... like... months. :pek
    46. Maerala
      Get back on MSN and I'll tell you. :pek
    47. Kirsty
      Selim :love
    48. RemChu
      I'm loving your avatars =]
    49. Maerala
      I liked it. :pek
    50. Maerala
      It was for dramatic effect! :uwah
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    Sep 13, 1993 (Age: 23)
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    Edward Elric, Naruto, Tobi
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