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Feb 25, 2011
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tryin to accumulate knowledge

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Well-Known Member

oppai! Aug 5, 2016

    1. haegar
      1. Unlosing Ranger
        Aug 5, 2016
    2. haegar
      1. View previous comments...
      2. haegar
        as it is written in DxD *and tell Vali that ass is also good*
        May 20, 2016
      3. haegar
        well, asses are also nice, was the phrasing i think, but nvm XD
        May 20, 2016
      4. PlacidSanity
        Hey, have you seen the PV for the Keijo anime yet. :hmm
        Aug 6, 2016
    3. haegar
      OPPAI !!!
    4. haegar
    5. PlacidSanity
      Heh, yeah I'd figure we have to use the updated PM option though it looks like we can no longer emote in the VM now.
    6. PlacidSanity
      Heh, I see the reply you were posting below the my comment. I think the VM needs some rework.:laugh
      1. haegar
        I think we gotta get used to that conversation option XD
        Apr 23, 2016
    7. PlacidSanity
      So how's it going getting use to the new formatted forum?
      1. haegar
        slow. but tis not as bad as on first moment of shock lol
        Apr 23, 2016
    8. haegar
      still confused
      1. Santi likes this.
    9. haegar
    10. haegar
      agreed. no im not gonna use that crap stream site anyways so piss the fuck off with it :giogio
    11. BlueDemon
      Yeah man, dem shapes :drool
    12. BlueDemon
      God bless you! :bury
    13. PlacidSanity
      Lol, I just recognized two of them due to having seen an H-OVA series from Pixy-soft that featured them. :laugh Thing is I would stick to the H-anime since I made the unfortunate mistake of looking at the CG series it was based off of. Some freaky fetishes are seen after it gets done with the vanilla stuff. :lmao
    14. PlacidSanity
      Very nice rep pics. :LOS I recognize two of them from Lilith Soft/Pixy. :laugh
    15. PlacidSanity
      I see you saw the Keijo!!!! image. :LOS Interesting thing is that series is getting an anime this coming year, probably a summer release. :laugh
    16. PlacidSanity
      Cool, thanks for the link. :LOS
    17. PlacidSanity
      A quick question, but where is your current set from ? :hmm
    18. [S-A-F]
      jesus that bunnygirl rep...so many of em'. You've got buff bunnies, small bunnies, big bunnies. :catghost
    19. PlacidSanity

      Well you can use this if you like. I created this Gold standard a while back but I think you should be the one to use it. :lmao
    20. PlacidSanity
      Hmm, if I remember it's a commission that was requested by Plane. :laugh I should know since I provided him with the original image from vol. 51 I think. :hmm
    21. PlacidSanity

      Hmm, of the bunny girls, how could you have forgotten this bunch. :urahaha
    22. Sarun
      god, did they skimp on the anime budget?

      haven't read or watched the series though? but heard about GATE many times.
    23. PlacidSanity
      Ah haegar, I recall you asking on the FT convo thread about Syun Matsuena current manga project. I literally have no idea what's been going on since the scans have pretty much been coming out slow and I've haven't been following the chapters. Been on mostly following Keijo!!! instead. Been hoping the scans pick up a faster pace with this series as the raws I've scene have been insane. :lmao
    24. PlacidSanity
      Thanks for the image rep. :lmao Hmm, she's the elder neko sister from DxD right? :hmm
    25. [S-A-F]
      Oh man dat dxd titties.
    26. PlacidSanity
      Lol, I didn't know about the series until I heard of it's anime announcement. :lmao Then I decided to read a few chapters and was hooked. Though from the looks of it, it's going to be some time before the scans catch up to the current manga chapters. :laugh

      For now I'm must reading some monthly series that are taking their time coming out. And pretty much collecting older series from used bookstores so I don't have to pay an arm and leg for it.:laugh
    27. PlacidSanity
      Lol, you should check out some of the manga. Some of the things that go on in it, especially the attacks performed in it. :lmao
    28. PlacidSanity
      Glad tidings my friend. Have you ever heard of a series called Keijo!!!!. :LOS
    29. BlueDemon
      Alright, that's great!

      Yeah, love Kingdom! I'll be catching up soon and will then be in the agony of waiting for the next chapter :cry
    30. HamSloth
      Who is Nick? :mako
    31. PlacidSanity
      Oh she's from the Gate series. And from the looks of it she has yet to appear in the anime of series yet. :hmm
    32. PlacidSanity
      Hmm, so who is the character in your set? :hmm
    33. HamSloth
      I'm glad I don't do that. I've been reading Vagabond for over half a year now and still am only up to volume 18 I think.
    34. HamSloth
      Damn, I'm only like a quarter of the way through.
    35. HamSloth
      Yeah, I'm not a big fan of the art. It's very minimalistic and has old cartoon/comic styling going on.

      Otherwise, it's really promising.
    36. Roman
      Certainly the girls of quality in the series. The series itself tho.... :defeat
    37. RemChu
      name of that movie?
    38. Roman
      Liking the rep? :hurr
    39. Roman
      Yeah, it looks like he pulled out a trump card at the very end of the episode :skully
    40. Roman
      Just saw the latest ep of Overlord. It's interesting but also a bit confusing how the NPCs are potentially stronger than Ains.
    41. PlacidSanity
      Yeah that the 1999 film staring Winona Ryder along side Jolie. About a girl's stay at a mental ward if I remember. Wow, it's been that long since I've seen it.
    42. PlacidSanity
      Hmm, from what film is your set from? I think I've seen it before.
    43. SierraGiroux
      You can never go wrong with Vinland. One of my fav seinens along with Monster and Berserk :3
      It's like a kick in the ass when you're starting to get interested in the story and boom: Manga is no more.
    44. Roman
      So long as it focuses on the girls that are actually worth focusing on, a proper anime would be gold too :catlewd
    45. Roman
      I really can't emphasize enough how it's a shame Kancolle is so shitty when there's so much beauty in it :catdespair
    46. Roman
      Yeah, I avoid Mdri altogether but for different reasons. He doesn't seem to be into 2d at all. I also avoid Santi for the reason you say tho. Ultear never disliked my reps except once tho iirc :hm
    47. Roman
      Well, I generally get to certain people first like you, Veggie, SAF and Ham as well as a few others and just mark the ones I've given rep to so in case I get 24d, I know who to not rep once the seal is removed :lmao

      Then there are some people with specific tastes like alekos and planeptune that I rep sparingly since I don't look for the kind of things they'd like (it makes me uncomfortable :lmao).

      And then there's people I don't rep at all because I feel that regardless of how good or bad the stuff I find is, they'll just never be satisfied and possibly neg me :skully (this never happened btw)
    48. Roman
      As ridiculous as it sounds, I actually make a note of who I rep to avoid giving out the same rep twice after being 24d :hm
    49. Grimm
      Anime from set?
    50. [S-A-F]
      Somtimes you gotta appreciate the top heavy aspects over da booty, bro. :datass
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