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Mar 14, 2007
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    1. Vino
      Admins: It's a prank bro!
    2. Kitsune
      Smh Trinity.
    3. Vino
      What the fuck Greed.

      Get off him Trinity, Jesus fucking christ.
    4. Trinity
      perfect .
      1. View previous comments...
      2. Trinity
        wait nvm i kind of remember
        Mar 8, 2017
      3. ~Greed~
        I don't remember tho tbh tbf
        Mar 9, 2017
      4. ~Greed~
        But I'm assuming it was some admin shenanigans that you thought was funny.
        Mar 9, 2017
    5. Kitsune
    6. heartsutra

      Pls choose new topic & 'grats. Well deserved one :}
    7. heartsutra
      Dropping by to say thanks again for lending me your ava. It's unusual because I would choose a different stock image but that doesn't change the fact that I still like your style a lot!
    8. Patchouli
    9. TeenRyu
      Tokyo Ghoul set?
    10. Dream
    11. Vandal Savage
      Vandal Savage
      Excellent excellent. I had a feeling you would enjoy it. I certainly didn't expect to as much as I have since reading the web novel.
    12. Vandal Savage
      Vandal Savage
      I haven't been on skype because my computer is getting fixed. I'm mainly viewing forum stuff through my phone but on a limited basis. I'll probably be back on next week.
    13. Dream
    14. Ultimate Deathsaurer
      Ultimate Deathsaurer
      http://www.narutoforums.com/showthread.php?p=51961416#post51961416 don't know if you care
    15. Ultimate Deathsaurer
      Ultimate Deathsaurer
      Alright then, removed it. Updating the list is on my to do list
    16. Ultimate Deathsaurer
      Ultimate Deathsaurer
      Hey Greed, quick question, is there a reason Getbackers is still on the banned threads list?
    17. Dream
    18. Mizura
      www.narutoforums.com/showthread.php?p=51663181 (http://www.narutoforums.com/showthread.php?p=51663181)
    19. Suzuku
      Yeah, or maybe do 2-cour for vols 14-19 and movies for WWIII, which I think we brought up before. hatwould be awesome too. Either way, if we can get one of the two scenarios, along with the recent F/SN news, I'll be a happy anime fan for the next year or so. I still need to start NT though, lol. Haven't read one vol yet still :S

      But that torturous thing was the Perfect World right? Also just saw that those dragons in Touma's arm was shown for the first time in Railgun manga. Looks awesome too.
    20. Suzuku
      I remember that guy complaining about Touma not getting development in the Index thread a while ago. Can't say that anymore, lol. Sounds like it's a really good character arc too.

      And yea I saw that trailer, fucking ace. I'm shocked they put Othius and GREMLIN in there. Hopefully Index III is announced next month. Maybe even a Heavy Object anime too. It's been way too long since Index II :cry

      I think the should make Index III 4-cour to cover volumes 14-22 in one go. Probably out of the question, but it'd be biblical. You getting the English vol 1 btw?
    21. Suzuku
      hey i'm reading through some Index vol10 summaries and....is what I'm reading true...Touma actually gets....CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT o.O
    22. Dream
    23. Dream
    24. Blunt
      if you would've said no, it would've been awkward when i eventually wore it anyway tho :hurr
    25. Blunt
      i'm relieved :catghost
    26. Blunt
      i couldn't resist any longer

      i've literally waited years

      kill me if you must
    27. Mexikorn
      I'm not sorry to bother you
    28. B Rabbit
      B Rabbit
      Hey man sorry to bother you, but are we still doing manga of the month?
    29. Dream
    30. willyvereb
      Let's bury the hatchet, alright?
      Hope you don't mind this.
    31. Atlantic Storm
      Atlantic Storm
    32. Mvp
      Hey do you mind passing owner of the SAO FC to me? I want to start it up again.
    33. Speedy Jag.
      Speedy Jag.
      You watch Top Gear

      Topkek Jezza
    34. Patchouli
      Now I'm not saying I downloaded it...

      I'm just saying I probably had to get it from not so legit sources.

      But I'll go and buy them as well if I can find the dvd/blu-rays. :(
    35. Patchouli
      Watching season 19.

      Feels nice to sit back and watch Top Gear. Nothing's changed! :ruri
    36. KaiserWombat
      I'm closing that Othinus/SW thread now, it's just getting to the boiling point of tempers and potential flamebaiting

      If you wish to re-open it, feel free to do so, albeit at least tell people to STFU about anything that isn't related to the topic being discussed
    37. Patchouli
      I've considered it in the past. Problem back then was my tiny hard drive.

      But now that I've got a 3TB hard drive...I could probably get the entire series and still have a ridiculous amount of space left. :hmm

      And yeah, it was mainly the comedy and the things they did that kept me watching. Stuff like the race against a bullet train, the whole motorhome episode, crossing the English channel with a truck. Those are the things I love about this series. That and the hosts themselves, I like their personalities. :iria
    38. Patchouli
      I remember sitting down and watching marathons of Top Gear UK a few years ago. Got really into the show, despite not really being a car person.

      Then I got rid of cable.

      And now no more Top Gear UK for me. :sniff
    39. Patchouli
    40. Patchouli
      Dat Jeremy Clarkson. :hurr
    41. Lucaniel
      greedo, you can warn CK off shitposting a bunch of maps and reopen the thread. it didn't turn into a "train wreck" either, albeit there was certainly an element of that. why not just reopen it instead of making everyone go to blogs or make a new thread about it?
    42. Lucaniel
      disputing calcs which are relevant to the matchup is not off-topic, greedo. unlock the thread
    43. MAPSK
      And now the next volume is supposed to consist of Touma fighting the rest of the verse for her sake, while she goes all lovey dovey for him

      Jesus Christ, Kamachi ...
      Bitches be hatin' on Touma's new waifu.
    44. lokoxDZz
      Oh,ok then i will wait until you finish reading it,because i can say some spoiler you might not want to cross with :geg
    45. lokoxDZz
      Hmm,i read the whole volume but i was not sure if i got it,i mean it was good but there was things i didn't understood on it, and since i don't know noone here that like toaru too i thought of talking to you if it not a bother :distracte
    46. lokoxDZz
      Othinus have you finished reading the last novel from index? :hmm
    47. MAPSK
      Spoilers for NT9 look like they've been confirmed. So does this make Othinus universal+ or multiversal? :maybe
    48. LyricalMessiah
      Why do people bash on you?
    49. Suzuku
      holy shit your new username is turrible :LOS
    50. Xeogran
      Dat name. And set.
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