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Feb 21, 2017 at 7:57 AM
Dec 17, 2006
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Apr 7, 1986 (Age: 30)

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Mmm, 30

1738 Jun 12, 2016

Grape was last seen:
Feb 21, 2017 at 7:57 AM
    1. Grape
    2. Yasha
      Happy birthday, mate.
      1. Grape likes this.
    3. Detective
      Good luck during your break, my friend.

      1. Grape likes this.
    4. Parallax
      Where did u find the GoT finale? my homie wants a copy and I can't seem to find it :hm
    5. Detective
      Your case is being looked into, Grapey.

    6. Detective
      Dat Teamwork

    7. Detective
      :blkdontcrack :blkdontcrack :blkdontcrack
    8. Detective
      Happy Birthday, old friend. All the best to you in this upcoming year.

    9. Detective
      Well, the joke would be that we know he tries to be black, though he's an oreo really
    10. Detective
      OMFG.... what about... :blkdontcrack
    11. Detective
      Update: The request has been received, but what is holding it back from becoming an emote is that some of the staff won't allow emotes to be named after members anymore, unless it's a staff member abusing their powers for selfish reasons.

      We need a different code name for it.
    12. Detective
      I'm on the case.

    13. Vandal Savage
      Vandal Savage
      I can't stop being something that I never was. ^___^
    14. Vandal Savage
      Vandal Savage
      When I get a complaint from the mods who deal with the theater I'll consider it but only until then. Thanks. :skysun
    15. Ennoea
      FIlm Club is tomorrow Grape
    16. Ennoea
      I hope it does in time, if it doesn't please tell me tonight so I can upload a different movie tomorrow
    17. Ennoea
      Did the film get uploaded?
    18. Ennoea
      So what's gonna happen with FIlm Club? Are we doing Halloween on Saturday or next week? I need to know.
    19. Yasha
      Hmm, they look like chinese food. I wonder how much they taste like one
    20. Yasha
      We are a multiracial community, so we have a good variety of local food. Those are combination of Malay, Chinese and Indian food. Malay and Indian food are typically spicy. Chinese food is known for its diverse ingredients and preparation techniques.
    21. Yasha
      Recommend You Are Not So Smart by David McRaney.

      Very fun read on flaws of human mind. The Selling Out article I posted the other day was quoted from this book. It's accessible and useful (to comprehend your own thought process as well as to manipulate others').
    22. Ennoea
      Film reccs:

      The Hunt
      Oslo August 31st
      Beasts of the Southern Wild
      The Bow
      Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring Again
      Poetry (Korean)
      Breathless (Korean)

      All good stuff.
    23. Blur
      Gorillaz ava. :33
    24. Rukia
    25. Yasha
      You're right. I am more into cognitive psychology and behavioural sciences in general. I haven't read much on Freudian and Jungian theories due to them being mostly outdated. Any recommended articles/books on the subject?
    26. Yasha
      Hang in there, bro. Asperger's is a blessing if you know how to make the most out of it.
    27. SinRaven
      hey grape, long time no speak.

      why don't you play in this? :33

    28. Ennoea
      Bro it's your club. Do as you please
    29. Ennoea
      Heh when did I say I was trolling you?
    30. Ennoea
      Have you read the colour purple? It deals with the whole image of "sainthood" etc and rather than being glorified it's shown for how self destructive it is, the line of nice guy fits in there. Nice guys are the worst, they're clingy and desperate who judge the pretty girl for liking looks over personality, all the while worshiping the ground of a hot girl and ignoring the genuine girl who they could have a future with.

      Hey being in your head is a good thing. You're doing what is right by asking questions. In life you should always question things, when you just believe a certain thing then that's the mindset you'll be stuck in. For instance I always question why people want to blow up others in Islam. I wonder what leads them to it and the answer is always that they're greedy or empty. They want glory in death and impress God. Isn't that sad, they want to impress a being that doesn't exist in desperation that sin heaven they'l be rewarded. Or they're so depressed about life they pour themselves in to a religion which makes them important and part of something greater. I could paint them all as fanatics but that's the simple truth. Remember, in life nothing is simple. It's the sum of alot of parts. Now I'm rambling..
    31. Ennoea
      That's everyone GK. Why do you think I troll, same as you or The World I feel like I need to be validated, heck I use humour to get attention. But that's just how things are, I can understand why you want to leave though, sometimes I wish I could just leave and not have to put up a strict facade of who I am, heaven forbid someone criticise me or my tastes or my lifestyle.

      But do stick around, as you can see CMX just dropping out completely was quite sad for a few users. Don't think you're not gonna be missed either. But it's your choice. Do make sure to check out Film Club though, we'll be watching Star Wars or Faculty on sat lol.
    32. Ennoea
      Are you really gone bro? Because i feel like you're testing us.
    33. wad
      carpe diem
    34. Ennoea
      Damn grape you really told the film club:lmao

      Good man, I understand about the piracy issue, my connection has been apparently been strangled by my provider due to downloading/uploading aswell, the assholes:/
    35. Jena
      My cock is pretty big.
    36. Rukia
      Popular video game. A hack and slash that pits you against giant monsters.
    37. Furious George
      Furious George
      Yo real talk, you have to start communicating better with The Film Club. Its cool if you're busy or whatever, but you have to let people know what's going, leave instrcutions, etc. and not do things at the last minute. No one knows when the move's supposed to start.

      I'mma slap you. :pek
    38. Ennoea
      Lol nvm I'll just use vd
    39. Ennoea
      Which program do you use to split files? Using Virtual Dub kind of fucks up the quality tbh.
    40. Ennoea
      Dude if you don't feel like uploading just PM me, I'd do it for you. I thought we were in this together:pek
    41. Detective
      Dear Grapey,

      It is now the next day in North America, please review your idiocy from last night, in the Movie Rating thread, from like 19 minutes ago, which was yesterday.

      You propositioned Jena, and she did not dignify you with a response.... on the internet. You have now set a new low for all male kind.

      P.S: Drunk Vault is still best Vault.

    42. Ennoea
      Yep, but i downloaded avi recomp from an old suggestion of yours
    43. Ennoea
      What's the prog used to embed subs on to film?

      Btw my choice is The Vanishing (the original). I haven't seen it though, so I hope it's good.
    44. aiyanah
    45. aiyanah
      oh dear, i actually have one of those :lmao
    46. Ennoea
      YES!!! I have too many films to choose from lol.
    47. aiyanah
      do you even juice, bro?
    48. Ennoea
      Gk Taleran hasn't responded, we should choose someone else as next weeks choice.
    49. Stunna
      Homies over hoes.
    50. TetraVaal
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