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    Have you always wanted to impress Gordon Ramsey with your culinary skills?

    Well you can't...

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    And we promise we won't make you cry like him.
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Jan 30, 2017
Jan 7, 2010
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Jan 4, 1990 (Age: 27)

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The Doctor, Male, 27, from Europe...

Chillin' Sep 21, 2016

Gaja was last seen:
Jan 30, 2017
    1. Gaja
      1. Chrollo Lucilfer
        Chrollo Lucilfer
        did you not find the N letter on your keyboard when you created your account
        Sep 21, 2016
      2. Gaja
        Not following.... *googles*...
        Well to be honest, it should have been "Gaia" because that's my RL nickname soooo... :]
        Sep 22, 2016
    2. Chaos Theory
      Chaos Theory
      No problem my friend
    3. Chaos Theory
      Chaos Theory
      Nah, if you did the training. Posted em and a mod didn't mention it just bump the stat you trained by the appropriate amount. Which is .25 if anything but intelligence or stamina. Which are .50
    4. Kuno
      Geesh...It sounds like our weather has changed places. :lmao Ours is usually nice and cooler with rain...now we have a drought and major heat. Trade me back!!! :rofl

      Yeah...don't rush the RP. In fact it would probably be best to wait until in the fall. Speaking of which...are you done with college yet? Started working?
    5. Kuno
      Not much...just dealing with the heat. I hate summer. :P What's up with you? How have you been these long months? Oh...how is the pokemon RP coming. :LOS
    6. Atlantic Storm
      Atlantic Storm
      Get cracking then, homeslice.
    7. Atlantic Storm
      Atlantic Storm
      Ah, cool.

      Just in case you missed it: it's your turn to post.
    8. Atlantic Storm
      Atlantic Storm
      I just sent you a Skype contact request a while ago. Did you receive it?
    9. Atlantic Storm
      Atlantic Storm

      Ah, nice. Have fun with that. :LOS
    10. Chaos Theory
      Chaos Theory
      Dunno, Will may be scared of Amy :O


      Come on Swoop! Gotta get outta of DODGE!

      -Rolling Pen Knocks Swoop out-



    11. Chaos Theory
      Chaos Theory
      Amy will be soooo

      I keel YOU !

    12. Atlantic Storm
      Atlantic Storm
      Alright. Good luck, Gaja. :lmao
    13. Chaos Theory
      Chaos Theory
      The mother with the paddle that's like no boy of mine is going to be a delinquent.

      Don't make me get CB to administer the punishment xD
    14. Chaos Theory
      Chaos Theory
      Well what I meant was Old Character profiles and what not, not the core prices and moves xD

      I see, cause if it was a lil girl, Will would be overprotective xD

      Dunno what I'll make.

      I dun mind doing either or lol

      Oh, and don't forget. William has psychic power which may or may not travel down the generational gap
    15. Chaos Theory
      Chaos Theory

      Meant to flush the Wiki out this pass weekend, but I didn't get the chance

      Which is a good thing if you haven't lifted the profiles you need.

      So, you making a lil boy or girl for William xD
    16. Chaos Theory
      Chaos Theory
      All sounds good to me =]
    17. Atlantic Storm
      Atlantic Storm
      That's cool. I'm on holiday, so I'll be the same.

      Good night.
    18. Atlantic Storm
      Atlantic Storm

      Here you go.
    19. Atlantic Storm
      Atlantic Storm
      Nothin' but the blunt truth, sir.
    20. Atlantic Storm
      Atlantic Storm
      Wise words, Gaja. Wise words.

      Don't worry about sounding lame. You're on a Narutoforum, haha.
    21. Atlantic Storm
      Atlantic Storm
      12 hour shift? That sounds pretty painful. What do you do?
    22. Atlantic Storm
      Atlantic Storm
      Is the suggested idea fine with you? Or would you prefer something else. Honestly, either is fine for me.
    23. Chaos Theory
      Chaos Theory
      If we're still running the basic format, then the OOC shouldn't be a problem

      Just copy and paste from the old format adding the rules you PM'd me xD
    24. Chaos Theory
      Chaos Theory
      You just go by the requirements on the front page. After you get it done and posted link the post or posts in the OOC and say what you've done.

      If they have an issue with it, they'll let you know.

      Training is easy though and you're a good RPer, so I doubt they'll have issue with it.

      As far as Pokemon, I knew I was forgetting something this weekend. With all the drama with my brother's car it kind of slipped my mind.

      What was I doing again :sweatdrop
    25. Kei
      Uhhh its a village in this rp ran by the clan I made :zaru
    26. Kei
      Mmm don't know, think your character come to Fuzenkagure and watch her dance :hmm
    27. Kei
      Nah not now it shouldn't be :nod
    28. Kei
      She's a shy one as well, but she is slowly getting out of her shell
    29. Kei
      You'll have my character Kei, she's a dancer, so it should be fun :lmao
    30. Kei
      Tomorrow is perfect then, and don't worry I completely understand ;33

      Whatcha mean dance the dance :distracted
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    Jan 4, 1990 (Age: 27)
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    Yondaime Rai and Ho Kage
    Motorcycles, Manga, MMA, RPing...




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