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Furinji Saiga
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Mar 24, 2017 at 4:23 AM
Dec 8, 2012
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Jun 4, 1990 (Age: 26)

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Furinji Saiga

The One Shadow, 26

Furinji Saiga was last seen:
Mar 24, 2017 at 4:23 AM
    1. NoticemeEscanorsenpai
      Thanks for the rep, mate.
    2. Zyrax
    3. NoticemeEscanorsenpai
      Thanks for the welcome and the rep!

      Praise the sun!
    4. forkandspoon
      Thanks for rep!
    5. HisMajestyMihawk
      ty ty :catadorbs
    6. The Inquisitor
      The Inquisitor
      I'm over here now, OMF is just a graveyard.
    7. Jigen
      I've found some new pics, so keep your eyes open for them in the future. :cat
      It doesn't seem like they're going to go down without a fight, but I feel that this chapter and especially the latest translation (if it's accurate) is the beginning of the end for the Marco >/= Admirals movement. :villa
    8. Freechoice
      You're awesome
    9. Jigen
      Another mention of Arthur Dayne...didn't know his sword was from a star.
      One thing I'm confused on is Oberyn; it says he's introduced in Book 3, but he shows up in S4. :hm
    10. Jigen
      Enjoy. :tomato
    11. Jigen
      One of the things I love the most about the books is how much more screentime and detail that Barristan the Bold is getting. :bury I heard that he doesn't die in Book 5, so I'm eager to see him get some more fights.
    12. Jigen
      The dream was pretty good, those Kingsguard were leagues above the ones Joffrey has working for him.
      Hm, still need to see more of Jaime, even in the show I wasn't too keen on him, but from what I remember he seems a shade more ruthless (Tywin even moreso, especially how he took over that inn for a headquarters). I do like how Tyrion is more capable in battle here than in the show.
      Stannis seems a lot more imposing this time around. Just finished the part where his Maestar failed to poison the Red Priestess. :(
    13. Jigen
      Finished the first book, starting on the second now.
    14. Jigen
      Jaime? Wow, Joffrey certainly didn't gain his swordsmanship from him (luckily for us all). Do you have a link for where Martin said that? May need it to show one of my friends who was asking about it.
      I never did ask, but who are your favorites in GoT? Top 3 for me are Tyrion, Varys, and Bronn.
    15. Jigen
      They've certainly gone into a lot more detail regarding the battles and fall of Targaryen Empire. So from what I've been told, Robert Baratheon (Prime) is like the Gold Roger of GoT, aka the top of the fighting pyramid?
    16. Jigen
      THAT is Stannis? Yeah, he looks nothing like the show version. I was always told he was one of the best characters in the series, but I could never see why. Does he show up in this or the next book? Should hopefully meet Bronn soon, Ned's just finishing up his meeting with Littlefinger and Cat.
    17. Jigen
      I remember when I first watched GoT (which was years ago), I don't think I was that big a fan of Ned...but after five seasons and rewatching his execution, I've realized what good a character he really was. :catcry
      The character I'm eager to see the most is Stannis, I've heard that the show went in a completely different direction with him than what happened in the books.
    18. Jigen
      Ned's in his first meeting with the Small Council. I definitely didn't know about Winterfell's hot spring system until I read the book, and unless I'm mistaken, the scene where Cat figures out from Littlefinger where the knife came from is also different from the show. :hmm
    19. HisMajestyMihawk
      thank u thankxu :bury
    20. Marcelle.B
      when I rule the world there will be a pre-requisite to post a kpop gif at the start of every thread :datass
    21. Marcelle.B
      thanks my dude :pimp
    22. Jigen
      I'll let you know how it goes, JJ Abrams did a good job with the Star Trek films (and I'm not even that into the series), so I'm willing to give this one a shot. I wouldn't recommend Spectre though, it was disappointing towards the end.
    23. Bernkastel
      I know right..would be awesome to see those 2 interact in the manga,they're my fav shichi :catblush
    24. Kishido
      No propblem. We have to trust translators cuz we know shit about japanese.

      But wiki is mostly shit... But I already asked sandman and Aohige on this as well. They are the most reliable translators
    25. Roƅ
      4,000,000 :tupac
    26. Roƅ
      He's the leader :tupac
    27. Jigen
      I could get it if it were Ben Beckman, but even when I first joined, I had no idea why people thought Marco was stronger than those guys.
      Possibly. His gravity is getting more hax by the minute, Oda has the potential to go far with this one if he does it right.
      Tomorrow is the big day...Lupin's new show will air. I can't wait, I really hope it does good.
    28. Jigen
      Lets just hope Oda doesn't go overboard again with CIS in future fights. :catprone
      Yeah, he brought all the rubble in the country into the air, and he's still not serious. But I doubt that will deter the Marco fans.
    29. Jigen
      Quite a chapter this week, what did you think about it?
    30. Vengeance
      Yeah, but the thread was needed imo. There are also people who are uncertain about Mihawk's standing, so I think spreading some new evidence for our side isn't a bad idea.
      Anyway, the day when all these haters most likely get their mouth shut nears. :winny
    31. Vengeance
      That information just has to be rubbed right in hater's faces imo. It won't help to sway most of them yes, but their stance is getting weaker and weaker.
    32. Vengeance
      I think we need a thread about that SBS information :LOS
    33. Jigen
      The King of the Beasts is finally here...and unlike Sabo, his appearance didn't suck. What did you think?
    34. Jigen
      I have yet to read the books (I plan on doing it as soon as I can though). Are they better than the show? :hm
    35. Jigen
      The Mountain vs the Viper is one of the most memorable moments in the series for me. And did you know his current actor is only in his mid 20s and he was already WSM (or a close runner up for it, I forget)? That's insane.
    36. Jigen
      He really needs more fanart, Sabo has tons of it, from fighting Akainu to shipping pics with Koala, yet Issho gets the short end of the stick. :D:
      This one is one of my personal favorites, have you ever seen it?
    37. Marcelle.B
      oh please lol

      funny thing is I'm getting reps for this shit :catwalk
    38. Marcelle.B
      It was from the Rebecca bet thread :33
    39. Jigen
      No problem, I just hope I've been able to get pics you liked. And take your time, those reads aren't going anywhere. At least OP this week was great, I was so happy to see Akainu again, especially when he interacted with the Elders and Fuji.
    40. Chrollo Lucilfer
      Chrollo Lucilfer
      I've finished season two :cat
    41. Chrollo Lucilfer
      Chrollo Lucilfer
      Oh shit
      don't spoil me man, i haven't started the third season yet
      Glad you like it :catsalute
    42. LyricalMessiah
      Truer words have never been spoken before.

      Manny surely needs to rely on his amazing defence which will be a good offence in Manny's case. He'd surely need to avoid lunging and leaving himself open for counters, albeit he should try to press the action at a minimum of 2 or 3 times per round to ensure he isn't deceived into a chess match that is an area Mayweather excels at who'd reduce the punch output and selectively pot-shot.

      Manny needs to capitalise on his chances by going hard because the window opens just a crack against Mayweather as shane mosley learned.

      Given how mayweather seems to have great reach with his punches in addition to his quick footwork, manny will need to find the middle ground inside floyd's arms to use his unique combination of speed and power to batter him up a la luffy vs enel :maybe

      It will truly be an amazing fight... with both fighters making each other work their socks off more than they have ever done. I think it's going to be razor-close this time.

      TL;DR I could see Manny keeping Mayweather in defensive postures and winning on activity but we never know in the end. Two greats of the sport facing off against each other will definitely provide for entertainment.

      With all this amazing and long awaited buildup, it definitely better be an amazing and entertaining fight :gar
    43. LyricalMessiah
      Well, I want each of them to do well against one another and I hope the fight ends by decision or points instead of a knockout at the early stages of the fight, but I'm rooting for Manny just because of how patient and humble he's been with floyd even when forced to abide by Floyd's stipulations he made to make the fight go in his favour.

      Have you seen his latest demand concerning which gloves Manny will wear for their fight? Utterly ridiculous. Floyd's a great and a genius in boxing, but his personality rubs me the wrong way sometimes. He should just man-up and fight fair and square.

      In the end, it'll be a great fight that's long been waited for that'll extend for many rounds.

      What about you? Who do you believe will win?!
    44. HisMajestyMihawk
      the haters gonna hate man
    45. Marcelle.B
      It's a farce I tell you! Utterly ridiculous!

      Although to be honest it was quite weird how she was beating so many other influential artists in that poll like Beyonce, Rihanna and Taylor swift. But hey at least she got some recognition so that's good :catflower
    46. DiscoZoro20
      Thank you fellow Mihawk-tard. Love it too.
    47. Freechoice
      Wishful thinking often gets the best of me :(
    48. Freechoice
      Oh yeah fuck extreme difficulty :tomacry

      Nah I just feel as though it's thrown around to often and should only be reserved the very closest of fights, hence the name extreme :gar
    49. Freechoice
      Hey man sorry for late reply but what were you referring to? :lmao
    50. Marcelle.B
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