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Mar 29, 2017 at 7:31 AM
Aug 9, 2007
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Jun 28, 1994 (Age: 22)
Back Again (Again)

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★Frankformer★, 22, from Back Again (Again)

Franky was last seen:
Mar 29, 2017 at 7:31 AM
    1. Superman
      Have you posted in the game?!
    2. Zyrax
      Charlemagne :quite
    3. Zyrax
    4. RemChu
      "HP. ATK. DEF
      Gold. Exp. Lv.

      Every time a number increases, that feeling
      That's me."

      favorite line from the genocide ending =[ fucked up but true =]
    5. RemChu
      Game makes me feel guilty for killing all those goofy enemies in Earthbound/mother games LOL
    6. RemChu
      Its odd he decided to make the bad path, feel so morally wrong. The 4th wall stuff he says goes a little far.

      As if the player is a sociopath :lmao
    7. RemChu
      I think I like fish girl best, she is such a cosplayer
    8. RemChu
      lol, are you going to try a genocide run? I just watched it, too heartless lol.
    9. RemChu
      Love all the characters. great game :P
    10. Zyrax
      :supercat I am doing fine
    11. Zyrax
    12. ghstwrld
    13. Aries
      Franky my bro vote for the next series for the mafia the series
    14. ghstwrld
      :tomasulk ...
    15. ghstwrld
      you should use whichever dimensions work best tbh :catblush
    16. Ultear
    17. ghstwrld
      but wait

      can you include her whole head?

      petty, I know, but I like the framing of the original pic

    18. ghstwrld
      thanks :catsalute
    19. Zyrax
    20. Zyrax
      No I am saying I will never be :cry
    21. Zyrax
      >You will never be super
    22. Zyrax
      I like Franky :catwave
    23. Aries
      Alright sounds good with me. I just added you btw man
    24. Aries
      Yeah sure my bro. Im on now. I just finished making up the mechanics. Atm in the character selection process. Want to do it here or through skype? Also auto sign me to tou game my bro
    25. ghstwrld

      minus the borders, they'd be perfect
    26. ~M~
      Thanks, I've received some good feedback on it

      Sadly my SOTW did not get as good a reception
    27. Doctor Lamperouge
      Doctor Lamperouge
      Thank you kind sir. :catflower
    28. Aries
      Nah its cool my bro. I understand i didnt take any offense to it. My personality is much more laidback happy so i dont let things put me down but i am pretty empathetic towards others even if dont show it often. Im quite the competitive person myself not in mafia but in other games but know the gist of what your going through so its cool with me.

      Well im glad you liked the role since means accomplished mission when giving out the roles. I just wanted them to be used so its a plus. No need for apologies stuff happens. We all do these things every so and so. Some would just choose to be negative about it. For me if you can find a positive and live and learn what sver happened is under the bridge. You have your reasons which you explain and i respect your honesty about them not many can be honest when it comes down to it.

      And yeah my bro we can be friends. I accepted way way earlier but havent gotten a chance to reply because i was finally free of school today but got lazy and slept through the day lol
    29. Aries
      Also yeah your my bro so glad we can have it under the bridge man. Your back in as jesse .thank you man much love back to you. Enjoyed your play in my game
    30. Aries
      Well your right in that guilt played a huge factor in what happened. But shadi was killed because of delay not because they were aiming for him. As for Mafia your right you did grasp the mechanics and took advantage of your deck fast and lots of props to you. But your deck was OP from the start so i can see why they think its unfair. From what i see they were pretty upset over the role. Also i forgot which trap card probably rainbow road but it negated all actions directed at you. Though through no fault of your own since you were just following the rules there was a bit of power struggle. In that its not like didnt try to its because they couldnt until slifer but by then was too late.

      Quite frankly it all boils down to how powerful I made some roles and how the other side looks at the roles. Though you are correct in that you should be alive based on game mechanics that followed. I gave them the idea of zorc being resummoned/revived unfortunately it didnt pan out because a action was done before hand so a new idea was added. Add in with continious cards that block kills they have a right to be frusterated they couldnt do much and why they through no fault of their were glad to be able to use zorc.etc. youll be readded as jesse then.
    31. Aries
      Well its cool man. You saw something wrong with the action and you have the right to speak it. Im just doing what is asked of me for me to do as host. Trust me i did point out at first how illogical his rebirth was but after a long long talk it came down to it. The same way you found their actions unfair they found yours to be just as unfair. If you look at it from their perspective they needed a equalizer and i gave them a way to use one without it being to illogical. Off course in hindsight didnt change anything since they are more or less gone. Well thats a good mindset man ive had plenty of blow ups so expected something similar. Well i can understand that i wouldnt consider it a loss with the replacement decks. But again up to you if want to replace in. Ill say yes just because you led town to victory so disserve to be there when win but not up to me
    32. Aries
      You can replace melodie or santi in game. Very least you end up celebrating victory with fellow townies
    33. StrawHat4Life
      You get a prize for helping organize the tournament. The standard choice of a large avy, custom usertitle or sparkles for one month.
    34. Satsuki
      so if you have all those figures, you rich :hm
    35. Aries
      Sounds good with me. I have some limited time though thanks to school but ill have enough time slowly start making the roles/mechanics and messaging you to give you a idea of the mechanic. Its a brand new mechanic im think off but first gotta see how it will stack up
    36. Aries
      Great minds think alike franky ;tea the only drawback is how many characters should we do? 30 player game? A classic 40 player game? Etc
    37. Aries
      I actually had a funny game idea for it. But i see not into it. Its cool then. Sticking to marvel vs capcom then. I think there should be a capcom mafia and a marvel one to make it easier. No probs my bro. Nakama power
    38. Aries
      Shadow players have been more or less revealed it seems lol and nice man. Im feeling the hype atm! Franky you have great taste as expected from your steven universe set. Dem megaman feels. I wish capcom would do the right thing and make more megaman games instead of being lazy with it and milk original series. Bring back x or zero :(.

      Btw you watched wwe/wcw? Just asking as have a pseudo idea :maybe
    39. Aries
      Megaman is love. Megaman is life! The amount of megaman this game will have :bury ironman is pretty awesome. Im a bit of a spiderman fan aswell. Also Dr. Doom :maybe

      And haha no need for apologizes man i like that your passionate about this game so its a plus for me
    40. Aries
      Funny thing was thought it would be very simple guess i was wrong lol. Im probably going to do Marvel vs Capcom after my friend told me they were back in the fighting game and made me think i can use the fighting engine system from that game to hopefully make these mechanics easier to digest also megaman wank <3
    41. Aries
      Haha tough choices indeed man and yeah looking at the game it shows you know everything inside and out. Was quite surprised at how quick you adapted to the game. Some are still struggling on the mechanics. Hell i think if it wasnt for your summary i doubt anyone or well less people would get the game so thank you for that. I love yugioh well all the way to 5ds. Dbz is a classic and feel like that would be much easier to digest then yugioh
    42. Aries
      Its cool man i understand. I dont see it as a bother.

      Oh you want to co host another yugioh game? Ill be up for it and you as my co host would be pretty great. Though im still pondering what do. Yugioh of a HST vs DBZ game? Both games will have over 400 roles
    43. Aries
      I got it yeah. It will be processed as said
    44. afgpride
      Why do you hate black people?
    45. King Ooga Booga
      King Ooga Booga
      Don't forget about your match on TMF, good luck
    46. RemChu
      Sure online now.
    47. Aries
      Hey not to bother you but would you like to join this yugioh mafia game?http://www.narutoforums.com/showthread.php?t=1043546
    48. RemChu
      Add RemChu =]
    49. Atlas
      Not sure what else I can add. It's a pretty straightforward conclusion. :/
    50. Atlas
      Ussop really did come in handy there. Especially when it comes to knowledge on that air door. That alone let you pretty much shut him down, imo.
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    Jun 28, 1994 (Age: 22)
    Back Again (Again)
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    Even 2d girls don't want me
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    Szayel Aporro
    Chad Princeton
    Parco Folgore
    Aspiring Art Teacher

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