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Feb 23, 2017
Aug 22, 2010
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Francesco. was last seen:
Feb 23, 2017
    1. CA182
      Hello stranger. :skysun

      I apologise for forgetting who you are.
    2. Blαck
      Definitely, that actually might be kind of a stomp thread for Gajeel.
    3. Blαck
      knowing FT Logic, the one off Gajeel just pulled, will probably be scaled to current Natsu's LFD since he should be stronger than Gajeel.
    4. Blαck
      True, bleach powerscaling is wacky as ever :psyduck
    5. Blαck
      No clue man, but the yield will definitely be great. I just hope whoever plans to calc it doesn't pull that lolbleach style explosion thing.
    6. DarkTorrent
      Probably. Though I don't remember Arlong arc Zoro's stats.
    7. DarkTorrent
    8. DarkTorrent
      Well... there are really few characters that have feats and can be used for a balanced match. Most battles with FT chars that can be created are either someone more stronger than them, or someone weaker because of that. It's really hard to find a good match up for them.
    9. DarkTorrent
    10. DarkTorrent
      I did. I uninstalled it a long time ago.
    11. La speranza
      La speranza
      I'm sorry I couldn't calculate them... but FT has better feats than those would be already.
    12. Atlantic Storm
      Atlantic Storm
      Er, I'm uncertain. I'm not very good at 'broad' questions like that. If you pit specific individuals against each other I could give a better answer.
    13. Blαck
      The Zabuza arc kakashi thing was a joke, she beats everyone up to maybe Pein Arc Kakashi.
    14. Blαck
      Kagura lacks the strength to put characters such as Zoro orCurrent Renji down. She's pure powerscaling which puts her at ~160kt in DC which might just might put pre time skip Zoro down but Current Renji should be stronger than the old CO Calc which was ~180kt
    15. Tir
      Yup. Pretty much what you said.
    16. Atlantic Storm
      Atlantic Storm
      Any Bleach, Naruto or One Piece high tier, really. Possibly high mid tier, depending on which verse and which character.
    17. Rax
      What feats?:psyduck
    18. Bruce Wayne
      Bruce Wayne
      lol they all look stupid. :lmao
    19. Freddie Mercury
      Freddie Mercury
      A little bit of Freddie in everyone :hurr
    20. DHxCohaco
      :lmao good one
    21. DHxCohaco
      yeah kind of
    22. DHxCohaco
      i don't know, seriously
    23. DHxCohaco
      but some like low tiers
    24. DHxCohaco
      all i know is that he should be able to win in his strongest form
      dunno about the others
    25. DHxCohaco
      wich version ?
    26. DHxCohaco
      IIRC natsu is very low town level durability
      Because I like to defend the weakest universes.

      i understand that kind of things
      but i put all the blame of RH because he really is the only one who made FT so bad in the OBD
    27. Blαck
      Then you should read The Breaker and Gamaran, they lack power but they make up for it with immense quality.
    28. Blαck
      Sorry, I don't have MSN.

      FT does indeed have a slight advantage due to KHR's conclusion, What's really setting them back is a decent speed feat, they need something along the lines of Mach 19-20 and even with speed equal only LFD Natsu and Acnologia have enough firepower to overpower the KHR verse.
    29. Blαck
      Xanxus may take that one, though Natsu might have had superior durability at that time :hmm

      And by Virtue of Size in his release state, Yammy isn't all that slow. His combat speed alone should utilize the Mach 22-23 calc for tagging Byakuya in their fight. Now in base of course Yammy is next to useless.
    30. Blαck
      Probably the weaker verses such as Katekyo hitman verse before the inheritance arc, Magi verse for now, Project K verse and theres more than likely a few more.
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