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Sep 20, 2016
Dec 20, 2006
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February 22

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Active Member, Female, from USA

FoxxyKat was last seen:
Sep 20, 2016
    1. SasuNaru Monomaniac
      SasuNaru Monomaniac
      this is my murder scene, foxy :<3

    2. Fighting Kitsune
      Fighting Kitsune
      Hey, Kat. :ichigo Sorry for the really late message. Had been busy for the past months and had a medical emergency.

      Well, from what I've read about on S3 of Sleepy Hollow, we are going to be introduced one new character: Betsy Ross. Yeah, just let that sink in. :lmao

      That's really sad neither your mother or your sister want to talk it out. :( And it's really unfortunate that they also have a shaky history as well. I really don't know what to say that could help. I'm really sorry, Kat. :sniff :Jet

      Not surprised you like Sam, Dean, Cas, Bobby and Crowley. They're all great characters. :nod Keep watching and you'll be introduced to more. And I definitely agree with you that Eren, Mikasa, and Armin are the better version of Team 7. :lmao That said, my fave chars in SnK/AoT, are Eren, Levi/Rivaille, Annie, Jean, Armin, and Sasha.

      Yeah, when I think about it, I think the Winchesters and Elrics can't be really compared. Yeah they have similar personality traits, but they're definitely different in their own ways. But their bonds are indeed very much alike with one another as you have both brothers willing to die for the other. :nod

      Yeah, I think it's best to say that Free! does get more gay, but at the same time, it doesn't. :lmao It's basically an anime designed for us yaoi fans in mind, but probably won't ever deliver on the goods. :( And yes, check out Owari No Seraph! :iria You will not be disappointed! :iria

      You too, sweetie! :harlita
    3. Fighting Kitsune
      Fighting Kitsune
      Hey Kat! :ruri :glomp Glad you're doing well in spite of the family drama.

      I hope that was the last we see of Katrina and Henry. I can't deal with them sucking away Abbie's and Jenny's screentime and boring me with their scenes. :lmao But yes, I can't wait for the next season, either. :ruri

      I'm really sorry to hear that your sister and your mom aren't speaking to each other and TBH, that fact makes me dislike your sister's husband even more. :mad An asshole person is not worth having your family torn apart. ike you said, family should be enjoying each other, not acting like enemies.

      Yeah, I don't want to talk about Naruto Gaiden. The less said about it, the better. :lmao Glad you've gotten into Supernatural (even though I haven't watched the show in years) and Attack on Ttitan; they're great. If you don't mind me asking, who are your favorite SPN and AOT characters? And yeah, Sam and Dean's relationship is sort of similar to Ed and Al's, except now, I'm trying to figure who's Ed and who's Al when it comes to the Winchesters. And how you're liking Psycho Pass? And I would highly recommend Free! for the shounen ai fanservice. And if you want more a great manga/anime with shounen ai fanservice, I also highly recommend that you read/watch Owari No Seraph. It takes place in a post-apocalyptic future where vampires rule and there are a lot of hot men in the series, such as this guy and this guy. :LOS
    4. Zyrax Pasha
    5. Fighting Kitsune
      Fighting Kitsune
      KATTTTTTTTTTT! :ruri I'm doing good. I'm on a small summer break before my summer semester starts. How about you? :33

      Oh, I definitely saw the season finale of Sleepy Hollow and I was so happy that Katrina and Hnery died. They were dragging the show down and now SH can return to that Ichabbie and creepy goodness again! :woo

      Totally agree that whiny ass douchebag men aren't attractive at all. :D: And your sister's husband's lucky that all he got was a cussing out. Please tell me your sister is considering leaving him. I don't mean to cast judgment and involve myself in something that's not my business, but I think she needs to drop his worthless ass. :mad

      Ah, I think the best policy is to just leave Naruto alone and try to get into other things then if other Naruto-related sites are becoming cesspools. That's what I'm doing. I recently got into a new manga and am thinking about getting into a few more. smile-big
    6. Fighting Kitsune
      Fighting Kitsune
      Kat, I'm sosososososososososososososo sorry for the late response! Please forgive me! :ano

      I know a bond between a mother and child is strong, but...ugh, I dunno. I jsut have a hard time being sympathetic since Henry caused and did a lot of terrible things and I just understand why Katrina would still view as a poor innocent Woobie. But then again, maybe I'm not really a compassionate person. And yep, sadly, a lot of people didn't like Hawley because they thought he was stealing Jenny's screentime. And maybe I should take your approach and avoid most Sleepy Hollow related things because I'm getting really tired of the negativity in the fandom.

      Whoa, seriously? Your sister's husband cursed at your mother?! :mad :mad :mad WHAT A FUCKING ASSHOLE! I wish I can fly over to Texas and beat the shit out of him! :mad But sadly, like you said, your sister's an adult and he's her husband and this is her life. Still, it doesn't hurt to pray that he's no longer a part of her life. >:)

      Exactly. NS think just because a lot of SN fans aren't happy with the ending, they can cozy up and talk about how much it would've been if their pairing happened and we'll obediently nod our heads and agree. Hell no. Just because there are a couple of SN fans that ship NS, doesn't mean that all of us do. And yeah, the drama is still happening on tumblr. So, I think it's best you continue to stay away from Naruto-related things and tumblr. :laugh
    7. Saishin
      They know that there are a hard core of fans that will buy them,they're counting on them to earn from the Naruto franchise.

      Which job is it if I may ask :iria
    8. Sieves
      Hey long time no chat! I'm glad things are looking up for you, hopefully they still are!
    9. Fighting Kitsune
      Fighting Kitsune
      :hi5 Hell yeah!

      That's my beef with Katrina; she's lied so much, Ichabod should just throw in the towel, but he continues to defend her. It also doesn't help that she wants to save Henry and Headless when both of them proved they're pretty much pieces of shit (Henry more so than Headless, to be fair). I think Hawley's delicious-looking too and I actually like him. Oddly enough, a lot of people don't like him. :headscrat I really liked the episode about Abby and Jenny's mother, too. Hope we get more episodes about their family life.

      Well, that's one good thing about your sister moving. Maybe you can visit her. :)

      Ugh, God, t I know what you mean. I fucking hate the SasuNaru/NaruSaku "sistership" crap and stay of out o the SN tag for that reason. I just stick to finding SN stuff through the blogs I follow or lurk, Anyway, I find the SN/NS sisterhood shit fake as hell. Where was this "sisterhood" when a lot of NaruSaku fans were accusing SN/NS fans of being misogynists who hate their Queen Sakura? Where was this sisterhood when they called SN abusive? I always hated NS and never felt much pity for the fandom either, and after the end, I was done feeling pity for a lot of them (save for the nice and sane ones that I met here). But yeah, I wouldn't blame you if you decide to not create a tumblr after all. tumblr's somewhat a cesspool. :laugh

    10. Saishin
      I had a lovely christmas too :amuse

      I know,Kishi will make spin off :argh

      So how are you? I'm still looking for a job :cry
    11. Fighting Kitsune
      Fighting Kitsune
      Happy Belated New Year to you, Kat! :glomp

      I always hear that a lot of people have a good time in the Navy. So maybe the Navy would've been better.

      Sleepy Hollow is my jam (even though I'm not liking Katrina much anymore)

      Wow. That really sucks your sister and her husband can't compromise. I wish her the best and pray that she'll keep in touch with you and the rest of your family. :(

      I'm trying to stay on NF despite Naruto. And you're welcome, Kat dear. :hug And I'll remember your FF.Net name and try to send you a message there. This is just a suggestion, you could also try to join tumblr; I have a tumblr (it's sedacuervo.tumblr.com)
    12. Kanga
      I was a fan of the Sauce until the very end. He just didn't feel the same imo in those last chapters.

      When done right, I can see why you'd say that. But the thing is more often than not they have the guy treat the chick like shit and or neglects her feelings and very being. It's just sad.

      Here's the link: X

    13. Kanga
      Right. The sad thing, it's not like he ended on a bad note in terms of writing with Part I. It was nicely done and provided an adequate set up for not only the characters but for the story-line as well. But it all went so wrong. :catcry Yeah, I may be right there with you...

      Maybe somewhere deep down the creators find it endearing?! :psyduck But that can't be since it clearly reads pathetic and sad :giogio (well at least I hope it does to them).

      Have you seen the artist's other works? He/she has a whole series dedicated to that kind of thing for various characters. They're a-muh-zing. :catblush
    14. Fighting Kitsune
      Fighting Kitsune
      Merry belated Christmas, Kat! :ruri :hug

      Oh, wow. :( Your stint at the Air Force sounded absolutely horrible. :( Thank God you don't have to deal with it anymore. :Jet

      Yeah, same here. I've been mostly watching old stuff, too. :)

      Wait, does your sister's husband hate the state they live in or the city? :hmm I don't want to intrude or pry as this is your family and your sister is an adult, but can there be a compromise? Like they move somewhere close, but out of wherever her husband hates? :hmm
    15. Saishin
      Thank you sweetheart :hug happy holidays to you too :pajamas
      did you have a good x-mas? :33
    16. Kanga
      I really hoped he'd consider doing some research before jumping into other projects. But nope, he has a bunch of things already lined that will surely suffer from his warped view on what consists of good story-telling and character development. :psyduck Spoilers for The Last have me already cringing despite being a NH fan myself, and gawd only knows what's in store for the fandom in the upcoming Bolt movie. It's a never ending nightmare, and I seriously want out/ :catsad

      Now that you mention, she does do that quite a bit...sorta like Sakura --> Sasuke. :geg

      Lol, I can't blame you. NaruSasu is hot, but there's just no beating these two in tights, licking yogurt off of each other. :maybe
    17. Elle
      Heya! I am soo sorry for messing that up :/. Had a lot on my plate that day and didn't take my normal time double/triple checking to make sure all the ducks were in a row... :(. *fixed* ~ here is your post X :hug
    18. Kanga
      She gives pink a bad name along with Amy Rose. :pek Those two are annoying as fuck. I swear Kishi may have been an Amy Rose fan. :lmao

      Lili is the self proclaimed princess of Tekken. :hehee LOL, she did grate my nerves from time to time but she's an alright fighter.

      Absolutely, especially artists who draw Batman x Nightwing. :hurr
    19. Fighting Kitsune
      Fighting Kitsune
      Thanks, Kat. :hug

      You were in the Navy, too? :33 Why did you like it less than your sister, if you don't mind me asking?

      Yeah, it sucks we have to wait until the end of January for HTGAWM. But at least it opens a window to catch up on stuff and watch new shows. :)

      Same here. Hope Shonda is forever successful. :)

      Your sister is moving out of state? :uwah I'm really sorry to hear that Kat because I know you two are close. Hopefully, she'll try to call as often as possible. :sniff
    20. Fighting Kitsune
      Fighting Kitsune
      Damn, I can't believe that I was gone for so long. Fucking assignments and finals. :tomasulk I'm really sorry, Kat. :ano

      Yeah, the Carolinas are definitely nice. I recommend going to Charlotte, Chapel, and Durham in North Carolina and Charleston for South Carolina. You won't regret it. :nod Your sister was in the Navy? That's cool. Did she enjoy being in it, if you don't mind me asking? :)

      Yeah, he raped her (Viola Davis' character who's his wife). Anyway, Sam is one fucking douchebag who needs to have his nuts thrown into an active volcano. :C Glad you like HTGAWM and hope you continue watching it. :)

      Yeah, I gotta give props to Shonda for showing the world positive (or at least non-ghetto) black female characters and doesn't give a shit about upsetting the bigots. :lmao I hope I become like her one day. :33

      :rotfl That's friggin' hysterical! You and your sister have a wicked sense of humor! :rotfl
    21. Kanga
      :lmao He's pretty fast with that sword though and it's freakin hard to keep. Evil is a necessity in our line of work, you know, with being professional haters of Sakura. :maybe

      Watch her have like black wings and horns. :sag As long as the princess of Tekken is still game I'm happy.

      Love your new avie btw. :<3
    22. Selva
      Chihayafuru is one of the very few animes and mangas that makes me tear up (Tokyo Ghoul is also one of them).

      I agree with you about Naruto :lmao well, it was good at first and had potentials but somehow it all went downhill in Part 2. It wasn't helping that Sakura's fugly face was shoved down our throat in all the chapters because she's one of the main characters. She sucked out all the enjoyment from any scene she was in.

      If you're still looking for a good yaoi manga to read, I'd recommend reading anything written by Yoneda Kou. She's one of my favorite mangakas and all of her stories are gorgeous. Doushitemo Furetakunai and Saezuru Tori wa Habatakanai are particularly wonderful. Saezuru is still ongoing tho and you need to read the two prequels first to understand the story.
      They're not light hearted stories but pretty serious and very heartwarming.
    23. Black Sheep
    24. jayjay³²
      Sorry about not getting to your request and this very late update. I have gotten busy and can only allocate a small amount of time for GFX work. I spend that time on site competitions like SotW. Unfortunately, I have to decline your request due to time constrictions. I'll be reopening my thread in a few weeks after exams so you can definitely request stuff then! :)
    25. Selva
      Nah, it's not a yaoi anime xD it's from a Josei anime called Chihayafuru. It's one of my favorite and the characters there are all great (including the main female character), so give it a try. The guy in my avatar is Mashima Taichi who's just... the most loveable and gorgeous guy ever. He starts off as an extremely immature and sneaky kid but he grows up to be a very good man. I seriously love him so much :cry
      The anime will make you smile and cry and feel great and all kinds of emotions lol
    26. Kanga
      Right. That's why I like him so much along with Mokujin who reminds me of Sudowoodo. :haha

      Huh, really? Sounds interesting. I wonder what her fighting style would be like since she's rumored to have the Devil gene.
    27. Kanga
      Yoshimitsu is badass and I loved his design. My brother was waaay better at using than I was. :lmao

      Oh yosh, some of the storylines feel out of left field really.
    28. Selva
      Hey ^^
      Oh yes, his eyes are really pretty :ohyou
    29. Kanga
      Same. But I personally preferred playing Lili and Christie, although Xiaoyu was fun too.

      Thanks. I've got a Gaara fetish. :ano
    30. Kanga

      Lili Rochefort :wtf
    31. Revolution
      That's interesting. Why would it have been bad? Feel free to pm me if you'd like as a lot of people are stupid when it comes to those things if you know what I mean
    32. Seto Kaiba
      Seto Kaiba
      Oh, well thank you.
    33. Fighting Kitsune
      Fighting Kitsune
      You're welcome, Kat! :squish And I'm sososososososososososo sorry for responding to your VM weeks later. Didn't get much of a chance to be on the computer for leisure thanks to RL and assignments. :tomasulk

      You probably would like Atlanta a lot. It is called the New York of the South. You could also try Chapel Hill or Charlotte in North Carolina. From what I hear, they're nice, not overly big cities as well. :)

      I can't How To Get Away With Murder because I'm not liking what I've read about and seen of Viola Davis' character. At first I thought she's too amoral and lacks any redeemable traits, but then after I heard from my om that her husband (Viola's character's husband) raped her, I think I might give the show another chance since it explains why she's the way she is: her husband is a rapist, cheating on her and abusive.

      Yeah, that first HTGAWM episode was indeed scandalous and caused a few ruffled feather. :hehee And yes indeed, Shonda is one busy little bee. So happy for her. :)

      You call your sister, Chickenhead? :lmao How come? :lmao
    34. Sieves
      LOL tell me about it, i have 3 siblings, though they are all older, but i think i get what you mean. i remember when my sister went to an ivy league school and i was like :argh pressureeeee (for me)

      >:D they are all crazy idiots, aren't they? :lmao

      yes, spread the guilt. we are all guilty :hehee

      oh he is so set for life. i just don't think he develops his primary characters protagonist, antagonist, or otherwise, well post time skip. shame too, since they were so promising.
      do you think it's possible he dumbed his material down as time went on and the name became more lucrative? he just stopped trying, cuz he figures, they're already hooked. i mean it's true, but still, you don't have to lower quality that much :mad

      Part 3 inc :rotfl
    35. Fighting Kitsune
      Fighting Kitsune
      Hey Kat dear! :squish You have no idea how good it makes me feel that you're feeling better, you have a supportie and loving family and that I remind you of your sister. :ohpek

      Hmmm...maybe you should try a city (that isn't Los Angeles) in California, Miami or Atlanta? :hmm They're warm, and they're not overly big cities. :hmm And I'm sure and will pray that you'll get to travel to places very soon. :)

      I see that Stephen didn't come back for the new Scandal season. Dammit. :tomasulk So pissed (lol, not really). And I saw parts of How to Get Away with Murder and I think Viola Davis did a great job and looks great, but I don't know if I can watch the show. :( How about you? What did you think of the Scandal seaosn premiere and How to Get Away with Murder?

      Thanks Kat! :hug Naw, I'm usually called "Stacies" or my name in real life. The only one who calls me Candy is Rei. Wish Candy was my nickname IRL. :(
    36. Saishin
      We have not to give up :scry let's hug Foxxy-chan :hug

      I know,Naruto is dragging out to much :argh it was announced a new movie also :uwah
    37. Revolution
      Thank you for asking. I think I'm doing alright. Slowly teaching myself how to cook better (and Japanese food because I love Japanese food maybe even more then Mexican or Persian style)
    38. Saishin
      What about you? did you find a job now? :amuse

      Traumatized? why? :uwah
    39. Saishin
      I'm doing well,still looking for a job :argh well I'm watching now Samurai Flamenco,Escaflowne,Toward the Terra,Hozuki no Reitetsu,I'm reading some manga too,what about you? :buri
    40. Revolution
      meanwhile Kurama was reduced from a God Demon of Hate to an oversized tsundere plushie.

      Kurama and Karin should date. (in Kurama-human-form of course)
    41. Sieves
      Good point ambition and discipline are not entirely mutually inclusive. I like to think that not being overly ambitious is a good thing though. :P

      WOW I took forever to respond LOL I tried to stop using narutoforums all the time and I ended up cutting it out completely. It's all or nothing for me, I guess?

      I need to get in shape I'm going to start going to the gym this year. Hold me to that, please :lmao it's almost embarrassing how unfit I am lol!

      I have no idea what Kishi is thinking and he doesn't either, probably. Can't believe the series might actually be drawing to a close.
    42. Fighting Kitsune
      Fighting Kitsune
      I'm glad you're flattered. :LOS

      Wow, it sounds like you were in hell when you were in North Dakota. :( Thank God you were able to get out eventually. Did you figure you should try a warmer climate state? Or do you want to stay in the home state? :hmm

      Maybe since Columbus Short is gone, Stephen (the Scottish guy from S1) can come back?! :wtf He was a good actor and I really did like his dynamic with Olivia. :)

      Thanks, dear. :) And I'm really glad you're feeling much better and I will definitely read and respond to your PM. :) :hug
    43. Saishin
      Hello Foxxy how are you? :glomp
    44. Revolution
      So distracted by your avatar :love

      Fair enough. That's something I like about Naruto (sometimes).

      But sometimes not. For example Taka. They all have captivating backstories (minus Karin's hidden one) and instead of embracing the rich complexities that survivors of Orochimaru's experiments can embody, he tarnishes their personalities to be nothing more then comic relief dunces or handyman sidekick. At least Sakura is shown to be the hypocrite you described her to be.
    45. Ether
      Thanks for the rep. :D
    46. Fighting Kitsune
      Fighting Kitsune
      Hey, Kat the Magnificent! :glomp

      Ugh, I hate the cold, so the cold in North Dakota would've made me absolutely miserable and cussing up a storm. :lmao You have my sympathy. :Jet (Did your visit to North Dakora despite the cold?)

      I heard that Columbus Short's character might get killed off or played by a different actor. Whatever happens, he's a real idiot for bowing one of the biggest gigs of his life and a real wife-beating asshole. :arg

      You're right. I did end up fine. The holes are almost completely closed, so I don't have to worry about food getting stuck in them anymore and I can eat crunchy food again. :33 Anyway, how are you, dear? :33
    47. Revolution
      For Sakura, I like the fact that she is imperfect.

      I just hope she doesn't end up with Sasuke because it's going to be contrived as funk.
    48. Revolution
      poor Sakura. FoxxyKat doesn't like :sanninpower
    49. Fourangers
      I'll send you once I'm home ok? :ano
    50. Fighting Kitsune
      Fighting Kitsune
      You're welcome, dear. :hug

      Damn, that is really horrible. I pray that the hot Texan humidity and sun won't kill you. :( :lmao (Please accept my shitty joke. :ano)

      Jesus Christ, what is wrong with that man? :facepalm He must contracted the Dumb Arrogant Black Man Virus (DABMV). Fucking embarrassing. :facepalm

      Life's good. Just trying to adjust to having to eat soft foods since I have holes in my mouth after having my wisdom teeth pulled out. :tomasulk How about you, dear? :33
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