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Apr 3, 2007
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Aug 31, 1993 (Age: 22)

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    1. Edward Cullen
      Edward Cullen
      Also, I have no idea if I replied to your earlier message or not...
    2. Edward Cullen
      Edward Cullen
      This new update is confusing. Time to to quit this site altogether.

      BTW, Andy Murray = Wimbledon 2016 Champion? :yay
    3. Zyrax Pasha
    4. ThunderCunt
      High Wycombe is not in London, it is part of Buckhinghamshire. It takes about 30 minutes by train to get to High Wycombe. It is a sad sad town. Yeah, my apartment is pretty decent for the most part, however I don't like the hobs(convection heaters). It is not all that noisy really until unless some crazy football fans start chanting and singing after the match. It is well sound isolated for any event related noise to be frank.
      I did my MSc in Computer science from Surrey in 2010. Since then I am working.
      How is your studies going on? What are you studying?
    5. Diamond
      The way you thought it was bad when i said your such a little bitch.

      How cute. ;) Still so worried xoxo
    6. Khaleesi
      Thank you :catflower

      I'm from Kurdistan, hmm the north Iraq region to be specific.
    7. Catamount
      Let us skip all the apologies from now on :lmao
    8. KENSHlN
      It's not my favorite album of his, but I definitely love it.
      College dropout might still be my favorite.
      Or My beautiful dark twisted fantasy. ~_~
    9. Diamond
      ^_^ <3

      your such a little bitch. <3
    10. KENSHlN
      Love me some Kanye.
      One of my favorite artists.
      Are you a Raichu fan?
      Let's be friends for sure. xD
    11. wat
      F A B U L O U S
    12. martryn
      Meh. To do list keeps getting longer and I keep finding more excuses not to work on it. So life.

    13. wat
      i wouldnt die even if i was killed :mahoucat
    14. wat
      im impatient :catslam
    15. wat
      ive already tried half of those :catblush
    16. wat
      especially when i go to sleep early
      especially when im sick
      i want to go back to sleep but i can't :cattired
    17. Catamount

      I get what you mean by your story, tbh I was in such situation too and still feel kind of guilty and stupid for having such a mindset as "why would i if they would not" when thinking about a friend. Like you said, young and stupid.
      However it's not like I pick friends or anythng, it just happens on it's own. atm I am friends with the closest people for more than 5 years so it's like my circle of people around me is settled.

      but also omg you're British :catskully and lived in London! I bet you have funky English accent that would make me sexually aroused. You gotta love british accents :catdespair

      So I take it as you're in the last years of uni? My routine is changeable, so at this point I am on the crossroads. I would like to get a job with flexible schedule, the last time I worked officially was years ago and it was 6-hours working day in shifts, perfect tbh

      Procrastination sucks, but I am also so guilty of it :catface like totally fake productive. Like I made plans for today and I am already not sure if I'd follow them. I plan on do a little indoor gardening today, really missed doing it through winter.

      Split ends is my curse. Got them cut this monday but for some reason the feeling of being refreshed didn't come. Like you know usually after a haircut it feels easy and free. I guess I also gotta dye it to feel complete and satisfied, cause even if you say cutting dry ends doesn't have to be drastic, I still had like 3-5 cm cut off.
    18. Stringer
      Don't sweat it Ravs :wot

      Nah, it's really not worth the hassle. To make the situation clearer, the manager at an apartment complex I applied to offered a new job opportunity and so I made the necessary arrangements for a smooth job transition, at the last minute the aforementioned manager (grrr...) gave me a call saying that he was sorry but they had to give the position to someone in-house. Which kinda left me in an odd situation with the job I had at the time, because I couldn't just be like ''yeah so I was about to leave for a better job opportunity but since it's botched please forget that job termination''. People lose trust in you when you do stuff like that.

      So yeah, thankfully I able to find something else quickly after I completed my last days.

      I'm doing well, thank you. How 'bout you, what have you been up to?
    19. RemChu
      Busy, and was feeling pretty gloomy earlier. I went to class without eating, and forget to bring my midterm project.


      but great day overall.
      Do you still play pokemon o.o? I dont play anymore but will always love the series.
    20. martryn
      Sup, buddy! How's life treating you, oh buddy, oh pal of mine.
    21. Khaleesi
      Ohh, lmaao now that I think about it Ravina is an Indian name
      idk why I was thinking you'd be Middle Eastern. It's a very pretty name though!

      My name in the chat is lozan :catadorbs
    22. Khaleesi
      Hello :catadorbs

      Do you mind if I ask where you're from? I noticed your name in the Skype convo just now and got curious
    23. wat
      Added :supercat
    24. wat
      Hey efflorescence
      Is that what ur name is supposed to say
      I meant to ask but idk :catprone
      oh my glob, das cute
      believe it or not I'm still sick
      i think it's an epidemic
      some Cold or flu virus mutated

      also lmao how did u come across it
      did u read the whole thread
      one of my highest moments on NF TBH :catsweat

      do u have skype btw?
      maybe we can improve on these week long responses :haha
    25. Zyrax Pasha
      Zyrax Pasha
      Nothing much
      Took my dog for a walk
    26. RemChu
      Hello, nice to meet you ^ ^
    27. Vivo Diez
      Vivo Diez
      Might go to Japan to culturally enrich the Japanese women.

      Don't have a favorite, but have been listening to Salad Days and Beware for a while now.

      How bout u?
    28. Kusa
      Thanks for believing in me :skysun
    29. Val
      Haha where do you live? It's still cold here! Today's the first day with sunshine after 3 days of cloudy skies and cold flurries. It was freezing. And today it's still chilly!

      I am wonderful! I've just been working, I celebrated my birthday, went back to work (alas) and now I have the day off tomorrow, which is grand. What about you?

      Ohhh that's hard. I LOVE Mac lipsticks but sometimes they get expensive. I wear a lot of NYX, they sell a lot of really good quality lipsticks for cheap. And I own so many lipstick brands from Covergirl to Chanel.

      I've been obsessed with Gerard cosmetic lipsticks, you can only buy their stuff online but their lipstick line is so glamorous :catcry
    30. Stringer
      Yeppers, had to hustle a bit. Somehow managed to lose my job lol

      Sketchy stuff but nothing I couldn't handle. I'm starting a new position in two weeks so all is good. :genma
    31. ThunderCunt
      I am living near wembley park very close to the stadium. Thankfully the building is not too noisy.
      I work in High Wycombe, so it is a train ride away from wembley stadium station. I don't live in high wycombe for the same reason, it will be extremely boring. I work as an engineer.
      Well, I have to visit Bournemouth sometimes to know for sure. But I know uni towns very well, before London I lived in Guildford when I was doing my masters.
    32. Stringer
      Damn sorry Ravi it's been a hectic couple of days :wot

      Will get back to you very soon~
    33. wat
      I have a lot of friends on NF. Trinity is probably my 'closest' :cat

      I was working in security.

      I am really big into psychology and all things mental, tbh. :catthinks
    34. Zyrax Pasha
      Zyrax Pasha
      I am fine
      How about you?
    35. Nello
      I'm just borrowing it from Shiny :catblush
    36. Catamount
      pls gimme some time
      i have eye issues atm
      hurts to type/to write for too long

      it'll be our real correspondence
      real letters
    37. Diamond
      This is definately 1 of your more 1 sided conversations on here right?
      Regardless your a cutiepie, so shy towards me.
      But nothing Marcuspie can't fix. <3
    38. wat
      np np

      we will have the most successful delayed correspondence of all time :catsweat

      productive procrastinating :catskully

      if only :catprone

      who are your close friends on NF? :mako

      it is important! idk i guess its my life philosophy, i kinda just see it all as a big joke/game which makes it hard for me to really depress myself with, though i went through many years of my life feeling deeply down

      to an extent i guess i probably still am but relative to my past self i can safely say im not as bad as i used to be, but no i wouldnt call myself a positive person haha

      but i try to be!
      and i try to find people who try to be

      and ahhhhhhh unfortunately im jobless at the moment which is really rough but i had to quit my old job to be my mother's caretaker for four months after she had a transplant surgery

      my weekend otherwise was very relaxing and nice to be recovering lol, i go to class today, im a psych major :catroll
    39. Zyrax Pasha
    40. Setoshi
      Dean is the best. Dean is life. :caticon
    41. Val
      You're very welcome :3

      Thank you! I love wearing lipstick. Probably my #1 makeup necessity :catblush

      I am doing well! How are you?
    42. wat
      Glad to see we're on the same page. ;33
      Either way have a great weekend!
    43. Catamount

      weekend so I can reply properly

      I feel you on that socializing moment that you may like the person loads but still never reply. I am like that too. due to this different unpleasant situations happened, but also this is how we are so everyone can fuck off if to care for us they need constant words. like, speaking is not communication. it's a bit more complicated.

      where you busy with something nice?
      for me atm it's just routine, nothing special, nothing bad, tho at times you hear so much bad stuff around you that you start thinking that you're the next on the list.

      I wanted it very dark, but I am growing bored with the idea already. I need to get my hair cut but tbh I don't want anything. not like I don't know what I want, but I want nothing. weird, eh?
    44. Edward Cullen
      Edward Cullen
      Yep, EPL to be exact. I take it you're a fan of another team? : O I still have a bad feeling Leicester is gonna screw this up... ;____;
      Of course, it's Castiel. Who else would it be? There can be no other. :catskully
      One of the middle seasons are kinda boring. I feel like that happens a lot with CW shows. The middle seasons of Smallville were so bad... :D:
    45. wat
      Oh god sorry about my delayed response, I am quite scatterbrained. :catsweat

      A lurker, eh? :catippy

      How many friends do you have from NF?

      I'm glad I make you laugh, I enjoy making people laugh because I think that is the greatest profit-margin one can have for producing ephemeral joy for their world to consume with minimal entropy. :skysun

      But really, I absolutely empathize and mirror your thoughts regarding preconceived notions and superficiality.

      I am feeling a lot better now but believe it or not I still have a little bit of a cold. I don't know what that was but it was quite nasty, thankfully I'm not working at the moment but at the same time not working at the moment is proving to be quite inconvenient. :catghost

      I hope the rest of your week went well and that you will have a fun weekend, you seem like a very positive person and I can definitely admire those who stay strong against the eroding tide of life and all the bullshit it throws at you. :catsalute
    46. Stringer
      Oh that would be rad ! To converse in french with you I mean. Actually looking forward to see the gradual progress you make as you become fluent.

      haha glad you found that pleasant. Yeah I kinda speak fast in french, :catskully might be a good idea to slow the flow rate a bit to make it easy on you. In the last part of that recording I asked what you did today (in the present tense) "[...] Et toi, tu fais quoi?". And the translation you did is correct. :wink The accent challenge? I've actually never done that before, why do I have the feeling that I might regret this lol. You bet, I'll teach you all kinds of dirty French words, let's first start with how to say you finger yourself in French: "Je me doigte". Another one is "Tu m'excite", which means you turn me on. The floor is now your's mademoiselle, tell me what else you would like to know.

      Wow that's a very big family tree, how many brothers and sisters do you personally have? As for me I haven't gone back once since I came to Canada, mostly for the same reasons. I'm thinking about maybe booking a trip there around July next year. Starting to miss it a lot.

      Respect, she sounds fierce, I pity anyone that would mess with that lady. :catsweat

      Them goals fam. :skysun Let's keep working hard and most importantly smart, we will inevitably make it to the top.

      Same as you, my mom gave me that one as well. Don’t know why she added 'boul' at the end, it has no actual meaning but she uses it as a term of endearment I think.

      J'adore bouffer les pommes de terres, et les patates douce aussi... c'est tellement bon ! And speaking of seafood, I luv me some shrimps and grilled octopus. What are your faves? Nice, if heavens would be so kind, it would be a pleasure to taste your food. :caticon Yep, trial and error, we learn and improve the hard way in the kitchen ! Stay safe in there tho lol

      Well, know that I would welcome you with open arms :tomato
    47. Vivo Diez
      Vivo Diez
      The areas around uni aren't bad. City itself is pretty shit, not a lot to do, mostly fast food places, restaurants, a few clubs. Gotta go to Leeds for a good time :catboogie

      Bournemouth? Nice, that's like a resort isn't it? Holiday everyday :caticon?

      I'm finishing computer science degree this year and sorting my life out innit :supercat
    48. Vivo Diez
      Vivo Diez
      Bradford, also known as Bradistan, also known as Curryland.

      Looking into where to move after graduation


      If I liked grime I'd move to London maybe
    49. Vivo Diez
      Vivo Diez
      Kanye's music represents where he is at life. He started out with sort of regular, polished music that called back to jazzy roots of hip hop. Now as he's getting crazier, so is his music. Yeezus was dark as fuck :catboogie

      I really like that Skepta song. Ye, the accents don't help, but living in UK for a few years helped me train my ear to understand the bing bong language of UK :catroll
    50. Stringer
      Holy shit fam... the english accent when you speak french is hot as fuck. :umaruwink

      Your vocal cords contain a very dangerous weapon that must be used with extreme care. And don't under sell yourself, you actually said that sentence very well. Safe to say the class you took 5 years ago wasn't a waste, the base's still there. Now it's a matter of fine-tuning what is already there, and I'm happy to oblige. Also, to answer your question: X (it was too tempting to call you Ravioli when I started to record the tape, it was spontaneous I swear !). Oh I see, thanks. Have you ever went to see the family you have left back in India?

      Ravina Bond, eh? I like the sound of that. :hurr To be frank when I was a kid I didn't really place much thought on the type of dream job I would like to pursue in my adulthood, I was very carefree and joly. It's only in my teenage years that I started to form an idea of what it is I wanted. :amuse Which was to be my own boss eventually. lol sorry to disappoint.

      That's okay, no pressure. :wink

      Thank you, it's short for Christopher. But people around me either call me chris, Risto or Ristoboul. The last two ones are mostly used by family members tho. Who surnamed you Ravioli? :lmao

      That's awesome, I welcome any info involving other people's experience with the process of opening a business. I wish your father good luck~

      Now I see why "poulet" was the first word that popped in your mind :lmao, must be those mean Indian chicken recipes. :LOS I'll eat those dish first then. Superb, I luuuve spicy food~ It's hard to explain how Congolese food tastes like, but there's a lot of vegetables, fish and whatnot. I feel it can be appreciated to its true value if done by a decent cook. Yep, I'm actually a pretty good cook, runs in the family. We have our grandmother to thank for that. lol sometimes my mother tells me that she feels bad for the chick I'd marry because my cooking skills kinda make me a tough critic, but that's just lies, I ain't that hard to please. :pek How about you?

      Haha alright noted, will try to doodle you something in the coming week.
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