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Dragonus Nesha
Last Activity:
Oct 20, 2016 at 12:44 PM
Sep 9, 2007
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Feb 12, 1989 (Age: 27)

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Dragonus Nesha

Le Rouquin, 27

Super Moderator
Dragonus Nesha was last seen:
Oct 20, 2016 at 12:44 PM
    1. geeknerd22ducks
      I've found another super moderator.
    2. (510)THIZZ
      A sexy girl with a unique style and is very good with her tongue.

    3. (510)THIZZ
      Been tripping off this for years, are you male or female?
    4. Finalbeta
      Hi :)
      It's just I'm not native Language, and I have troubles in making long posts
      I'll keep the advice in anycase
    5. Palm Siberia
      Palm Siberia
      Oh thanks for letting me know.
    6. Banhammer
      how come you're editing my posts?

      Not that I object or don't appreciate any favors, but I have no idea what you're cutting out by the time I come back
    7. Crane
      This Ganta guy lives for trolling. I don't suppose I'm the only one tired of him, granted he's one of your translators but he goes up calling Organic Dinosaur, "Organic Megazord". Might I ask you to edit it before things get ugly.

    8. Ganta
      Darn it Elrond, Its my Birthday. Ease up hon.
    9. PikaCheeka
      Retired, eh?
    10. Ganta
      The heck is up with your forum's parsing mojo. X
      Spun my jp text to Klingon :wat
    11. demonjester55
      thts np thnk u for confirming tht to me i wont upload them again.
    12. demonjester55
      i realized tht u have deleted my more recent thread on the digital color volumes. Next time please inform me tht u r goin to delete something before hand and wht the reason is behind it.
    13. demonjester55
      i don't mean to come of rude here man but it's been a few days already since u contacted me about the thread and i still don't know the reason why it was taken dwn. i know u sayed ur checkin on it and to bare wth u but it would be nice to know the reasons behind this and how much longer is it gonna take.
    14. demonjester55
      oh thts ok i thought it was deleted cause i was uploading them volumes. i hope im not in trouble am i.
    15. AumaanAnubis
      Ganta's trying to teach you derrty things:lmao . Do not open below link, If I'm not too late.
    16. Ganta
      I know you didn't have a hand in this but

      Under what rule: X
    17. Stannis
      thank you for your concern about my posts' sensibility but please don't do it again

      hell the only reason i quoted that post was just so that the picture can still be there for other people to see when the dupe's post get deleted
    18. Stannis
      hey faggot why did you delete my post?
    19. Ganta
      Oh seen. Cheers man.

      How u been though, Elrond?
    20. heartsutra
      Totally forgot senpai can't access my VM wall as an advisor if I don't grant access. Doh. Fixing this.
    21. Rinoa
      Nesha you have watching Scream?
      I watched the season finale today.
    22. heartsutra
    23. Coldelia
      I see a Nesha in my visitor's list.


      D-Did I do something wrong? u_u
    24. Raiden
      yo u dead?
    25. Kung Pow
      Kung Pow
      If you would.
    26. Shadow050

      just letting you know databook 3 jutsu m-k's link is broken.

      directions said to let an admin know...
    27. Weiss

      this guys sig is over 1 MB :)
    28. Punished Pathos
      Punished Pathos
      Why aren't you Super Mod anymore? :sniff
    29. Cryorex
      Hi, could you please change how the Title looks in Konoha Library for this thread:
      To this:
      "Naruto's Mode in the Gaiden"
    30. Freechoice
      Dragonus motherfucker Nesha
    31. BlinkST
      Administrator emeritus, huh?:cat

      We're not gonna miss you.:catwalk
    32. Seelentau
      Ooooh, the fanbooks. Okay, that does explain it. Would've surprised me if I missed any publication like that^^ Thanks a lot :)
    33. Seelentau
      Since you're updating the databook collection thread, could you tell me what this and this is? And which of those two mini databooks are they talking about here? I know it's all very old, but since you were around back then, maybe you remember?
    34. Seiji
      X I want to post in that thread but you trashed it. I couldn't find any old thread and you didn't bother to link it either. Can you help me find it
    35. John Connor
    36. Punished Pathos
      Punished Pathos
      Why did you visit my profile? :hmm
    37. Za Fuuru
      Za Fuuru
      What's the problem? Where is my thread?
    38. Stan Lee
      Stan Lee

      Called it.:lmao
    39. Coldelia
      Should we reuse this as the KT's header? It can stay up there regardless of what happens to the section.
    40. Raniero
      :lmao You mods need to learn how not to be such tightasses. A forum is for openly expressing your opinion over the internet, not suppressing them.

      Fine then. Though I have doubts about that since I saw people who baited worse than me still posting.
    41. Raniero
      Semantics. A week ban over minor baiting like that? That's excessive. Is this a third world country where free speech isn't allowed or a fucking forum? :lmao

      Okay, so I'm guessing I'm correct in assuming all those other people that were baiting in that thread weren't banned?
    42. Raniero
      So why the hell was I banned for over a week from the Konoha Telegrams? :geg

      You couldn't even bother to give a damn reason.
    43. Uchisians
      I didn't know sorry. ^^
    44. thechickensage
      Ah hey I just spent some time on a funny reply to the translation request that Turrin had already done:

      this is what I was going to post, I think it's worth it! Can you reopen the thread?

      Thread: X

      and this is the picture i made for him lol
    45. Zensuki
      Why is my signature not showing anymore. I've changed it btw.
    46. Luiz
      Nevermind Vaatu, already got that clarified. :catwave
    47. Luiz
      Were you the one who just deleted my post?
    48. BlinkST
      No, I just post on your page for the hell of it.

      Never mind.:lmao
    49. BlinkST
      [LINKHL]4320[/LINKHL]" rel="nofollow" class="externalLink" target="_blank">https://snjfyq-sn3302.files.1drv.com/y2pMgHPtBC5P6wgl4hHNipPbEQOLgzKTD4ze85r0-8djsSVuBwbcRlCm5IKnl5J5D0m_yJrB1ZjEMhViD6mwrXGaKk0xo-TGWK8UqrITmS9-N3G3kvqpRrGB_QQ0CJ-vOTil7LETR9ty9aj6wkr5MWFSzpnCdIssNxvvfsCiGWy3nI/Screen%20Shot%202015-06-12%20at%2012.02.20%20PM.png?psid=1[/img]

      [LINKHL]4321[/LINKHL]" rel="nofollow" class="externalLink" target="_blank">https://dpkwna-sn3302.files.1drv.com/y2pue69dp4V2EP7NTc0N_s-PGU-kipCq_O9eT50EcH3iuUFuI1UFaZsaTYH7jG19KqtPnN5sGrbTlMzxIQ4gQRtogkPkzJAjyYHKsYnVQmJBZ-EdKuNP17iTjlG9KlmjdQ2X_A-H_Hh1NKu1ePcYRwm8A/kobethisshthere.png?psid=1[/img]
    50. -Ziltoid-
      Eh? Well, okay, but I wore that same avatar after the first gaiden chapter too. Its an old pic, although I suppose it is a spoiler now that that joke actually came true :hm
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    Feb 12, 1989 (Age: 27)
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