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Nov 30, 2016
Apr 12, 2007
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Just a fan, from Home

DookieMonster was last seen:
Nov 30, 2016
    1. Mist Puppet
      Mist Puppet
      Oh, I just moved all the old amalgam stuff to the archives.
    2. Mist Puppet
      Mist Puppet
      Hey dookie, your team is 2 points over the limit. Which 2 pointer do you want to drop?
    3. LovePeaceandHope
      Sorry, I didn't see it till pretty late(work starts pretty early for me). So I didn't get much time to look it over.
      But for what its worth it was a close match.
    4. SinRaven
      Your TT3 second match has started

    5. SinRaven
      Your TT3 match has ended, you won.


      Well done, see you in round 2 :)
    6. Juvia.
      I didn't put an official vote forward yet, only AF did and he never changes his mind so lol.

      I know one more person will vote, i'll vote after him.
    7. Juvia.
      I'm going to wait till a better voter than me votes so i can see how they think, i normally misjudge things :).
    8. SinRaven
      Your Trial Tournament 3 match has started

    9. Big Mom
      Big Mom

      Please vote in both
    10. Big Mom
      Big Mom

      Please vote
    11. Vagrant Tom
      Vagrant Tom
      Good game dude, I really enjoyed it. I honestly though you had me for a bit. I was always a bit unsure how Gai turtle jumping up at you was goign to work out.
    12. Big Mom
      Big Mom
      Please vote in the tier list discussion thread again. (Vote to add smiley!!!)
    13. Vagrant Tom
      Vagrant Tom
      Rockin' match so far.

      No Orochimaru's, not dumb survival stuff. Just blowing each other up. I like.
    14. Big Mom
      Big Mom
      So what do you think you could have/should have done different in your match, even though it was extremely close? PM me your answer.
    15. Big Mom
      Big Mom
      Are you game?
    16. Big Mom
      Big Mom
      You are up to be interviewed tomorrow right? After 2:30 PM EST.
    17. Big Mom
      Big Mom
      Dont forget to claim your prize for winning last tournament
    18. Big Mom
      Big Mom
    19. Silver
    20. Big Mom
      Big Mom
      Congrats on your win! I hope to see you in the Trial Tournament!
    21. Mist Puppet
      Mist Puppet
      ayo, you wanted Tousen's price dropped?

      Thread's up, so let's hear it
    22. kratos184
      Yo you should vote in the semis match between me and faffles in DBF section!
    23. Immortal
      Come check out my match ;) <3
    24. Raid3r2010
      Fucking retard.Hope you die in a fire piece of shit.
    25. RemChu
      vote please http://www.narutoforums.com/showthread.php?t=869478
    26. Kakashi Hatake
      Kakashi Hatake
      Come look at my match
    27. Darth
      Don't forget to post your strat!
    28. Immortal
      Come look at my match buddy.
    29. RemChu
      no problem, didn't want to be one of those assholes who tries to tie a match on purpose ~_~
    30. Sahyks
      Oh...the trade log was posted...yeah I did trade kido for sai.
    31. Sahyks
      If you mean Kidomaru then your wrong!

      edit: I don't even know what I just said, but howwwwww? :cry
    32. Big Mom
      Big Mom
      Okay, but please add Shiki to the discussion.
    33. Big Mom
      Big Mom
      Wait, why me?
    34. Big Mom
      Big Mom
      Can you add "Shiki" to the character discussion list. Even if he won't get in or you don't want him, you have to be impartial and respect me and Bane's opinions. And everyone agreed to put it to a vote.
    35. Sanbi
    36. Sanbi
      Please vote Dookie! We need activity!
    37. BluesQueen
    38. Sanbi
      I'll be back on Friday.
    39. Immortal
      Well, it ends in like 2.5 hours so if you're gonna, please do so soon :)
    40. Immortal
      Come vote in my match DM?
    41. Sanbi
      Since Oz is going to get banned to death for being overpowered, I'll take Jinbe. :tomato
    42. Sanbi
      You do realize one of us was supposed to pick a solo character right? It's fine I'll use one.
    43. Sanbi
      Here's mine, just try not to counter it.

      Playground Brawl
      Lucci's Body - 20
      Pika Pika no Mi - 30
      Gora Gora no Mi - 30
      Priest Level Mantra - 15
      Ussop's Sniping Ability - 5

      Minotauros' Body - 20
      Suna Suna no Mi - 20
      Mogu Mogu no Mi - 10

      Magellan's Body - 20
      Doku Doku no Mi - 30
    44. Sanbi
      I've got my team, if you're ready :whitebeard. You can make the powerhouse team. I've got multiple chars.
    45. Sanbi
      We'll just stick to the last Amalgam's tier list, so all Pre TS bodies.

      Lots of cool new abilities for next amalgam, but I don't want to independently price things just so we can use them now. Save the pricing for later.
    46. Sanbi
      Sweet. I'll be leaving Monday, so I'll try to post it soon. I'll use the two character team.

      Use the Amalgam Tier List for reference.
    47. Sanbi
      Hey want to do a practice Amzalgam match with me using the new idea? If you use more then one character, you get to spend 200 points instead of 150 but a maximum of 100 per character. Basically so solo chars don't dominate.
    48. Dr. Leonard Church
      Dr. Leonard Church
      Don't mean to be rude, but I'm fairly certain you misread my strat. And Blackbeard's Ability List.
    49. Kuya
      Sent a quick rebuttal in regards to your thoughts on Hakoku, thanks for voting either way.
    50. BluesQueen
      IRC is the easiest.
      Go to that site.
      Enter a nick.
      Enter #bestcoastblues for the channel name.
      And hit the enter key.

      Also, thank you a ton for voting for me.
      It means a lot to me.
      And I promise I will do everything in my power to help the inevitable.
      Our victory is assured, comrade!
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