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Dec 5, 2016
Apr 19, 2006
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Sep 21, 1990 (Age: 26)
im in your new york, dreaming your jamesy

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ヽ(;▽;)ノ, Female, 26, from im in your new york, dreaming your jamesy

Darkhope was last seen:
Dec 5, 2016
    1. Hinata_Rules
      Happy Birthday!
    2. jayjay³²
      (͡e ͜ʖ ͡e)
    3. Zyrax Pasha
      Zyrax Pasha
      I see you changed your set
    4. Zyrax Pasha
    5. GrandLordAtos
      Thanks so much, Darkhope. I think just linking the entries will be good enough till we start a new thread. Let's hope we get a big turnout! :)
    6. GrandLordAtos
      Okay! I figured something like that would be an issue - character limits on these posts need to go up a bit, I swear. I would say a link might be feasible for now. If nothing, we can just guarantee a spot the next time the fanclub starts a new thread. Perhaps there is something the mods can do to help, even, by inserting one of your posts to the front page?

      Thanks so much, Darkhope. <3 You are a credit to our people! :>
    7. GrandLordAtos
      Hey DarkHope! :) Think by any chance we can make one of the prizes for the new contest be that all entries are featured on the front page of the FC until the next contest? Via links and stuff, of course. I feel this will give incentive to people who are iffy about joining due to some of the heavy hitters that have expressed interest (Majin Lu being one).
    8. Sword Sage
      Sword Sage
      When you meet Kishimoto, please ask him one question:

      Was he really loving with this Uchiha being the center of the story? I hated how it never given the chance to explore about Naruto's Uzumaki clan or any attention despite being the main character.
    9. Otaku Shrink
      Otaku Shrink
      "They. fucking. Lived. Together."

    10. CHEH
      oh but i did tell you i liked them when you asked if we were into anything else, but i think everyone was too excited about the naruhina movie about to begin. Yes, Gruvia appealed to me after Juvia joined Fairytail and Laxus made everyone fight each other.
    11. Grimzilla
      Have no fear, Gray's just undercover or Juvia's gonna snap him outta this
    12. Zyrax Pasha
      Zyrax Pasha
      Inorite :catwalk
    13. CHEH
      I see you giving those gruvia spoilers girl, i gagged i secretly love that couple too.
    14. Zyrax Pasha
      Zyrax Pasha
      Nice set :cat .
    15. Zyrax Pasha
      Zyrax Pasha
      Hello :ignoramus
    16. darkdreamerx
      ...........I'm alive.
    17. Sennin of Hardwork
      Sennin of Hardwork
      Ah thats right we were discussing about that! :O I wasn't careful with how I organize myself. :doh The part with the videos is gonna be a bit difficult as I tried that. I think I found some more. Is it okay if within the week I PM you back that PM to pick it up? To show the things I got since then. :)

      I say the same to you! All these years made things progress for the best. Some things never waver. :33
    18. Eriko
      No need to apologize! The things you've been dealing with are way more important than logging on here. Take your time replying. I'm in no hurry! I just wanted to make sure you saw the Kobayashi thing. (Kyozuka's commentary is next after I finish the thing from Retsu no Sho I'm doing.)

      Lol, yes, the truth was obvious. And actually when I saw RTN, the idea of it being a NaruSaku movie never even crossed my mind. I saw arguments about this after having watched it, and I was like, "um, what? How?" Lol.
    19. Mahri
      Yup! Because you're the NH FC's queen :skysun
    20. OrganicDinosaur
      Oh hello~ I think you had requested this translation over in the movie thread about a part where anti-fans were tinkering with one of Junko's interview responses.

      I have done it [Here] including takL's comments on it~ If you have questions about the transcription or interpretation from my perspective, let me know~ It is quite different from the one someone sent me from tumblr.

      Also, I made a comprehensive chronological list of all the Kishi interviews since the series ended on Reddit [Here]

      I will probably update there if I have more translations if you miss them from the movie thread~

      Thank you again for scanning the black movie booklet~!! :3
    21. Eriko
      Don't know if you've seen it, but Kobayashi's commentary is translated in full. :)
    22. minniehyunnie
      It is green~ :lmao Thanks again~! :sweatdrop
    23. Eriko
      It went through! Thanks for making sure!
    24. minniehyunnie
      Thanks for the rep!~ :)
    25. Bender
      Happy new years DH :occa :occa :occa
    26. Mahri
      Happy New Year, Darkhope-sama! :nod
    27. Edward Cullen
      Edward Cullen
      Sorry, IDK how I ended up writing felt instead of left... DX I meant I left the NH FC like... 2011ish? Uh, I think I just lost most of my interest when Dark Naruto showed up. It didn't really come back until I heard the manga was almost ending and I wanted to see how it ends. I can't believe the war lasted only about 24 hours yet was 200 chapters. That's DBZ level slow...

      Yeah, I have a great memory. I remember everything. :catsupine Too bad it's mostly things that won't be useful again that I remember... :catsad You punk. I have to carefully consider my next two name changes while you only have to talk to a mod? :catflip

      Part 2 of the anime. I can't remember where I left off but it was really early. I don't think it was too long after the Kazekage retrieval arc. Maybe it was during that... I predicted there would be a part 3 because of the rushed ending. :hurr
    28. Edward Cullen
      Edward Cullen
      Happy New Year's. :occa

    29. Edward Cullen
      Edward Cullen
      It seemed funny to me. I guess it was epic fail for you. :(

      I was that until mid 2012, I think? :noworries Yeah, I felt for a bit. That was when I just lost complete interest in Naruto though, not that I disliked NH itself. I mean... I just didn't read/watch Naruto for close to 2 years. I decided to catch up on it when I heard it was ending about 1.5 years ago. I guess I'm glad I did... : O That's 4 right there... :mad Did they change rules about the limit or something? Wait... weren't you Dorkpie for a bit? I think that was the name of yours I remembered... : O

      Do you think part 2 is worth watching...? :geg
    30. Edward Cullen
      Edward Cullen
      I always accept. I have abandoned the curse of hatred and embraced the will of fire. :skysun

      I see. How many name changes did you go through? I mean, don't we all only have 3? @__@ I used one up. I used to be King Lloyd. : O Why Darkhope btw? It sounds... contradicting. XD
    31. Edward Cullen
      Edward Cullen
      You have pending friend requests from Darkhope.

      Alright, I'll bite. :>

      Happy New Year to you too. :yay

      It seems we knew each other a while back. Name change? : O
    32. santanico
      I still can't believe we caught them talking shit :rofl
    33. Edward Cullen
      Edward Cullen
      Merry Christmas. :kloff

    34. Eriko
      Quick note to say don't worry about scanning the guidebook! I got my copy today, so you can ignore that part of the pm^^;
    35. santanico
      holy shit Rie, holy shit. I'll PM the rest
    36. Mai♥
      Yes I did, I thought I was stuck with it when I had made it, but figured out how to change it finally ^^ its ruushii-chan.tumblr.com now :)
    37. Mai♥
      I just seen your rep, thank you :) and so are you!
    38. basedadtos
      Querido Zucco,

      la ciudad de Cristal de Auster... un hervidero de razas y culturas... como el Brooklin de "Brooklin Follies", de este autor...
      Te imagino caminado por todos estos lares que me cuentas y los anoto con cari?o, para ver si alg?n d?a aparezco y piense en tus peregrinajes...
      Un abrazo.
    39. ch1p
      How many years did we mock the NS fans for believing Sakura was confused about her feelings? How many years did we mock NS fans for believing Sakura didn't know the nature of her feelings? How many years did we mock NS fans for believing anime fillers trump canon development. How many... well months, did we mock NS fans for believing that Hinata would realise the truth for her feelings for Naruto under a Genjutsu, and how many... days we mocked NS fans for believing that Sakura would realise her feelings under Sasuke's genjutsu. How many years did we mock NS fans for believing that Sakura would need an army of cupids to help her realise her feelings. How many years did we mock NS fans for believing that a timeskip would solve all problems. How many years did we mock NS fans for saying Hinata won't confront him anymore. How many years did we mock NS fans... FOR FUCK'S SAKE I COULD GO ON AND ON AND ON.

      And now so much that we mocked them for is biting you in the arse and you can't even see it. I feel like a filfthy hypocrite every time I see anyone defending this tragedy. Obviously Im not goign to say this out in the open but FOR FUCK'S SAKE, HOW CAN YOU NOT SEE THE PROBLEMS I HAVE WITH THIS ARE PERFECTLY LEGITIMATE.
    40. Sword Sage
      Sword Sage
      Can you if you can ask the girl who posted spoilers had a teaser shown of naruhina combo attack in the movie I heard there was.
    41. Veggie
      I thought we were friends Darkhope chan, and yet you hurt me like this :catsob
    42. Veggie
      Yeah and it was awful how every girl got down graded to house wife :ippy

      Sakura is a fool for forgiving that jerk Sasuke :pek
    43. Mvp
      Thanks! We won the war :ohyou
    44. Axl Low
      Axl Low
      k win the lotto and give me 2 million
      then i can afford to
    45. Axl Low
      Axl Low
      Yes T___T
    46. Mvp
      Can I use your set? It's prefect..
    47. Axl Low
      Axl Low
      yeah T____T
    48. Axl Low
      Axl Low
      Working 2 jobs
    49. Axl Low
      Axl Low
    50. Axl Low
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    Sep 21, 1990 (Age: 26)
    im in your new york, dreaming your jamesy
    Favorite Character(s):
    Naruto, Sasuke, and Hinata
    I like anime, and sports. My friends are my life.

    NF, internets, food, sleep, video games, friends, and treybutt <3



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    Hinata... I love you.
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