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Jun 29, 2015
Sep 27, 2004
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Jan 1, 1902 (Age: 115)

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inactive - most of the time, 115

Crowe was last seen:
Jun 29, 2015
    1. Munken
      hur kom jag in i det hela :lmao
    2. Arwenchan


      Nope, har ikke det. Føler ikke helt for å være en showoff:P blir for dumt, men kanskje en gang i framtiden
    3. Arwenchan
      scary inorite? LOL, it was the only picture i had without seeming some insane webcam effect.

      WHAT? NOOOOOOO, THATS NOT TRUE. I just to a break to get into real life
    4. Arwenchan
      D: thay SUCKS. oh where is the love for being a senior member D:
    5. Arwenchan
      D: D: D: D:

      how about sparkles 8D?
    6. Arwenchan
    7. Arwenchan
      i wanna be a crown too D:
    8. pfft
    9. pfft
      I am too slow now! well I never! Probably why I forgo the spacing and the spaces n shit.
      OK thats a lie.. I dont know what happens to me when I get slow.

      I don't think YOU personally get to that get to know you stage. I sometimes do a little bit, but not really. Not as much as I could on NF.

      However in your case I can see why, since you get so many people who want to ass lick or just talk to an admin. I sort of waited quite a long while to approach you, because I figured if I didn't wait. I would just be another random fucking faggot noob who you'd forget shortly after vming me.

      So I have been patient with you, taken my time, no expectations, in essence I am the perfect vm lover for you. Since I am not expecting essential one on one pek time all day every day. Which might sound a little sad now that I've typed it and read what I just typed.

      It's like Drama from Entourage, when he says he orders weird drinks from Ari's secretary so he will be remembered by her. DO you watch that show? I think you have or do, but I really cannot remember. I will assume you do since you talk to Ram.

      Anyways what I mean is, I don't just want to engage you because you are an admin. I want to engage you because you are you. :tear
      I know I just made your heart fill up with that statement. I do that sometimes. :datass

    10. pfft
      Fine.. *sigh* i will make an attempt to sound civil. After all you are an admin.

      LOL a comparison to your mom so early on! I am touched! might be the greatest unintentional compliment you have ever given me.

      For some reason I was under the impression all males, especially all caucasian males had ass hair. Then you said, " but I'll start growing for you" which seems to imply that you just shave or trim them? :tomato
      Damn straight you can use my hairs to be transplanted onto your ass hole. Screw little bald kids with cancer! I want to help men be manly with the ever lacking hairy anus market.

      So basically, you are just telling me that you stay silent on purpose? You aren't winning any points on your sex card score sheet mister! I only wish all the poor souls you've taken to your bedside felt as if they pleased you. :sniff However I would never want you to go so far in your moan methodology as to overtly embellish.

      Haha, I actually talked to Freija on msn prior to ever having done so on NF. Awhile back shortly after he had come back from his vacation last summer I was forced :hurr into a convo with him and Cax. After that he added me as a friend or I added him and then we started talking.
      You will find that the same is true of me and Kinje. I have talked to Kinje first on msn before ever engaging him on nf.

      Whoa I never thought you would be a vegetarian. Are you serious? Cuz you seem like a guy who hulks out and swallows steaks whole when drunk enough. I've actually been interested in vegetarian food, but very slightly.
      What do you think of raw vegan eaters?
    11. pfft
      I can view if I like. :tomapek

      I think you should stop viewing others while they view profiles.
    12. pfft
      ok he uses me a little bit.. :sniff
      that skank.. he is always like pfft take me again.. go again.. i am not finished etc. So I recluctantly whip out my hot veiny goodness. *sigh* and then we go on for 20 min or so till the magic happens.
    13. pfft
      I knew you liked it when I did that thing back there with your ass hairs! It was easily readable with moans like that. NOONE can fake that sort of passion. If you did, you are really talented. Honestly, tomapfft wouldn't necessarily be named after me as much as it would be a representation of the tomato smiley showing sarcastic disagreement. However it would be kinda cool if you could mention it in the highlights.. mmm that sounds appropriate. Very fitting indeed.
      LOL freija uses me! :lmao no no no, I use him.
      If I could put away my e-cock I would but alas.. its ripped through any semblance of an e-gina I had. Now I just randomly run about penetrating anuses all over NF.
      BUT I know you are special... thats why I am gentle with you, inserting finger with lube made from raw eggs.
      I dont need you stitched up, because I will fill you with my sweet sweet love nectar, you can show me yours. It will be like that game you used to play with your little neighbor friend as a child. Where he would show you his wee wee and then you would show yours, then the touching would begin. Soon after though your mom would find you both in your closet doing stuff to one another and then you would never be allowed to play with your friend again. :sniff
    14. pfft
      :lmao thats true.. I do not asslick cocksuck well enough. BUT I will relent on this battle pek, however I am never going to give up on my dreams! NF needs :tomapfft like a baby needs a clean diaper.
      I know somewhere out there a little boy or girl on nf is gonna wear your avatar one day.
      it brings a tear to my eye :tomacry
      I know I've never truly showed my appreciation to you mr admin sir. However my balls are only blue for you. Well, ok there is the admin Blue too I guess, if I had to think about it. However he is not as active as you are so I do not need to take my viagra pills that often.
      I would never want people to angrily pm you on my behalf. It would break my heart.
    15. pfft
      LOL thats too bad, I could have showcased it to the world! THE WORLD!
      anyone who asked me; So where did you get 150 x 200 ava privilege from? and I would enthusiastically reply: I TOOK A CHANCE ON A MAN AND THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED!
      and then when they say, wtf do you mean? did he have a deformed dick or something? is that why the girl in your ava is so sad?
      to which I will then reply: she is so sad because she was made for someone but never got to the person. you know, like in chobits sort of but not exactly anywhere near the same.. cuz I never did read the end so I am not entirely sure what I am saying atm.
    16. pfft
    17. Quwrof Wrlccywrlir
      Quwrof Wrlccywrlir
      guess i have nothing to lose. how do i apply? :hurr
    18. Leraine
      Sorry for earlier if it really hurt your feelings. Of course I don't wanna scare you, but we've known each other for so long and have joked about all kinds of things, that I sometimes forget to tone it down a bit. =(
      Get your tooth fixed, k? And don't worry, it's gonna be fine.

      Oh and I skipped the class eventually. ;33
    19. Elle
      Thank you :hug. No worries, won't mention it.
    20. Dango
      your godfather is pretty cool. both my godfather and grand[father/uncle? complicated family history] aren't quite so straight forward, which is pretty boring of them. our family reunion dinners are about as interesting as a documentary on drying paint

      thank you, you can see my training under the waterfalls in the mountains have been fruitful

      really? that cunt told me he was 97 last year, that lying bastard

      191 is impressive, still. i love that kind of height, the privileges you must enjoy! do you tower over everyone in sweden or is that kind of height common? i reckon the average height for males here ranges from 170~177 cm

      i've mastered the art of heels since i was 7, and sadly that's the average height for females here. its aight though, since clothes and etc are all easy to find so its a convenient consolation

      oh the jokes people used to make around us

      and lol yes we are very conscious about our weight. anything above 100~105 lb is considered fat/above average, and it really makes the women w/ bigger sizes depressed because most clothes are tailored to fit that kind of "petite" size. funny how society works

      this is where i flex my muscular physique and call you cupcake and sunshine and such innit
    21. Dango
      nah he def raped you in your sleep uncle


      i used to/hang out with sasori martryn and javier, trust me it would take a lot to make me implode, if that's even possible

      silly pek thats only because you haven't bathed in the last decade or so

      fffffffffffff damn that's tall. you're about 6'4 then? my best friend is 6'4. i come up to his chest. we make a very odd sight. i'm 160cm, which is 5'2-ish. i wear heels, which give me an extra three inch at all times so all hope is not lost

      nice collection of pictures. clearly i am #9, though i dare say she is a wee bit more defined than me
    22. Dango
      it's okay, i'm sure we all have a mr. hyde inside us, no matter what the gender

      he's online often on MSN, and he's in a comfortable niche in life atm - i hope it lasts, he deserves the happiness

      pek somehow i doubt you'd fit into the mould of a dirty uncle. you lack the necessary aura of creepiness and you're prolly too young

      i'm sure your moobs serve as an effective babe magnet. you must be popular with the ladies with such enviable assets. why rub your own nipples when you can get a hot swedish woman to rub them for you

      lmao i didn't even know he was sweden, though that's a funny coincidence. i wonder why i somewhat associated you both together. perhaps its because he's the only male i've seen so far that can pull off a ponytail. oh, his height as well - you see, i've heard stories of how tall you are and though i can't quite remember the digits i do remember that it was some fabulously large number

      one day, uncle. one day

      what is your definition of fat women, uncle? include pictures and statistics, and i will be the judge of that. i've talked to many of you european men and i've had my fair share of arguments on the definition of a fat woman

      my arse is flattered, and says thank you very much kind sir
    23. Dango
      i'm sure the pure and innocent side is frequently shadowed/dominated by the latter

      well he is the dirty uncle i run to for advice. or, at least, he used to be. he was the first person i actually talked to on NF

      you must have a beautiful set of moobs if they can fill a mankini. how sad to have such assets hidden from the public eye

      is your hair anything like that eric northman character from true blood, because i kind of imagine your hair like that for some reason

      you men and your love for fat women, something i will never understand
    24. Leraine
      Today, I woke up at 6 to get ready for uni. Packed my bag, showered and went to the kitchen to eat, once I had eaten I got to my bag and went looking for my keys... but couldn't find them!?!?!?

      Well, the quest to find my keys began. First I checked all the places I stopped by, then I checked my bag. After that I got a little desperate and rummaged through my washed clothes (did the laundry yesterday). While folding and putting my clothes in the drawer I realised they might be stuck between my other clothes on the shelves and there they were!

      Though conveniently placed on top of the pile on the closest shelf, clearly visible to everyone. I'm too much of an airhead. =(
    25. Lien
      Is my presence not enough? xo
    26. Son_Pan
      whenever, wherever, you decide.
    27. LadyLoser
      Woz w8ing for u to get online. :ano

      nice profile pik. :LOS
    28. Dango
      pek somehow i find it hard to imagine any part of you related to innocence and purity

      lmao naruyamcha.
      and lolol silly javier. though i have to say i'm not the least bit surprised.
      womanizer. to his credit though he has guided me through many relationships over the years

      wicked boring you mean

      yeah i guess. women in bikini are less common, but a lot of the younger generation/girls my age don't give a damn and wear bikinis anyway. a lot of adults/peers our age get all scandalized but we just give them the middle finger tbh

      is your hair straight pek
      only a fellow human with straight hair may share my woes

      nope, you're not convincing me. i'd prefer an athletic nice one over one with flubber still. i'm shallow you see--aesthetics/eye candy matter more to me
    29. Emigan
      Thank you :hurr
    30. Dango
      pek even if you had the voice of an angel and the face to match it , i doubt it would do much help when leafing through profiles of the Least Fortunate, unless you roll up your sleeves and help sort through it yourself

      lolol i'd rather what happened in 09 stay in 09

      he didn't tell me nothing about being a pimp, he just said he was this dirty pervert who got modded because he was The Pervert ; lmao i've heard various stories of him moving over the years. and i believe half of it was because he scorned some woman or another, that eternal player

      screw that its so straight and flat it's boring. i'd rather have fluffy cool hair, but i actually tried making it permanently wavy and it didn't work lmao. my hair has this way of rejecting colours and chemicals and everything in general so it always stays straight and brown-black ish which is.. annoying

      hell's version of paradise maybe
      seriously? that's .. weird. maybe its an asian thing, men here have this thing for super long hair and women tend to oblige

      lmao cute reputation, arse.

      any bum with lack of excessive cellulite is fair game

      lolol size 1 font
    31. Icognito
      Yeah I kinda figured just wasn't 100% sure so wanted to double check, cheers for getting back to me.
    32. Dango
      if by support me you mean stand a fair distance away and taking pleasure in my misfortune then yes i believe you

      lolol lesbian. you'd know of that bit of my history wouldn't you
      didn't work very well either, only succeeded in frustrating friends and family

      hahahaha nice imports, swedish men. oh - isn't el jackal that uncle of a pervert from sweden as well?

      that's some very magical hair monsieur. if only mine had half your magic - as such it looks red under the sun and brown indoors, how boring! i'm going to tint it a more obvious red soon.

      lol i get told that a lot. i think its the length. people get impressed with long hair easily when your average daily temperature is about 30 degrees give or take.

      i like how we're talking about arses and the only thing we're discussing is its properties in the english dictionary and not the actual arse itself. how strange
    33. Quwrof Wrlccywrlir
      Quwrof Wrlccywrlir
      hmmm i haven't really heard about it. what are the benefits?
    34. Dango
      only when lovely, beautiful women are involved. what about the sporadic spaces in between where i have to leaf through profiles of the less fortunate?

      lmao. you sound like you've had your fair share of women nagging profanities up at you. LOL that's a secret innit

      honestly? i didn't know the asian community in sweden was that.. scarce.
      blonde hair is so pretty though. dark hair just makes people look depressed - that's what i think anyway, after observing shades of brown-black over the years.

      if i start promoting sweden i fear your country's profit from tourists may go down, i've never been good at the art of promotion or persuasian

      yes yes yes oh god yes they always poke at it sometimes i make it into a bun so that it's pointy and stab them in the eyes by flipping my hair real fast. you have a ponytail? are you blonde?

      arses can be associated with fun.. metaphorically & literally
    35. Kuya
      Why thank you cutie :whitebeard
    36. Momoka
      Wow thank you!!! :hug

      So then, can I still keep my rank please? Sorry about the hassle :sweatdrop
      But thank you so much
    37. Momoka
      Oh, okay, thank you. But do you know which group lets you have that black rep for the entire time?
    38. Dango
      it isn't a job when there's no pay

      lmao feminism is rampant in asian countries as well, though i'd dare wager that the girls here as a whole aren't as aggressive. hahahahahaha - poor guy. that profile would fit a lot of people though lmao

      how ironic. i find dark shades boring now. yeah it is - and fuck. 06 photos? my juvenile self makes me want to cry. no, i've long hair now. it goes down to about an inch short of my arse. i do a lot of fun things with it.

      lolol shemale toilets fuck that's funny
    39. Dango
      there's nothing wrong with liking ' wet cakes '

      you're good at cooking? i'm rubbish at cooking. baking is pretty simple though! nah, no need for a quick course - just capture a hot culinary arts student and make her teach you. guaranteed progress from lesson one.

      honestly? i find black hair boring, which is why mine is red now.
      where do we start, the internet is vast.

      oh, crap. that scratches about 200 thai boygirls off the list then.
    40. Dango
      i can do both, and not very well mind you, but i do prefer the wet one. a friend who studies culinary arts recently taught me how to bake, so i know a little bit about these sort of things;

      if its just the hair you want it can be easily arranged ~

      oh shit.
      do i have to start leafing through date profiles? what if our taste of hot girls are vastly different?
    41. Dango
      i can do #1
      #2 would take a grand total of fifty years to complete
      #3 would require extensive plastic surgery

    42. Scizor
      Thank you very much.
    43. Scizor
      In my details I specified my date of birth.

      It says above that option that moderators will be the only ones able to actually see that specified information.

      So you, or any other mod, should already be able to see it.

      But if you want me to specify it again, no biggy =), please tell me how I make my age appear there, too.
    44. Mikoto
      Oh lol, sorry for that. ^^; I've set it on now. :)
    45. Scizor
      But I have it displayed :/
    46. Foxve
      Could you take a look at my group request?
    47. Birdwell
      Here's the full size.
    48. FitzChivalry
      You're telling me I was ripped off in regards to Sanitation powers? The disrespect! :tomasulk

      But thanks. Time to go on the hunt for stocks and emotes.
    49. FitzChivalry

      Oh, hey, slight fuck-up on my part here too. Could you restore this thread to the Konoha Telegrams, please? Accidentally trashed it when I meant to do so to another thread. =/
    50. FitzChivalry
      Hope you feel better too.
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    Jan 1, 1902 (Age: 115)
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