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Crimson Cloak
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Feb 26, 2017 at 2:50 AM
Sep 22, 2008
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Oct 30, 1988 (Age: 28)
Everywhere but Here

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Crimson Cloak

Willfully Robbed by Nintendo, 28, from Everywhere but Here

Crimson Cloak was last seen:
Feb 26, 2017 at 2:50 AM
    1. Aries
      Hey not to bother you but would you like to join this mafia game?
    2. Danzo Uzumaki
      Danzo Uzumaki
    3. Robert Haydn
      Robert Haydn
      I just added your FC
      Mine is 4339-3819-1503
    4. Crimson Cloak
      Crimson Cloak
      Really? What size do you wear?

      And thanks! I'll be sure to tell them!
    5. demonfox 805
      demonfox 805
      Awesome! Also like the black/gray hoodie, but they don't have my size. I think I might get one of those snapbacks, & check later on when they get the fitted in. Tell them to keep up the good work.
    6. demonfox 805
      demonfox 805
      Yo! Awesome that your bros did a website, and i'm looking to support you guys! Question on there hats all they got is snapback? Looking to get a hat.
    7. Ernie
      :LOS Telegrams is from the Naruto fans again :LOS
    8. Sword Sage
      Sword Sage
      Did the name of the chapters title said "Moving Forward"? Because those the exact same words as Hinata said.
    9. Sword Sage
      Sword Sage
      Hey can you post the part of the last chapter where Sakura claimed to have real power or something? I don't believe Sakura could have true power hidden becuase it would've been shown a long time ago.
    10. Sword Sage
      Sword Sage
      Could you post scan of the new chapter with Orochimaru, Sasuke and Taka?

      I like to know what Orochimaru said about Sasuke.
    11. demonfox 805
      demonfox 805
      Same to you! Thanks for the translations, and 615 recap!:) We almost there my friend.:nod
    12. Ernie

      You like it or not? Opinions and tips are welcome in the thread! Thx...
    13. MCTDread
      :thumbs thanks! +Rep for you sir :quite
    14. MCTDread
      :ano From when Neji is stabbed by the wood to the end if possible.
    15. MCTDread
      614 Screen Caps Please :nod
    16. Arisu
      I'm sorry :cry Hope You'll get better soon :)
    17. Roja
      Thanks ^_^
    18. Roja
      What chapter is Viz' alpha on anyway? I've been thinking about giving it a whirl once the simultaneous stuff starts, but I might be willing to start a bit earlier based on all the stuff going on since chapter 611.
    19. Sword Sage
      Sword Sage
      Can you do me a favor?

      Could you post a scan of Viz translation of chapter 561 of Madara commenting Naruto from the Uzumaki clan and the page where Naruto counter attack Madara's wood jutsu that Madara seemed to show interest in Naruto.
    20. Majin Lu
      Majin Lu
      Happy New Year :X3
    21. Sennin of Hardwork
      Sennin of Hardwork
      Merry Christmas dude! :gar
    22. Sword Sage
      Sword Sage
      I just hope that the 3rd game will make it longer and even more challenging.
    23. Sword Sage
      Sword Sage
      So far I played it and so far it was awesome that I had to battle a very big monster!
    24. Sword Sage
      Sword Sage
      Tell me what did you think of the Force Unleashed 2 game? I've been hearing bad reviews of it.
    25. Sword Sage
      Sword Sage
      Just as along it maybe Just a Rumor.
    26. Sword Sage
      Sword Sage
      I see.

      No way, that a new President could cancel a new product of Force Unleashed 3. I mean its become a popular game series, and Starkiller is awesome!
    27. Sword Sage
      Sword Sage
      Just say yes or no.
    28. Sword Sage
      Sword Sage
      So does it has a happy ending? Don't spoil it for me.
    29. Animeblue
      Happy Birthday mate and have a good weekend
    30. Sword Sage
      Sword Sage
      You already got the Star Wars Force Unleashed 2?
    31. Sword Sage
      Sword Sage
      But Sakura and Kushina are nothing alike. What could she mean is that hopefully find someone that will give her life for Naruto, love him, strong for him and care for him.

      Hinata was the one, who showed something similar to what Kushina did.
    32. Sword Sage
      Sword Sage
      What do you think Kushina means by don't fall for a girl who cheats you. I'm thinking she means that not to fall for Sakura who has been loving to another guy over Naruto and makes false love towards Naruto. Thats cheating, right?

      I think Kushina meant by finding a girl like Kushina, meaning someone strong, willing to die for him, love as Kushina loved Minato and Naruto. Sakura never showed that love as Kushina does.

      Why do they keep comparing Sakura to Kushina?
    33. RainTree
      If you could delete the quote for me, it would be helpful..... I deleted my message.
    34. Choco
      TY :awesome
    35. Onihikage
      YUUUSS!! :nuts :WOW

      I might make some animated gifs if I can get around to it in July :awesome
    36. Onihikage
      I expect they'll have dismemberment as an optional feature, probably off by default so the kiddies don't see it. But really, after Episode 3, the kiddies should WANT to see the lightsaber cut things off :awesome

      I never quite understood why so many games with lightsabers didn't have dismemberment systems. I remember playing Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy, and its dismemberment system was excellent! Many was the time when I chopped a Sith warrior's arm and head off in one swipe, or cut him in half at the waist. (or stab him in the chest and his body flies apart, lol glitch XD)

      Sometimes I'd manage to chop their lightsaber hand off and it would roll down the stairs. It was really cool! But then TFU came along and made lightsabers feel like sledgehammers :geg

      All I can say is, the camera style and control responsiveness had better be improved in the second one, because those got me killed a lot in the first game.
    37. Onihikage
      Hey dude, have you seen all the new TFU2 stuff on GameTrailers? And I saw from a few places that apparently it's going to have dismemberment! :gar
    38. NessaMoon
      Wow, the Pain fight dominated! :laugh And the Neji fight I voted for tied with the Kiba fight, I can live with that and the other results.

      Thanks again! :amuse
    39. NessaMoon
      I hope I'm not bothering you. :sweat I was lurking in the A-NS FC and noticed you posted the top ten moments results. I found that poll back in December and I've been watching the site since for the results. I don't get the magazine so do you mind telling me the results of the top fight poll? Thanks! :amuse

      Maybe you should post the inspirational results in the NH FC? :amuse Everyone would be happy to see Naruto inspiring Hinata got second place in the poll!
    40. Erendhyl
      I can't rep you, but I wanted to say that I really liked your last reply in the NH FC. I admire that you didn't try to start/continue an argument that you knew was going to lead nowhere.
    41. Riyue
      So this message was useless. :sweatdrop I didn't expect you to even be logged in, even. Just wanted to let you know that my bro hogs the computer (A LOT) and that I might not respond to some of your messages because of that. I like to warn people of that because most of my friends are like, "Where'd you go?"

      XD Don't take it personally if I don't respond tomorrow.

    42. Riyue
      I'm baaaaaack. But probably only for a few minutes. :notrust My brother is hogging the computer...

      Damn, I hate this thing. :cry
    43. Riyue
      Oh, then I remember that one! I read a few pages of it, and it seemed cute. The main character had a dream of Hayate, and it was Christmas... She hugged him, and he said, "(Insert name here)-sama, when you do that, your breasts..." She got all flustered and shit. I thought it was very funny. :amuse My favorite harem (surprising, seeing as I'm a girl, eh?) is Magical Shopping Arcade: Abenobashi. It's super hilarious, and THE MOST PERVERTED THING YOU WILL EVER READ (save the hentai).

      Anyway, I gots to go. Talk to you tomorrows!! :laugh
    44. Riyue
      Smart about your Anti-NaruSaku romance mindset. :amuse

      Really? I used to be into Yu-Gi-Oh. Now, I guess if there's nothing on I'll watch it, but it doesn't really peak my interest like it used to. (But I still like the movie, though. I gots it on DVD :nuts ) BTW, my hint was Kamina, from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. TTGL is my most FAVORITE anime ever, and has so much win in it. It's perverted, it's epic, and it's tragically-romantic. (The girl in my avy is Nia, from TTGL. :amuse ) Heehee, and the theme song is EPIC WIN, too. (J-Pop FTW!)

      Sorry for the ramble. About that other one... Hayate no Futoku or whatever... what's that about? The title peaks my interest. :nod
    45. Riyue
      Yeah, well, that's because you're smart. :noworry So, do you like any other anime outside of Naruto? (Hint: :gar )
    46. Riyue
      Haha, that's okay. I don't mind if my friends like Star Wars, as long as they don't look like this --> :yell once they find out I don't agree. :amuse Anyway, I can't wait for the next chapter. :hehee


      Kishimoto should write this on the next chapter. And then show a picture of Sakura and Naruto fighting with Hinata laughing in the background. :laugh
    47. Riyue
      Are you an Star Wars nerd? (I'm not... :sweatdrop )
    48. Riyue
      It lacks pretty much everything. :noworry
    49. Riyue
      Love your sig.

      More like, "I find your lack of love disturbing." :awesome
    50. Lucrecia
      Pshhh NS does not need to hear that :gar
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    Oct 30, 1988 (Age: 28)
    Everywhere but Here
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    Naruto, Itachi, Neji, Kakashi, Shikamaru, Hinata, Rock Lee
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    Episode: 133
    Chapter: 432
    I'm a shy, quiet person that gets uncomfortable in certain social situations.

    Watch/Read Anime/Manga, Play Video Games
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