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May 26, 2010
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Mar 30, 1993 (Age: 24)

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    1. Kyoya
      Are you even around?
    2. luffy no haki
      luffy no haki
      didn?t get the last part of the post XD the explosion is meant to catch them both or just Akaya?
    3. Advocate
      I see, that's good to hear. Any chance of you getting Skype?
    4. Advocate
      Hey, Chronos. I see you've been more active lately. Did your Internet situation get any better?
    5. Chaos Theory
      Chaos Theory
      I'm currently working on a group that I'll be sending the GM's way. I was suppose to have it done yesterday. But things happen and Vergil will just have to wait :lmao

      And thank you :LOS
    6. Chaos Theory
      Chaos Theory
      Well, Chakra remains even with it being severed or a technique being lost, there is Chakra memory there.

      Satoshi has expert chakra control and reading, not sensing, thanks to his Trait. With that said, the arm you'll be giving me would have memories of the Summoning Jutsu you once had.

      I figure that Satoshi can in a small way use that and give whoever he puts that human puppet's arm on the ability to Summon a Chakra Construct fairy that looks like this


      It wouldn't have any of your old summons's abilities but it could attack and spy.
    7. Chaos Theory
      Chaos Theory
      Very much so :LOS
    8. Chaos Theory
      Chaos Theory
      Oh, I'm sure you'll get a kick out of it :LOS

      Not sure about your character, but you might :LOS :LOS
    9. Chaos Theory
      Chaos Theory
      I'll admit, that post gave me an idea for when you give me dat arm

    10. Chaos Theory
      Chaos Theory
      Bought a Summon just to kill her, and I thought I was the only bastard in the RP :maybe
    11. Laix

      is rosuto in fuzen atm?
    12. Atlantic Storm
      Atlantic Storm
      I think Advocate is wanting you. Maybe.
    13. Advocate
      I guess not.
    14. Advocate
      Hey, are you around?
    15. Advocate
      Where art thou?
    16. SoulTaker
      Yo you still RPing? One Piece is shaping up to be fun.
    17. Atlantic Storm
      Atlantic Storm
      Advocate-kun wants you on.
    18. Atlantic Storm
      Atlantic Storm
      Advocate has been looking for you.
    19. Advocate
      Hey, it'd be nice if you could show up on IRC now. Or earlier.
    20. Advocate
      So just to be clear, did Aeon kidnap everyone (Temple, Lavinia, Bach) and move them to some remote rooftop before passing out in the same place?
    21. SoulTaker
      I'm on now
    22. Akitō
      Per so na ...Must be friends with you hahaha. Sorry I'm really big fan of whole shin megami series, so much I created a forum for it, so when I joined here and seen people with sets, I friend them.
    23. Kei
      Ser Chronos! There has been an urgent request for you to come to Winterfell! Lord Soul has been sending ravens upon ravens to come and fetch you.
    24. Island
      I'll make this interaction happen somehow.

      I can't do IRC on my phone, unfortunately. I won't be at a computer until around lunchtime.
    25. Island
      Ah, well, it's all settled now.

      Anyway, if Haruto sticks around the Hyuuga Complex during the LT, Hajime might just make him an offer he can't refuse. ;)
    26. Island
      This is... unfortunate. Unban me from the channel, pls.
    27. Kyoya
      Not myself today, sorry.
    28. Kyoya
      That's good right?
    29. Kyoya
      Ah, free filled with time lately or still rapidly busy?
    30. Kyoya
      Am I the only one to ever vm you? Makes me feel like a whore bugging you.
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    Mar 30, 1993 (Age: 24)
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    There isn't much to say really.
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