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Chrollo Lucilfer
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Mar 28, 2017 at 12:42 AM
Jun 13, 2014
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June 4

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Chrollo Lucilfer

Skill Hunter

REP Dad, 6/15/37 - 10/21/45 Sep 26, 2016

Chrollo Lucilfer was last seen:
Mar 28, 2017 at 12:42 AM
    1. Suit
      Dis bish still active on NF smh

      Ayy got some news you may wanna hear :cat
      1. Zyrax likes this.
    2. Kanki
    3. Chrollo Lucilfer
      Chrollo Lucilfer
      REP Dad, 6/15/37 - 10/21/45
      1. RemChu
        rep? what are these dates
        Sep 26, 2016
    4. Freechoice
      hey big fella
      1. Chrollo Lucilfer
        Chrollo Lucilfer
        what's up bruv
        Aug 12, 2016
      2. giantbiceps
        what's up penis
        Aug 12, 2016
    5. Kanki
      1. Kanki
        Jul 26, 2016
      2. Chrollo Lucilfer
        Chrollo Lucilfer
        how may i help you today konki
        Jul 26, 2016
      3. Kanki
        you know how :kermit
        Jul 26, 2016
    6. Suit
      Word's out that there may be some agility training dummies soon. Not sure how true it is, but you betta keep dat wallet handy

      Buy more spinz :catblink
    7. Chrollo Lucilfer
      Chrollo Lucilfer
      There is something that worries me, @Seraphiel what if I go for my entire life without ever having a meaningful relationship? what if I must rely on masturbation for my pleasure for my entire life (and I have no intention of hiring a prostitute for such a purpose)
      1. Seraphiel
        http://i.imgur.com/RLQwS.jpg this is the best I can give you in between my Doom session friendo

        if it doesn't work just fap until you die
        May 13, 2016
    8. NOX
      Yoo bout that Sabo multi island feat. X_X Josh said Sabo is above MMnM Ace who had an island or 1/2 an island Entei depending on how you look at it. So if Sabo is above this level wouldn't the niccuh be capable of doing this to multiple island. T'was sarcasm. LOL
    9. Suit
      Hell is you dislikin my post for fam

      Do you not find Zou to be the GOAT timeskip arc? :giogio
      1. Chrollo Lucilfer
        Chrollo Lucilfer
        cuz i knew it would rustle you xD
        May 4, 2016
      2. Sasuke
        May 5, 2016
      3. Suit

        Okay yeah mildly. You read hxh 352 yet btw? :bury
        May 5, 2016
    10. Gyro
      Abdi I'm lost :catcry
      1. Chrollo Lucilfer
        Chrollo Lucilfer
        it's too different for me too broseph, i know what you mean :catfeels
        Apr 23, 2016
    11. Sasuke
      1. Satsuki likes this.
      2. Chrollo Lucilfer
        Chrollo Lucilfer
        go away, hater:hmpf
        Apr 23, 2016
    12. Chrollo Lucilfer
      Chrollo Lucilfer
      Wryyyyyyyy :Dio
      1. View previous comments...
      2. jayjay³²
        @Zaru, can you ask them to give us the ability to delete our own statuses?
        Apr 23, 2016
      3. Zaru
        Looks like only mods can delete those. Shucks
        Apr 23, 2016
      4. Zaru
        Yeah JJ I'll inquire, but things are so busy for the admins now, I dunno when it'll get done
        Apr 23, 2016
    13. Kyouko
      Stop it. :catfish
    14. Kyouko
      not gonna lie, m8. seeing a '14er with more posts than me is very mildly irritating. :catstab
    15. Freechoice
      chapter 587 :catsalute
    16. ogreigniz
      I am reading HxH bro :meruemnod
    17. Freechoice
      hey you're online

      one sec skypo
    18. Marcelle.B
      ask....an admin or a mod :catprone

      wait you mod the section so go for it lol
    19. Marcelle.B
    20. Xiammes
      I don't have a problem with it, but its best you let the mods of those sections know.
    21. Roƅ
      I live.
      For now.
    22. Juvia.
      Also, you know what i'm like when i'm not talking in the OL from days in the Sabo FC.

      I can't be like me in the OL other wise i'd get picked on even more often than i already do. >_>

      It's called a hard cover.
    23. Juvia.
      Lol, i would not say plz if i was angry. :P

      I also don't >_> All the time. >_>
    24. Juvia.
    25. Juvia.
      I'm just trying to get you to see that i'm not an admiral downplayer.

      Not angry or anything.

      If i disliked you i would not try to do so, i could care less what you think.

      So me trying is actually a good thing.
    26. Juvia.
      Should not have been banned in the first place.

      I got banned for defending my self, but i did it against too many people. >_>

      That's like someone being bullied at school getting detention for getting into too many fights with the bullies. >_> What's worse is when i said it in the court the mod that banned me could not even find it in him to reply. >_> But whatever, whats done is done.

      Also, plz stop talking about me like i'm the biggest admiral underrater ever. >_>

      I don't even underrate them, i just don't think they can take on 3 of the highest high tiers and win mid dif.

      I don't think Yonko could either.

      Nor anyone.
    27. Kanki
    28. Freechoice
      I can state that I'm perfectly fine with the outcome of whatever has transpired
    29. Kurou
      Nabiki da best
    30. Freddie Mercury
      Freddie Mercury
      That was the saddest display of sportsmenship i've seen in the Colosseum since that nigga that was cheating on online Chess :lmao

      I took FB off of S-I just to see what your convo with him was about, and a couple minutes later was filled with regret.

      Lastly, Gin is da real MVP :smoke
    31. Freddie Mercury
      Freddie Mercury
      I take it you're not accepting anymore challenges from beta, huh :lmao
    32. Xiammes
      I have his screen shot, send me yours and I'll post both at the same time.
    33. Xiammes
      Alright, so whats going on and what do you need me to do?
    34. freechoice (dupe)
      freechoice (dupe)
      how did you get so many posts you nerd :argh
    35. IchijiNijiSanji
      Taking a break mate. I'll be back in a while
    36. Esdese
      not gonna happen not worth my time. :caticon
    37. Esdese
      why would I do that. His name is different form yours. You're Lucilfer he is Lucifer
    38. Esdese
      ur about to have ur identity stolen
      talk about identity theft :catskully
    39. Esdese
    40. Bernkastel
      I call it reality :LOS
    41. Bernkastel
      Chrollo is good..but not that good...still > Zoro..by quite a large marigin :cat
    42. freechoice (dupe)
    43. freechoice (dupe)
      freechoice (dupe)
      I am great friendo

      well not really but the facade holds up smile-big

      Apparently I'm the only person on NF allowed to have a dupe, too

      Well for some reason I can't log on my account and mods say it's a cache issue soooo
    44. Juvia.
      If you have not noticed the trend yet, i hate on wanked characters.

      Said strongest admiral is confirmed literally equal with another and has been portrayed as equal to another.

      The yonko have never been portrayed as equal by the fact one of them is always noted as the strongest.

      No, no he has not. To get that hype he would have to be the strongest person in the world and should have beat his fellow admiral with in no more than an hour. Nor would get get his fking teeth bashed in by his superiors.

      Yonko > Admirals is a very popular opinion, not just one stated by me.

      This is a manga about Pirates. It is the Great Pirate Age and it is always a yonko known as "The strongest."

      Though i have not once, nor ever stated admirals don't stand a chance. The only people not a Yonko i think can beat one is Mihawk and Dragon.

      Oh look there, Mihawk, another person i'm called out at underestimating. >_>
    45. Juvia.
      Name me one person i've said an admiral loses to 1v1 that you find ridiculous.

      Oh wait... no one...
    46. Juvia.
      Wtf are you talking about...
    47. Kusa
      I am an innocent angel I will also go to heaven

      Dont worry about Aykut. If he does not go to hell in the afterlive, spending his life with me will be his hell.
    48. Kusa
      I will go to hell

      You will go with me and Aykut as well.
    49. Kusa
      :skully :skully

      Stay mad bro
    50. Venom
      Bruh dat was all Kusa btw :caticon
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