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Sep 28, 2016
Jun 13, 2009
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likes the kitteh

ch1p was last seen:
Sep 28, 2016
    1. Haruka Katana
      Haruka Katana
      Lmao XD It's okay :catdance
    2. Corvida
      We will behave-I promise!!!!
    3. SuperSaiyaMan12
      Oh boy, Black Mask is just not getting the 'no bashing' rule of the Sarada fanclub.
    4. Haruka Katana
      Haruka Katana
      Oopsie, Sorry for my shitty rep lel :LOS
    5. Haruka Katana
      Haruka Katana
      Dammit I haven't finish my rep sentence :catroll But it was the first thing that came off my mind XD
    6. Haruka Katana
      Haruka Katana
      I'm giving you a heads up ch1p, evil's spoiler is all true. I honestly HOPE I'm wrong, but baidu says differently, heads up.
    7. mezzomarinaio
      Well, yeah... I'm pretty sure that organ scavenging from unwilling children might have something to do with that. :lmao

      And no problem, of course!
    8. mezzomarinaio
      Mmmh, I don't really think so... Sakura doesn't know that the bald guy's name is Shin, does she?

      Without knowing his name, her only options to call him are either 'anata' or 'anta' (since other, more insulting pronouns like 'teme', 'kisama' and 'omae' aren't very lady-like). 'Anata' is only seen as inappropriate if the person is older or of a higher status than you. 'Anta'... well, it's a ruder version of 'anata' - but more importantly, it's also less formal (Sakura uses it all the time with her friends). Both of these words are usually avoided if you know the other person's name, because they are seen as 'too direct'.

      Sakura probably went with 'anata' because Shin is a total stranger to her, so she wanted to mantain a certain level of distance... or because she wanted to sound more formal/serious. (Though I have to admit that I can't recall which pronouns Sakura used in the past with her enemies... so I can't really make a detailed analysis without knowing her speech patterns in this regard. XD)

      Here, let me copy-past a couple of little 'explanations' from another site:

      'Anata' has sort of a feeling of "accusation" as though the person is pointing their finger at you. The best way I can describe it is that it's used in one of two situations: 1. You don't know the person very well, or do not have a good relationship with that person. 2. You are senior to that person, not necessarily by status, but by age.

      The most common place where Japanese people actually use anata is when they don?t know anything about the person they?re talking to. It is also the word used when not talking to a specific person (for example, saying ?you? in TV commercials).

      (Obviously, these explanations don't include its use as 'dear' by wifes in a family contest.)

      In any case, I doubt it's very important. :P
    9. balboass
      omg really? this is great :33
    10. Corvida
      faints and stars singing-I?VE GOT THE POWERHHHH


      So glad to be of help at last
    11. balboass
      omg this is awesome! thank you!
    12. balboass
      yaaasss! she really slayed this photoshoot! and thank you! :33
    13. balboass
      OMG I SAW! :<3

      she looks stunning!
    14. sakuraboobs
      I was just reading MS version and that panel caught my attention. :lmao They know what's up! :cat
    15. sakuraboobs
      Oh Zef already did something ... ! Fuck!
    16. sakuraboobs
      I just knew about that few minutes ago. Need to go see reactions. Should I do a thread about that? :cat

      I would be probably insulted just like when I did the Fave new gen kid ... !!! :catskully
    17. sakuraboobs
      Oh that! IKR! :lmao I'm so done with her tbh. She knows shit ... !

      LOL bunch of idiots. Still I know they were rustled because of that one panel. :cat
    18. sakuraboobs
      "Bring me his daughter"

      Bye bye "Sarada's experiment" ... I guess.
    19. sakuraboobs
    20. sakuraboobs
      Hmm yeah that's right. It will be fun nevertheless. :cat
    21. sakuraboobs
      What will come next ..? make your bets. :catskully

      > Sasuke doesn't even know he has daughter.
    22. sakuraboobs
      You saw the meltdown over a fake spoiler imagine when the real thing comes. It will be hilarious. :catskully

      I wonder what will they come up with after the Gaiden ... they won't be able to say that Sasuke's traveling all the time, they won't be able to say that Karin's the mother, they won't be able to say that Sasuke doesn't care about them.... oh wait they still will their stupidty is that much ... :catskully

      Whatever helps them sleep at night I guess. :lmao
    23. sakuraboobs
      I know! :catskully

      Thanks for the reps. :heart
    24. SuperSaiyaMan12
      Those people will never be able to read anything properly.
    25. SuperSaiyaMan12
      I know. You'd think they'd learn from that.
    26. SuperSaiyaMan12
      Its funny how everyone is falling for the red-herring.
    27. Damaris
      yeah its embarrassing
      this same dude just told me "potential is how a character is developed" and im like...how do u screw up so badly...that's thr opposite of what potential is like wtf lmao
    28. Damaris
      looool I can't take any cafe regular seriously tbh
    29. Damaris
      my fave part was when he was like "you didn't even address my point" when i was directly responding to his claim that ~normal healthy people~ would like only NH
    30. Tangle
      I appreciate your reps a lot :catblush
    31. Corvida
      Wasnt it obvious to anyone sane watching that Last debacle that 699 wasnt even tought?What kind of car are trying to sell me, those suddently SP is my best pal people? I cant seriously be the only one tired of all this mess?
      And I love the fucking wedding pic as damage control as it made things even more......sorry but there is only one word-comedic.
    32. Corvida
      Is it that bad? drat that i'm in England this week and dont know if will be able to enjoy the thing properly yet, then:nod
    33. sakuraboobs
      Thanks for the two reps!!! :heart
    34. Corvida
      I wuw you!!!!!!!
    35. Corvida
      Wording is more used for unrequited? Then dont sweat more. This is a The Last more of the same. The mere "jealous of the other two"--but not major:wink is just another expected LOLSakura wham.
      Remember how I was almost pelted when I fussed about pitiable Sakura in the Last and even in that hurgnvgoig weding reception?

      Well, she was eating toads, but nothing major
    36. Corvida
      In before Ino the psychiatrist!
    37. Tangle
      Yeah, I don't want him to be Oro's bitch. :lmao I do hope to see SuiKa interactions, it would be sad if Taka were all separated from each other.
    38. Tangle
      No, I don't. What's yours? I've visited it long ago to read you anti-SK commentary (that was spot on btw) but I don't remember the url.

      I think he might have too. We'll see, I'm praying that he isn't only reduced to comical relief as usual :lmao
    39. Tangle
      I don't wanna post in the ANH fc for reasons I think you understand. :lmao I really wanted a place to rant about the whole "Omg SP is the best <333 Kishi looked over the entire script and he is so involved in it!!! (nvm that his involvement in RtN was equally hyped) canonz!!!!11 anyone who doesn't praise the last just a jealous SS shipper!!!111" but there wasn't any place I felt comfortable doing so. :(

      I really miss Suigetsu. :catsad I hope he will look badass in part 3 and that Kishi doesn't make him fat or something :ho
    40. Tangle
      ASS trying to be funny is usually cringe worthy asf. That's another reason to why I didn't join the anti-SS fc despite not liking SS. :lmao
    41. Addy
      not by your definition :ippy
    42. mezzomarinaio
      Oh, don't worry, I don't mind! :)
    43. Coldelia
      She requested a vacation ban apparently.

      Ref: X
    44. Corvida
      The problem with the movie is that it, simply does what Naruto should have done ages ago in the manga...but for all the wrong reasons-that denseness- Even after Hinata?s confessi?n and following his handhold.I really undestood the poor answer he gave to zombie dad-in manga time it was really a month of turmoil for him and never expected him to fall straight at Hina?s feet after his confession.
      But to see the movie?s tabula rasa of the beginning was icky, yes-Manga Naruto should have digested the new infor about Hinata much much faster-proof-Naruto and Hinata together at Neji?s funeral That?s the same disconnect one feels with 699 Sakura and movie Sakura. The animators and script writers could not know anything of a chapter to be drawn two years after so they fell for known routines.
      I take the movie as it is-lovely fluff made by a talented hand-the scene of Naruto solving the Hinata puzzle is first class and Naruto and Hinata are adorkable.-but the Sakura part is a literal pain for me, the Sasuke bait a cruel joke and as you say, the manga developement didnt demand a cupid Sakura or Naruto to take a genjutsu to the head to know it was Hina he always loved.-as she always loved him.
      So. love the fluff but dishonestly forget the manga flow. And never, even under the Torquemada tortures, will admit we had a happy fulfiller Sakura there,
    45. Corvida
      I think there is the thing I detect

      The absurd fight for the alpha pairing title and the undeniable fact that.....the manga and the Last dont flow smoothly.Not to mention the thing that gets me more in trouble-that it was advertised not only as the Naruto love story but that it can work as 699.5. and that is even more absurd as it doesnt The movie can almost be seen merrily separated from the manga (!). And I swallowed it becasue I love Hinata, damnit,

      The big question-is the ANS NH 2:0? I?m afraid seeing as it?s always been the most popular pairing in the forum, while SS is still the leper and pariah...... Yes. And thanks god it got canon or it would be worse. That ?s the tragedy for the FC, while it was undending fun in the library after november, as the salt was. worth an 8000 mountain.

      I smell big schism with the spring mini and Bolt movie.God. the movie-I have bile in anticipation.
    46. SuperSaiyaMan12
      That's no reason to neg a post I made...its my personal tier list that I based on the manga.
    47. SuperSaiyaMan12
      Huh? Why did you neg me man?
    48. Corvida

      I undertand your dismay-what it?s more-I saw you began to smell the cake when Kishi started to prepare the ground with Naruto?s lukewarm response when saying bye to zombie dad-
      I?ve had to accept Hinata?s character regression at the start of the movie and Naruto?s newfound extradenseness simply with this trick-ignore the timeskip as being that long and accept the lovely genjutsu scene as a representation of Naruto inwardly digesting all what happend to him with Hinata during part 2.
      The literal wack on the head.

      Otherwise,the thing would be a disasster of part 2 proportions, and par 2 Naruhina was short but strtaight and to the point.:cry
    49. Corvida
      The naruhina lover in me enjoyed the movie even with all the manga disconnections.Seeing that Kishi was the main culprit of the 2 years debacle helped. But even I and my denseness can see that Sakura and Hinata?s situations were made to paralel with opposite results at the end there is nothing I can do. I will never forgive that meteorite stunt until there are added scenes. 699.5 pff, And Sue me, I?m Spanish-I will never see a happy Sakura there.
    50. Corvida
      I dont like cupids:cry.-I joined the f?rums when Sai acted like a well meaning but catastrophic one and I cannot swallow Elena Francis Sakura, sorry but I cant.
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