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Dec 17, 2011
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    1. DemonDragonJ
      What is the story of your username? How did you choose it?
      1. Catalyst75
        My other common user name is Saiyan5nine-tails. It combines aspects of three of the series I had a liking for when I first made the name: "Dragon Ball" (Saiyan), Babylon 5 (5), and Naruto (Nine-tails).

        I wanted to change up my user-name, so I decided on "Catalyst75". Not much of a back-story there other than liking the sound of the name.
        May 29, 2017 at 6:49 PM
      2. DemonDragonJ
        I see; that is very informative.
        May 29, 2017 at 9:13 PM
    2. baconbits
      Don't take this as official, but how about abandoning that Science mega thread? It serves the purpose of making it easy to ignore scientific news and some of the stuff you post deserve its own individual threads. What say you?
      1. Catalyst75
        I say no, because then all of them would be buried under the deluge of political threads.
        Mar 23, 2017
      2. baconbits
        They're buried now, aren't they? Who else posts in that thread? There are a number of posters that are waiting for non-Trump related news, lol. That said I'm not trying to force you to do anything. Merely a suggestion.
        Mar 23, 2017
    3. QuestionBox
      Since you seem to be quite knowledgeable on similar stuff and a senior here, I would greatly appreciate your input on this thread:

    4. Emperorofliberty
      You know, while I am dense, I have conceded to several things in the past.
    5. Shining Force
      Shining Force
      Sorry to bother you again. Do you remember the calc of pre-SS Ichigo's shikai slash which results in 98.23 Tons of TNT?? I am getting a hard time finding that (I doubt it got deleted or something).
      Also, was that feat from Ichigo's first shikai slash against Urahara, or from another scene? I am trying to organize Bleach calcs, especially for low and mid tiers.
    6. Shining Force
      Shining Force
      Do you remember in which chapter Chad destroyed a wall in Las Noches with El Directo??
      1. Catalyst75
        Sorry, it was actually chapter 317.
        Oct 2, 2016
      2. Shining Force
        Shining Force
        Thank you!
        Oct 3, 2016
    7. Enclave
      Nope, calling people blind for not being able to see what was shown on screen. Stay mad though.
    8. God Movement
      God Movement
    9. Catalyst75

      Sequence under the first spoiler tab. Chika fires from the Ibis, and the rifle rips through a training dummy and punches clean through the Trion-created walls of Border HQ.

      I hope that is enough. I suppose you can judge the length of the hole based on what you have?
    10. iwandesu
      sure just...the feat pls ?
    11. Regicide
      You know, if you're just going to be a brick wall?

      I'm not going to further indulge your argument.

      I honestly don't care what you think about the calcing scene or how fast Bleach may or may not be.
    12. Regicide
      Ichigo not seeing the contraction or the extension has to do with the fact that the sword turns to dust when it does either, not its speed

      No, you're not getting me

      It doesn't matter if he's slower than the damn sword

      When we have no reason to take Mach 500 at face value because the exact number has no weight in and of itself

      Mach 500 is, again, completely arbitrary

      No, what Yoruichi said has nothing to do with anything here

      Seireitei has actual reason to be big, which is why the question of its size is significant

      The claimed speed for Gin's Bankai can be anything and it wouldn't matter because the point of what Gin was talking about would still be the same

      It doesn't make sense for reasons I literally just explained in my last response

      With Bleach's speed inflation and the fact that the statement was still considered plausible to people who are faster than people who are faster than people who are faster than people who are faster than stuff that's twice as fast as something that's faster than someone who would supposedly be double digit hypersonic with just that one Soul Society speed calc

      And that these hypersonic people still found it plausible that they couldn't see any of its extension or contraction despite being several meters away

      Mach 500 isn't cutting it there
    13. Regicide
      Gin's claim isn't relevant in this context because Mach 500 is an arbitrary figure that has no inherent bearing on anything

      It could be Mach 5 or Mach 50000, the meaning of the statement wouldn't change

      In fact, the whole point about his Bankai seeming fast is a mark AGAINST the Mach 500 value

      Since it's a completely unrealistic figure when it seems plausible to characters well beyond other characters who are faster than something which is twice as fast as something else which is faster than low double digit hypersonic speed

      And when these same characters find it believable that they can't see shit even from several meters away

      Mach 500 has never made sense

      Don't even give me the Yoruichi statement shit, that's been in a deadlock with the context vs visual argument for literal ages, it's not cogent here
    14. Regicide
      It doesn't matter

      Our calcs don't account for in-universe power gaps in the first place

      If Ichigo is far faster, he's far faster than we can actually quantify, so it's irrelevant

      As for Gin's bankai

      Also doesn't matter

      It's an author-given low end outlier
    15. Regicide
      A benefit already received with a far less sketchy method.

      No, you can't use the distance in that manner. That'd be calc stacking.
    16. Regicide
      It literally doesn't matter.

      You're talking a difference in values that's less than.. actually, I just did the math, and it comes out less than what I already have for Bankai Ichigo by virtue of the eyeballs.

      Regardless, this is irrelevant.

      I'm not even sure what you're getting at. You think this makes more sense because the difference in calc'd speeds would be bigger.. even though calcs never accounted for in-universe power gaps in the first place?
    17. Regicide
      The difference is so marginal it's completely irrelevant.

      Not only that, but you would only be able to determine Ichigo's speed from that approach. You wouldn't be able to use the distance for anything else.

      It would largely be a downgrade for the verse.
    18. Regicide
      What original speed calc? The one with the multipliers and Ichigo's speed from some other feat?

      It doesn't really matter because this is a way of getting a distance that doesn't involve an already calc'd value, and in a roundabout way, Ichigo benefits from the resulting speed feats from that distance anyways.
    19. freejavhot
      It seems the Japanese
    20. Handsome Yak
      Handsome Yak
      Nope. Are you talking about a user here or...? I need a link or something.
    21. Millón Vasto
      Millón Vasto
      no problem. your theory is solid really. well thought out and connections placed here and there.
    22. PwnGoatVSPandaman
      I don't think anyone would argue that any character in fairy tail has any depth of character progression besides very specific cases like Laxus and maybe Zeref. Lucy is at least a character who struggles, erza struggles to hype the opponent only to one hit them.

      Also ajeel isn't defeated I assure you, shounen and fairy tail logic dictates that he must get serious before getting one shot by a friendship punch. The last thing he said was "is that all you got?", so he'll be fine next chapter, heck maybe that was a sand clone.
    23. Nimura Furuta
      Nimura Furuta
      I have not been this happy since Itachi sealed Nagato :cry :cry :cry
    24. balboass
      bc i live there too
    25. balboass
      where are you from canada?
    26. Regicide

      Don't play any MMOs at the moment.
    27. ChaosTheory123
      Not a big deal, don't worry about it

      Just try remembering the explanation this time, kind of gets annoying after the first couple

      We're probably nearing 10 times now
    28. ChaosTheory123
      One's a mechanic of the plot (the time based events), the other is a mechanic of the game (everyone talking at the same speed as before... that's about it. They move slower than before because everything is linked to the plot relevant clock.

      Your interpretation was junk, time manipulation, end of story.

      Yes, I was insinuating you were slow, because this is fucking easy and my patience for this hobby is at an all time low.

      Nothing against you even, just I've never had patience for shit I think is stupid, and I no longer care to try and restrain it (not that I ever did that very well really :hmm)

      We don't use the character height because the plot relevant time mechanic in general contradicts the map being anything smaller than a sizable country in the first place. If you want a to scale map, you're probably going to want dozens of gigabytes of memory wasted on that alone with the graphics the N64 had (the map itself maybe covering a few kilometers at most being generous with every part combined and all). Its a flaw of the medium we try and account for. Animation, comics, etc don't have the same issues with conveying scale.
    29. KamiKazi
      Short of burning their computer, not really.
    30. Asura 大神
      Asura 大神
      Thank you for the rep.
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