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Nov 7, 2016
Jun 10, 2010
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Cash was last seen:
Nov 7, 2016
    1. God Movement
      God Movement
      yeah still going.

      hows life though
    2. God Movement
      God Movement
      you disappeared brah whats good
    3. God Movement
    4. Alien
      ͡? ͜ʖ ͡?) Every 60 seconds in Africa, a minute passes. Together we can stop this. Please spread the word ( ͡? ͜ʖ ͡?)
    5. Memos

      So legit.
    6. Memos
      Only you would defend that scene :lmao
    7. Memos
      Walt has long passes the line for me and I just don't care about his well being anymore. I still love the character, but I am looking forward to him dying.

      This one: X

      The stupidest thing I've ever seen.
    8. Memos
      His excuses were even worse this episode :lmao It's nice that Skyler doesn't fall for his shit anymore. I like it more when they're together like this instead of constantly at odds. The weather was cold so that's what that smoke was.

      Dexter has been AWFUL! That one scene where he compares the pics :lmao
    9. Memos
      As for Dexter, I haven't seen the last episode yet so I have to try and watch that before this episode. It's becoming a chore having to go through it.
    10. Memos
      Hey, sorry about earlier. I could have talked but it wouldn't have been any good because I couldn't have paid proper attention.

      I'm watching the episode again and Jesse's gotta win an Emmy for this episode. Guy fucking delivered so hard in both those scenes. I've never felt so sad for him in that first scene, and then never felt so happy for him as in that second scene :lmao I was waiting so long for him finding out so when he was beating on Saul I was cheering.

      Walt's a fucking monster. He gets worse every episode :/
    11. Memos
      See, I disagree with you on those. But i'm not gonna try and convince you as those are fair opinions.

      Yeah man, that whole group is so messed up, which I liked. It would be bad writing if they weren't really broken up about it, especially Marko. And lol at The Will and Gwen liking each other.
    12. Memos
      Okay, fair enough. Will you be reading them all after they have gone on for a while?

      That spread of him wrecking Gorr's shit was amazing. Ribic killed it on art. I am looking forward to stories about all three Thors now by themselves.

      Marko made me sad this issue :/
    13. Memos
      Oh, so you feel about Hickman's writing how I joke about his writing?

      So many books and all I read is Infinity, Thor and Saga. Even Walking Dead is getting backed up now. Maybe I should read some Bendis books. If anyone can get me back into comics it's him.
    14. Memos
      He's a pretty popular character and I suppose after the series is done he is the only one who could have a life that isn't tied so much to BrBa. Also maybe they just want to make a show which will attract an audience thanks to the name value of BrBa. Business decision.

      You gotta read it. Pure Hickman... Thor was fucking epic. What a great conclusion.
    15. Memos
      Yeah, it's actually happening :lmao There may even be a Saul spin-off after BrBa ends.

      Did you read Infinity yet?
    16. Memos
    17. Memos
      I just can't see him living a happy life after everything he's gone through. You've seen how self destructive he can be, and no one around him is good for him.

      Sorry about running out earlier, was called to play some game. Shame, because that Hickman talk was cracking me up.
    18. Memos
      Fucking BrBa, man. It just delivers. And the best thing is that this isn't done for shock, or out of nowhere. It was a great way to do it, and it took it's sweet time.

      You think Jesse will die at the end? I can't see him not.
    19. Memos
      I just don't know how this show does it. This has been a moment I have been anticipating for about 4 years now and it was amazingly well done. That scene was just so good. Hank was absolutely crushed. You can see on his face how broken he was.

      How good was Jesse this episode? I swear, if he doesn't get a happy ending I will drop this show.
    20. Memos
      Yeah, the 11th. Can't wait to see how Walt reacts to Hank knowing.
    21. E
      I didn't even even know they actually said her name, i thought she just whispered it to him and they left it to mystery, guess i gotta re-read it ;___;
      Yea and it wasnt some retarded-ass shit, idk how to explain, it was realistic and wasnt really preachy with 'oh men are the cause of problems' or stupid like 'oh hurr durr im the last man on earth lel time to screw around"

      Cant freaking wait for the next Saga issue, thankfully it's almost August.
    22. Memos
      Don has always had something about his past and his present that the show focused on and it was always interesting, so it never felt like the show was holding something back just to hold something back. That's why I was okay with the pace of how we saw his character unfold. His problems had some weight to them so I did like that he never opened up dramatically to everyone, and different people had some pieces but no one had any real idea of who he really was. It helps keep the depth the character has.

      I guess it makes sense when Don is someone who hides from his past. I hope next season he fixes his relationship with his kids. It was really sad to hear how he felt about them.

      Pete's storyline last season as well felt out of place and a bit soap-y. It fits a character like him, though. He has never really fit in.
    23. Memos
      Ted is the best character on the show.
    24. Memos
      It has taken 6 seasons for him to start opening up to his family and it somehow doesn't feel stretched out. I love the pacing on MM so much.

      I didn't notice that at all. Yeah he was slowing down and the younger guys were starting to shine a lot more but I didn't notice what you're saying. Nice catch.

      Is it wrong that I was happy when Don and Betty slept together? I have always wanted them to get back together even though I know they wouldn't really work that well until one or both of them grows up, but seeing them together just felt so right.
    25. E
      Shit, hopefully it all goes well.

      Oh yea for sure, like crazy feels right after and for the following couple days. I was like, 'oh man i need to get drunk now'. To me the interpretation i got was that one that the japanese dude said that once women could clone themselves nature just took it's course after so many years of waiting for something to happen. Yea Yorick was great, 355 even better. Damn that part when she told her name, like fffffffffff, i had seen that page some time ago but didnt know where it was from and then it happened i was like 'fuckkkkkk'. The part that really got me was when he old and ampersand was dying ;__;
    26. Memos
      I just finished Mad Men. It's so much better watching 6-7 episodes in one go.

      What an ending :/
    27. E
      sup bro how's things?

      i just recently finished Y: The Last Man. Oh man, what a frigging great comic
    28. Millennium Creed
    29. Memos
      It's all those games, man. Take up so much time.
    30. Memos
      I think... i'm 7 episodes behind :lmao
    31. Memos
      The PS4 won't be backwards compatible :33

      ND have probably been the best developer this gen.
    32. Memos
      You gotta play The Last of Us. So, so good.
    33. E
      i know that feel; i got one computer that's pretty screwed up right now and i have a bunch of stuff from my backlog in there
      it's pretty good, i forgot what it was about but it was something about some psychopath or something, if i skim through the pages again it'll come back to me but i cant recall much atm. caught up on saga, put 'em all in the kindle and read 'em in one sitting; now im playing the waiting game lol

      it was pretty good, and hickman was building up the story pretty well and then outta nowhere it went to shit and hickman left but just now it's been getting good again.

      i'm gonna end up reading pretty much all the tie-ins, i've done it for most events lol

      i kinda have that same problem, i mean i dont enough floppies to the point where i gotta put 'em in a box so i have 'em stacked up underneath the tv and or i'll have 'em on a side table but the cats will then lay 'on 'em and shit and i have some books around but i can always put 'em on a shelf but i'd have to put one on the wall or something but i dont have enough to make that effort lol.
      i be mad jelly of them niggas that be having omnibuses and shit all over their bigass shelves and they got their figures and shit too.

      yea pretty much, though MAX is more like a branch of the main Marvel company or something. Yea Ennis did great on that. He's pretty good on a bunch of stuff.

      i dont think i've played that one, but i did play this one on sega genesis that had like him and cyclops and spider-man and idk who else and it was side scrolling too; motherfucker has hard as shit, i dont think i passed a single level ahaha
    34. Memos
      I was speaking for me, more than anything. I wouldn't buy a console for $500, especially at release because it has no games.

      I was so happy how PS+ was only necessary for online play, which I don't use anyway. Everything else being free is just perfect for me. And it's not like it's not worth the $5 a month seeing as you can get a free game every month for it.
    35. Memos
      Cash, don't worry. Don't let some little glitch on an unfinished game worry you about a whole console.

      I remember hearing that while downloading games from the PSN during the first year or so you had to stay ON the download screen. Luckily I got it after they introduced background downloading. Can you imagine downloading a 3gb demo or something and not being able to do anything else while you wait? PS3 had so much of those kinds of problems so that's why I will wait at least a year for the PS4 to get everything sorted out.

      $500 dollars just isn't good enough anymore, no matter what the box is capable of. And really, all that TV watching you can do on it is worthless seeing as you can do all of that already so easily. I was gonna wait for a price drop on the PS4 initially because I was expecting it to be around ?400, but now it's not such a big deal. I got my PS3 for ?350 so it's not a bad price at all all things considered. Just gotta wait for those games to roll in. And yeah I know what you mean about the cross-game chat. It's such a simple thing that makes a big difference.

      Yeah the 24 hour checks will help them in certain ways, and the used game stuff will make them money I guess, but is it really worth alienating your core audience and putting up a barrier to a new audience? I really hope this blows up in their faces real hard so they start to respect the rights of the consumer again. As it is now with their plans for the XBone, the consumer is in such a shitty situation. I still can't believe what they are doing. And forget the internet checks every 24 hours, have you even heard of what you have to do if you're playing your games (using the Cloud, because you can't use your disc on someone else's console hahaha) on someone else's XBone? Internet checks every hour...
    36. Memos
      By frame rate issues are you referring to the Ass Creed demo? I think that was more to do with the game, not the console :lmao

      I had a 360 for a few months but then it couldn't read disks anymore so off it went and I haven't missed it since :lmao

      How about that price?
    37. Memos
      You remember how we were worrying about the PS4 being like the XBone with the used games and all that bull with the always online? Seems we don't have to worry about any of that.
    38. E
      Yea the art is always great. One day ima buy the big-ass books of the entire series.
      watch that'll end up happening to me then. what other image stuff do you read? have you read chew, or bedlam? i recommend those.

      oh yea that was one of them manly tear moments; that's another run that i wanna buy; i know the first part up to where johhny gets stuck in the N. Zone is gonna come out in omnibus form in the fall, that shit would be cool to get.
      yea all four of them made the comic pretty much; they all filled their roles perfectly. speaking of reed, have you read the current ultimates? hickman wrote the first arc, kinda

      i agree, i was really hyped for it and i guess that hype elevating it is making that slowness more noticeable, on both titles. hopefully the infinity event is good.

      oh yea same here, it adds more depth to the characters and makes them more than just 'oh hulk smashes shit and nobody can beat him' and the like. im pretty hype for the waid's daredevil issues with banner coming up.
      do you buy floppies? like on the day they come out? or do you download most and just buy the good stuff?
      my broke ass can only download 'em but i'll buy floppies by the bunch when some time goes by.

      Well the MAX universe is separate from the main universe and the stories are grittier and stuff. Punisher is great and there are others here and there, like a Thor mini series that was pretty good and more bloody and shit so it's different and cool.

      yea i like kitty too and wolverine as well despite anything ahaha, probably just cause he was like my favorite since i was a kid and stuff with the cartoon.

      plenty of rage to go around on that title lol;
    39. E
      Oh yea Mark is awesome, and he's not like Superman all broken and shit. You mean the fight with his dad? That shit was crazy and any other Viltrumite fight, them niggas are fucking nuts; dat nigga Thragg
      I've heard of Y the Last Man and how good it was, think ima add that to my list. The thing with me, is that i gotta like mentally prepare myself almost, cause once i start reading a series and i get hooked my brain goes completely into reading it and stuff, and then afterwards i gotta rest my brain rofl. That's how i read Invincible, i think it was in the 80s when i picked it up and just marathoned the motherfucker lol.

      Oh cool you read that run, that shit was amazing indeed, and i rarely use amazing to describe stuff. That page where Franklin goes "Come to me my Galactus" or something, oh shit dawg, i was like DAAAMNNN NIGGAAAAA, got goosebumps from that shit lel

      So you're liking his Avengers better than his New Avengers? I just really like the whole concept of the illumitati, you know, their top secret meeting and discussing shit, idk i like that type of stuff, shadowy meetings between fatcats and talking business and shit, and of course the inevitable time where they'll clash opinions and whatnot; like that whole t'challa/namor thing, hope that shit blows up (and that t'challa kills that fish cocksucker lel but we all know that wont stick)

      Oh yea Banner is great, that chapter with him and Tony going back and fourth trying to one-up the other was hilarious. My favorite thing about FF is Allred's art, love that style, something about it, and i know some people hate it, so i guess it's an acquired taste of sorts. Yea bro catch up on that Hawkeye, can't believe i forgot to mention that one; that shit's amazing too.
      Haha yea Land is horrible but i liked that the issues where kinda self-contained at first. I like Mckelvie too, his style goes perfect with these young hero type of books. At the moment YA is alright to me, it's moving a little slow to me, kinda like regular Avengers.

      I'd read that shit, right now it's 13 issues and the final issue comes out later this month. You read other MAX books before?

      I agree, but at least they're finally moving on with the Hellfire story that they've been putting off for fucking ever, which is why i even read it in the first place, cause i had already Schism and was following up on those little Hellfire pricks. I was interested in AA in the first place cause Mettle was like my favorite character in Avengers Academy and then just like that, they kill the poor nigga off in the first issue (i assume you read it, sorry if it's a spoiler)
    40. E
      yea and i dont wanna risk reading something bad cause i'll be all like 'oh i gotta finish it cause i start it or at finish this arc'
      mah nigga, invincible is my shit as well. i've read the first issue of saga but i forgot what it was about, so i gotta start again and i keep putting it off.

      thor and daredevil are both excellent, they're among my favorites
      im liking new avengers and even regular avengers is alright just cause i have a feeling the story will get better and the story will wrap up like Fantastic Four did when Hickman wrote it.
      i'm also liking Hulk, both FFs, Fury Max and Iron Man; pretty much the main big marvel titles and then there's others that im just reading for the sake of completion, like WatXM and Avengers Arena lol

      your reading any of those?
    41. Memos
      It seems to be setting up a story that has parts thousands of years apart so I hope Snyder can manage to bring them together in a satisfying way. It'll be great to see just how fucked up things get in the present to end up as the way it was in the future.

      I also want him to go bigger than just that merman. I want to see proper Cthulhu-like monstrosities.

      Have you read Snyder's American Vampire?
    42. Memos
      I did read The Wake. The art was so good. Look at that helicopter when it appeared. It had so much depth to it and was like it was jumping off the page. Loved that reveal.
    43. E
      i started with the new 52 as well, though it was like 6 months in or so and i was just straight out knocking out a bunch of books and then jumped to marvel from there; i couldnt really get into WW, though i know it's good. i've been dropping and picking up a bunch of books, now im more so into the marvel books cause yea, dc's been kinda meh;
      image is awesome when i find good stuff but i feel often feel lazy to dive into random stuff
    44. Memos
      I may try it. May...

      You Hickman haters can't appreciate the awesome.
    45. E
      oh yea, but im not really so deep into it; started a little over a year ago, got into it mad quick ahaha
    46. Memos
      Does it not control like MK did? Why didn't you like MvsC3?

      I did see it. I disagreed with pretty much all your points :lmao
    47. Memos
      I hate the current gaming industry and their focus on graphics. It leads to rocketing costs which means less of other stuff. And then you get games like Uncharted or Bioshock Infinite very rarely.

      Sony is gonna do that as well? I heard that how it works is that if you sell a game, it gets wiped from your console's memory when the new person loads it into their console.

      I really hope that Share feature works well. I love the idea of playing through a game with a friend and talking about the stuff that happens and theories on the story and whatever.

      I don't like Mortal Kombat style fighting games so I skipped Injustice. I was all over Marvel vs. Capcom 3 though. That kind of style I love, what with Street Fighter.
    48. Memos
      I just can't believe that it's come to this point that I have to deal with all this shit if I want to play video games...

      The PS4 is going to have to have a good price, get all it's features sorted out (the PS3 took years to get it's act together) and have a bunch of games I want for me to get it. Good games take so long to make and release these days that I really don't see the point in getting a system early anymore.

      Agreed on PC gaming. I'm constantly on Steam these days.
    49. Memos
      I can't believe that they're really trying this. How they think people will allow this shit in their homes is beyond me. The fact that millions of people WILL buy it is even further beyond me.
    50. Memos
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