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Mar 23, 2017 at 7:30 PM
Oct 12, 2009
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Bubyrd Ratcatcher

absolute Jushin, from rome

Bubyrd Ratcatcher was last seen:
Mar 23, 2017 at 7:30 PM
    1. James Bond
      James Bond
      Honestly didn't even make that connection as Hawkeye's surprise family disappointed me as I was hoping it was Fury and honey was like a code word.
    2. DemonDragonJ
      I see; that is a very interesting origin story, indeed.
    3. DemonDragonJ
      How did you choose your username? What is its origin story?
    4. Kenpachi TZ
      Kenpachi TZ
      Experienced in the sense that he has more life experience since he's older. He IS more intelligent considering he created F.I.R.E.S.T.O.R.M. and IIRC Wells was envious he'd won a particular award... repeatedly.

      Regardless, it did. It took Stein's consciousness and Ronnie's sexy bod. :lbj

      Don't ask me how some disembodied flying conscious plasma can change someone's appearance. :psyduck
    5. Kenpachi TZ
      Kenpachi TZ
      I get why it bugs you. You have this universe where crazy stuff happens and a bunch of super smart people to explain it away with big words like "tachyons" and speed calcs that make the OBD redundant.

      Then, the Ronnie thing happens and all they have is "lol evolution" without a single word as to how this guy wasn't turned into ash but plasma'd into someone else's body.

    6. Khris
      Merry Christmas Buby :)
    7. αshɘs
      No prob. Good thing I decided to check GWR after months. This was some hardcore shit again :p
    8. Mizura
      True. Well, TAL went on a lengthy hiatus and only came back a while ago, no helping there.

      Nowhere Boy actually got less interesting with time, I think. I dunno, I think it makes a big fuss about how the boy is the most miserable in the world, but his circumstances didn't seem That bad to me.
    9. Mizura
      Those were what got me into Noblesse in the first place. I actually started reading it quite early on (heck, I started the Noblesse thread here). I was So bummed when it gradually became just another action series. :D:

      I also don't really like the fact that the authors are now dividing their time between Noblesse, their new series (Ability) and a Noblesse spin-off. It rather affected Noblesse's art quality, plus the plot content became nil (they could have at least fleshed out those other elders a bit instead of treating them like fodder, c'mon).

      Oh well. :|
    10. Handsome Yak
      Handsome Yak
      Her character just appealed to me from the first moment :maybe
    11. αshɘs
      Haven't actually played the game myself yet, so don't know how well things turned out, but was a huge fan of their previous entry, Bastion which also has this VA as the narrator. Yeah, now that you mention it his voice is kinda similar to TNO :p
    12. αshɘs
      Sure, no prob. It's a fan art of the game Transistor.
    13. Ms. Jove
      Ms. Jove
      Oh, the adviser of the Anime Club is a woman that grew up in Italy, actually. She watched a lot of old stuff there.
    14. Ms. Jove
      Ms. Jove
      The librarian wanted suggestions from the Anime club, so the other adviser and I got the kids to put together a list. We got a ton of Naruto, Bleach, HunterxHunter, Death Note, etc. I snuck OP on there and he got like, all of it. :rotfl
    15. Detective
      And if you haven't already guessed, we don't even say his name.


      It's my GOAT level defensive strategy. It's worked perfectly since Game 1 of these Finals.
    16. Detective
      Dear Friend,

      I notice you lurking in our homely, humble NBA thread. A word of advice, the image posted as our section header essentially means we ignore a certain Shitlord Admin's presence completely.

      No interacting with the shitlord, no quoting the shitlord, and we completely blacklist anyone who interacts with the shitlord.

      That being said, Welcome to the Jungle of the NF NBA Section.

    17. Detective
      Harden a Shit

    18. Detective
      Durant has more chicken in him than rooster.

    19. Detective
      That Rooster is an angry French cousin of Foghorn Leghorn from Looney Tunes.

    20. Mizura
      Oh yeah, that! xD Well basically, magic replaces engineering and a bunch of other disciplines in the Kubera world. Magic education also closely parallels engineering education in our world (first comes the maths, then comes the physics, the application comes Last). I didn't know much about hindu myth before either. I only got a bit interested thanks to Kubera. But I do know it has a hella large number of Gods, and weird situations to put the Greek pantheon to shame.

      Eek, you were talking about Neji's First death? I found that one pretty good at the time, actually, though it was ruined by the fact that he got completely fodderized in Part II after being brought back. You're going to get a nasty shock when you read about his second death. It makes the first one seem like well-written Shakespeare. It was so stupid. And the stuff afterwards makes it look even More stupid, like, "Neji died again for This shit?" stupid. :D:
    21. Sasuke
      he doesn't as far as I know

      the artist probably just added it in for whatever reason :nonon
    22. Mizura
      Oh? The magic system surprised you? How come?

      Though, I was pleasantly surprised by how thoroughly she explores some of the social consequences of her spells. Hoti Visnu... yikes. Once it's described in-series, you realize that it's the sort of ability that's better off not existing, because it basically gives agonizing false hope. (I also found that scene of Ran begging his aunt to be Hella morbid D: )

      Currygom seems more into stuff from India than from Greece, so maybe it's that instead? I knew that Hindu mythology is pretty messed up, but I never got the impression that it was That dark...
    23. Mizura
      Ah-hah, I do keep mentioning Kubera. It's just, the series pulls off so many Different things in a unique way that it just kind of blows my mind. I still have no idea what could have inspired it. Maybe if the author were 50 years-old and had plenty of life experience, but the author is under 30 (I think?) and never even had a boyfriend. :oh
    24. Mizura
      Athletes' foot and unwashed hands. Ew. :lmao

      I actually like Nana. Sure, the characters make you rage, but they're just human in the end, and I was pretty shocked back then that the series had Actual break-ups. On Orange Marmalade: I loved it at first, but ugh the female protagonist has become so annoyingly whiny since. xP I like Cheese in the Trap among Shoujo series.
    25. Mizura
      Hmm. If I had to guess, I'd say he went because of a combination of:
      - A vague sense of unfinished business (it was his longtime dream after all)
      - A sense of responsibility and guilt towards a person who approached him enough for him to perhaps consider a friend, whose company he had learned to appreciate, and who is going because he considered Mori to be the hero he wanted to emulate
      - He probably told himself that it'd be the last time
      - Also, I suspect that his happy, stable family and career life still hasn't sunk in yet. He was still caught between two worlds: the world of the mountains that he lived for since forever, and the much newer family life. He didn't know for sure yet which one was more important to him.

      Mori seems to get most of his introspection done when challenging the mountains. And this time, he found his answer: the mountain more or less rejected him, and he longed to return to his family. He couldn't resist the call of the top once he was already there, but he dragged himself back from the brink of death to return to his family. Having found the answer he sought, he found peace of mind upon returning to his family, even despite the price he's paid.
    26. Mizura
      Finished The Climber. You call that sweet? I first saw your comment when his whole team died off. x'D
      But man, he's like, several times worse of an introvert than I am. And I scored 100% introversion on a test once. X"D Very interesting series though. One of the most in-depth portrayals of an introvert I've read in a series (most just portray cool and calm or emotionless guys, not real introverts) (probably the most in-depth, but I don't remember well for now), as well as said introvert slowly maturing, in this case with the mountains as a psychological battleground of sorts. Very interesting read. :3

      One Piece stands out for many things, character development is far from one of them. xP Dunno about Soul Eater, never read it.
    27. Mizura
      lol, that thread is like, a handful of people posting scattered posts of series with Real character development but getting ignored, while the rest are arguing over series with no real character development to speak of. o,o Thanks for the rec for "The Climber" by the way, I don't usually read sports series but it's quite interesting so far. :D (I already knew Real of course, it feels so real that I can't even think of them in terms of "characters" or "character development")

      Really, "I just had a realization! I shall henceforth put even more effort into beating shit up!" is not character development. u_u;;
    28. Chocochip
      Thanks a million man, yeah a player just ad Di Maria with pace and the ability to cross would do wonders for us.
    29. Dei
      Nah I'm from Sweden, my phrasing was quite bad:P Italy does indeed seem beautiful. Your guys goverment as you said though do make a fool of themselves quite a bit, looking at Silvio Berlusconi:lmao

      Haven't heard of any of thoose mangas other than Psyren, will need to check them out. Psyren I started and found quite enjoyable. I found out it ended horribly though and my interest diminished.
    30. Dei
      Thats awesome, Italy is one of the countries in europe I'd like to visit the most. Nami was amazing during the second half and towards the end of the first. I really liked Yura when he reappeard. Yura vs Carl was my overall favourite fight in the series.
    31. Dei
      Surpised to see another person who has read alive, and that has a yura avy. Yura was prolly my fav character in the series.
    32. Dei
      Is that Yura from alive in your profile pic?:pimp
    33. Stringer
      Yeah it's from C.A.T, a great series

      Too bad the author went on an hiatus and never returned

      I especially like his art style.
    34. Algol
      Awesome, thanks for the info.
    35. Algol
      What's ur av from, if you don't mind please?
    36. Mizura
      You're welcome! I'm surprised at how logically she managed the history of that world. Pity we don't get more updates. :( That's the main reason I don't recommend it more often.
    37. Xin
      Thanks :)
    38. thetitansage
      Vagabond is just plain epic... just had to say that on your set haha
    39. Mider T
      Mider T
      :lmao Thanks.

      Reps...they are a-comin
    40. Mizura
      We still don't know Why God Kubera is ordering the Sura to kill the one with the Power of the Name. We don't even know if there is only one target.

      Before Maruna attacked Atera, Brilith noted that villages elsewhere were being destroyed (chapter 6). And after Gandharva decided to leave Atera alone for a while, he and Maruna supposedly went to destroy other villages (chapter 29). So, they're either not sure of the location of the target, or there are several targets. It may be why Leez thinks she was getting stronger (chapter 33): because other name bearers were being killed off.

      (I have a handy dandy reference thread to find back info. Too much info to keep track of otherwise xD )

      Notice that God Kubera made Sagara and her army attack Atera even though he Knew that Leez was gone. In short, he purposely misdirected them.

      Now Chapter 87:
      Leez: But then, if my continued existence causes you harm, there's no way you would give me the choice. So if I live, there must be some kind of benefit for you. Right?
      God Kubera: I don't know. I am not Visnu.
      (also in this chapter: God Kubera is seen talking to someone, who says "the opponent already knows the outcome of this battle." Now, only Primeval Gods have insight into Natural Gods and Nastika, so this opponent is likely either Kali or Visnu himself)

      In Chapter 61, Visnu is shown telling Kasak that Yuta may become his enemy, but Visnu won't tell him what choice to make. So, I think God Kubera is in a similar situation: he himself doesn't know whether letting Leez live is the right choice. It could benefit him, but maybe it could also ruin whatever plans he has.

      About Ananta: Ananta is pretty much described as having died. I think in the distant past, Kali may have tricked God Kubera by teaching him a way to neutralize Ananta's name. God Kubera and Ananta both represent the Earth attribute, so my theory is that the two names may have fused into something more dangerous after a matter/anti-matter like reaction. So in fact, what's happening to Leez is a big deal, not because she has God Kubera's name, but because Ananta's power is buried within too.
      (Why Kali by the way? Well, the side novel also shows that the Garuda clan was actually in a pretty bad position: most of the higher-ranking Garuda Nastika had already died, and if Garuda himself fell then the clan would be in peril. Some other readers have theorized that perhaps, Kali promised to rid them of the Ananta king, therefore weakening the Garuda clan's biggest enemy clan, in exchange for Garuda promising her a child).

      Ananta's power: Now THAT is a big enough deal for there to be 5 Sura armies including 2 Nastika kings sent after her. Why now, though? The side novel confirms that Ananta was already dead by the time Maruna and his siblings were separated, way back in D873. Also, Leez was born the year of the Cataclysm. Somehow this must all be related.
    41. Mizura
      I don't think Asha's connection with Visnu is what will shock her. She barely knows Visnu, and Visnu is a virtuous God as far as Leez is concerned. I think she'll be more shocked to discover Asha's connection to "Mister." Oh and, things won't be pretty once she discovers that Yuta is Maruna's brother (and that Maruna blew up her village just to find his siblings).

      Ah, your understanding about God Kubera isn't exactly correct:

      - God Kubera knows Exactly who Leez is. He had the choice between killing her and letting her live, and since he didn't want to make the decision, he forced Leez to make the decision for him (in their conversation in the Water Channel, Leez matter of factly noted that God Kubera is asking her to cast the dice that he's supposed to). I think Visnu must have told him something. Visnu told Kasak about bits of Kasak's future, but told Kasak that he won't tell him the consequences of his choices. It must have been the same with God Kubera.

      - We don't know WHY he is looking for the Power of the Name. In fact, the fact that the Sura are helping him seems to imply that the plan (at least what he's telling the Sura) isn't entirely beneficial or right to him. In chapter 2-25, Shess noted "My mother knows this plan is not what you truly desire. So please... don't abandon yourself like this."

      - Another thing is that there's obviously more to the Name than just God Kubera's name. In Chapter 99, we learned that Gods are much weaker than Nastika. Currygom even explained on her blog that each of the original Nastika Kings can take on all the 5-zen Natural Gods at the same time (which makes sense, since the Gods didn't manage to kill most of them yet). I suspect it has to do with the Name and the death of Ananta (who was the strongest being in the Universe. In Chapter 84, Agni congratulates God Kubera for killing Ananta, only for God Kubera to admit it was a mistake). This is further supported by the fact that in chapter 2-22, Leez saw Ananta in her dream. :S (in a side novel, Currygom also explained that unlike humans, Nastika don't have afterlives: when they die, the power of their Name disappears and their existence completely ceases. This means that it makes no sense for the ghost to Ananta to be lingering around)
    42. Mizura
      Whoa there, One Piece is already over 700 chapters, and since I'm sure the second half of the Grand Line will be longer and more complex than the first, it means that it will easily end with 1200~1500 chapters. Kubera doesn't need to be THAT long to show its world. xD

      Also, One Piece frequently deviates from any main storyline by focusing on smaller areas. Kubera however focuses mostly on its central storyline (even if all the characters are approaching it from different angles). Still, this means I doubt it will get dragged on quite as long as One Piece.

      That said, I'm pretty sure it'll be over 300 chapters, maybe approaching 400 or 500. Currygom said that Season 1 was something like an intro. Also, she said that the core of the story is a love story. She Also said that in Season 2, God Kubera x Leez and Yuta x Leez will be neck to neck, while the true winner will be the friendship between Asha and Leez, since Asha is the one Leez trusts the most. Basically, by the end of Season 2, the core love story wouldn't even have started developing yet. xD
    43. Mizura
      It's true that Currygom's world seems too ambitious, but keep in mind that it's supposedly quite long. Currygom said that season 1 was an intro. Even if Leez herself doesn't travel to other planets, I think we'll see more of them through flashbacks. I'm convinced we'll get the full story on what happened to Carte, for example, as well as more info on what happened in the Sura realm. Currygom has also mentioned that we'll see Agni's past. That implies that there's a significant past to see, so we may even get more about the God's realm.

      I think Leez will end up travelling back and forth between the Sura realm and the human realm, and that the Gods will show up sooner or later.
    44. Delicious
      wheres your avy from?
    45. Psi Factor
      Psi Factor
      Which manga is your avatar from? Chapter link plz :hurr
    46. Darth Nihilus
      Darth Nihilus
      I've heard of that. I think there was a movie adaptation made recently as well.
    47. Darth Nihilus
      Darth Nihilus
      That avatar

      Where is it from
    48. HolyDemon
      I think my memory was fuzzy when I wrote it, but I shouldn't have listed D-Ash; it's more of a slice-of-life about a main char athlete, than a sports manga (as in one with a lot of training and competition scene). That's not to say the manga doesn't have them, but the main plot is about romance, relationship, and drama.
    49. Punpun
      Actually I remember reading the first chapters or so and I wasn't that compelled by reading more. :amuse

      Afterall It's nothing more than a gintama rip-off with no sex joke in it. :hurr
    50. Punpun
      Hey ! Did you read the crossover ? (GintamaxSD) I have yet to read the second part but I will def begin to read SD. It being by an ex assistant of Gintama's author should be a gage of uality. :amuse

      Happy easter, well I got my chocolate.. :iria

      Nothing wrong with liking SD more too.. as there is no new chapter of Gintama being translated. :(
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