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Jan 1, 2015
Sep 17, 2010
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Active Member, from derse

brolmes was last seen:
Jan 1, 2015
    1. Itachі
      why don't you come back faggot
    2. Ark 2.0
      Ark 2.0
      <argh>Coem back sweet prince, it's almost over</argh>
    3. wat
      come back for this year tho
    4. Bill G
      Bill G
      Homosuck. Where have you gone?
    5. EnterTheTao
      i can't fucking believe i'm back before you
    6. RemChu
      Looking through your albums, the art is amazing.
    7. Larcher
      Your dead and so am I. :(
    8. aiyanah
      don't listen to remchu, he doesn't like fun
    9. RemChu
      Don't come back
      you are too good for us
    10. aiyanah
      fuck you homesick
      get back here :(
    11. Jane
      Without you around to maintain balance the niggerbeast has grown out of control.
    12. Larcher
      Fuck off, guys. I miss him the most. :yk
    13. lol
      I miss you the most
    14. Mockingbird
      I miss you too. :tomacry
    15. Larcher
      I miss you :tomacry
    16. wat
      rip jack noir
    17. Bill G
    18. Kenneth
      Fucking hell I miss you but you're out there doing good things

      Maybe next year you'll be back for a day
      Maybe next year I can feel really gay again
    19. Aries
      [LINKHL]606[/LINKHL]" rel="nofollow" class="externalLink" target="_blank">http://oyster.ignimgs.com/wordpress/stg.ign.com/2015/01/mnC9lSC.gif[/IMG]
    20. Mathias124
      Such to be an American citizen eh?
      Never learning how to argue your case but still having a strong belief in wrong things :P
      Homophobia will get you nowhere batty boy
    21. lol
      Are you religious
    22. babaGAReeb
      oh yeah lol how could i have forgotten

      you might be good at this but you cant match dave when it comes to surrealism
    23. babaGAReeb
      the ones you've made for this site are really surreal

      but not as surreal as that hella jeff comic u make
    24. babaGAReeb
      so the saga ends with solid snake watchin gay porn lol

      will u make any more or was that the last?
    25. babaGAReeb
      wow dude :lmao
      i think i have seen at least one of these comics u make but i didnt know u made so many

      zaru being teh fuhrer wud make sense, he is austrian i think.

      ur a billion times better artist/writer then kishi
      wud petition to change NF to homestuckforums
    26. babaGAReeb
      i just noticed u have a shit load of images in ur album thingie

      love the hitler one
      swastika rep ftw
    27. babaGAReeb
      yeah bro, i am free once moar

      they banned me 4 tryin to gas autist king
    28. Punished Pathos
      Punished Pathos
      Thank you for the rep.
      Its an honor :beardthing
    29. Kenneth
      Ugh I forgot, think it was trolling
    30. Ai
      Why aren't you my friend? :stfu
    31. Kenneth
      Now we wait for his judgment

      And we weep and smile and hope and pray
    32. Kenneth
      I want this
    33. Ark 2.0
      Ark 2.0
      <argh>...well it mostly depends on the books, book 2 and 3 for instance have an overarching plot, while 4 for instance is mostly fun storys...in my opinion vol 2 and 3 is where things really start ...also Dr. dinosaur...</argh>
    34. Ark 2.0
      Ark 2.0
      <argh>...so, what did you think?...</Argh>
    35. Kenneth
      Clearly it's some evil mastermind that's terrorizing our hearts and minds, setting us all up to fight against one another

      What a bastard
    36. babaGAReeb
      would never remove it, obviously was an awesome person whoever he was. its a shame they banned him

      whats this? a friend request from the real thing?
      im honored :cry

      obvious dupe name would be so proud of me now
    37. Ark 2.0
      Ark 2.0
      <argh>...I told you it could be worse dog, I told you about the dramas...</Argh>
    38. Jane
      Fuck yeah!

      the funny bone dance is the best dance

      absolutely not fucking retarded
    39. wat
      those concepts were lost to me long ago
      [LINKHL]4557[/LINKHL]" rel="nofollow" class="externalLink" target="_blank">http://www.jhamptone.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/The-Edge.jpg[/img]
    40. wat
      i just

      wanted to know what it felt like :wastone
    41. Jane
      I was probably high. spotted it a few days ago while staring at the majestic buttguardingmon you drew :wastone
    42. Jane
      I noticed that you intentionally draw pixelization in your art. That's really fucking cool and just a little bit insane :wastone
    43. lol
      You can call me Al by Paul Simon

      One of my favourite songs

      The little guy is Paul Simon and the big fella is Chevy Chase, that actor guy
    44. forkshy
      ah, i once made this awesome quantum division diagram to explain how ark could survive four simultaneous duels if only one version of him survived. that was a fun thread. it's somewhere around still, but all the images are broken.

      yeah, jokes with obvious punchlines usually aren't funny. >_< sorry, i can't help myself... >_<
    45. forkshy
      what's with that mathy physics thing in your gallery?

      i am also a fan of making diagrams like that in threads.

      ...at least i was before the great weariness overtook me and i stopped putting effort into my posts and threads.
    46. Ark 2.0
      Ark 2.0
      <argh>...I'm so sorry brolmes...</Argh>
    47. Kue
      Don't ever change.
    48. Kue
      I also see why you think I want to wear down your defenses. It seems like something I would do.

      I use my own rep impulsively, making it difficult for me to rep whore because then I have to be conscious of how much reps I have left to give, and I'm far too lazy to keep track of it, and it takes away the enjoyment of just giving it because you actually want to.

      I disagree with a lot of what you believe in, but I'm able to see past those things to see someone that's truly entertaining. I was upset when you, shima, and many others got banned, which essentially got me to rebel against bioness, but how boring the forum got made me instead just to be largely inactive. I also think it's beneath me to just dislike someone just because they don't see things the same way I do. If everyone here agreed to everything, shit would get boring quickly.

      What I'm trying to say I hope if anything you don't actually change, I enjoy your posts in this forum regardless of what you think of me. :)

      This probably explains how I get myself in toxic relationships. :nonon
    49. Kue
      I'm just addicted to drama. It's that simple. :hurr
    50. Ark 2.0
      Ark 2.0
      <argh>...I'm so sorry brolmes...</argh>
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