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Blazing CobaltX
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Feb 26, 2017 at 6:43 PM
Jan 9, 2011
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Jan 6, 1998 (Age: 19)
The Netherlands
Student, TA

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Blazing CobaltX

Yuri Trainer on Fire, 19, from The Netherlands

Blazing CobaltX was last seen:
Feb 26, 2017 at 6:43 PM
    1. kaileena
    2. Diddy
      We can find a solution, I have no doubt. :cry

      Yeah, especially if said people who do things for you then try to guilt trip you with what they've done. "But I've done this and that for you, why are you doing this in return?"

      Christ, one year my mother decided to invite people over for my birthday. I was completely unaware, in my pjs and hadn't moved from my bed in like two days. It was horrible.
    3. Diddy
      You are a poor child, deprived of the true happiness that can be found in this world. :wth I approve of the gay fanfic readings tho.

      No, I understand where you're coming from. I've been accused of being ungrateful as well. In most situations it's because I'm not overly pleased with things I haven't asked for and people blame me, even though I never asked anyone to do anything for me, or give me anything, for not jumping up and down.

      I also don't like surprises. My anxiety doesn't take them well.
    4. Diddy
      I am shaking with excitement. :LOS

      That is very true, and one reason I am happy. I don't really like reading books digitally, though. I always prefer to have them in my hands and turn the pages and all that jazz. I think it's a Samsung Galaxy Express 2 or something. The tablet is a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 so yeah :lmao

      Rebel Blaze. I approve. :hurr
    5. Diddy
      I'm also a slut for all other sexualities and genders. Bring it all. :LOS

      I was hoping for a kindle or something. I mean, I didn't have to pay for it so it's cool to have it and I even got to choose the colour (black ofc) but still, I already have this in phone format, which I can take to a lot more places. :rotfl

      What did you win that was too girly?
    6. Diddy
      You know me, I'm a slut for bisexuals so you can do whatever you like. :LOS

      Also lmao I won a tablet in an English writing contest and I'm so amused cause I found out what it is and it's literally the bigger version of my phone. :rotfl
    7. Diddy
    8. Diddy
      I felt your excitement through the screen. It hit me like a tsunami wave. I AM HAPPY FOR YOU AND YOUR DRAMA!!!

      Listen, I am a grade A procrastinator and this is a way of life!
    9. Diddy
      It has dark themes and I know all about it, but those stories I can totally get behind because I like angst and suffering. I CANNOT BELIEVE I HAVE NOT WATCHED THAT YET!
    10. Diddy
      I knew it the second I saw you current activity. I was not disappointed. :hurr

      I still haven't finished Tess tho. :rotfl
    11. Diddy
      Last Activity: Today 12:04 AM
      Current Activity: Viewing Thread What book are you reading now? - Part 1

    12. Diddy
      I understand to some extent. It's just being in the fandom that I am, I'd rather avoid all the abuse and accusations. Most of the time it's just people being so filled with hate they are downright ignorant but it's still annoying because so many of them think they're right and oh so holy. But I do feel the same way when it comes to a lot of other fandoms.

      I don't like posting. :wth I just like chatting with ma' babes on here.
    13. Gino
    14. Diddy
      How can you stand so much stupidity though? :wth I haven't posted anything in aaaages.

      You repped me four times so you're the one to talk. :pek
    15. Diddy
      Yeah I know, which is why I was so eager to approve. :maybe

      I stick to FCs and other non nardo related sections. The intelligence of a lot of people on this forum who frequent the Naruto side is still too overwhelming for me to handle. :lmao

      Yeah, although my rep is disabled so not at the moment. How many times have I graced you with my reps? :LOS
    16. Diddy
      Last time we spoke on here I would have disapproved but look where we are now. Fire away, my dear. :hurr

      I tried lurking in the good old sections a while back, saw the overwhelming amount of hate and misinformation and said fuck it and left.
    17. Diddy
      Pairings. The trash that always lures us back in and lets us know we can never escape. :awesome
    18. Diddy
      I've seen you a lot more on here recently. What gives? :LOS
    19. Naruhinasasusaku
    20. Naruhinasasusaku


      if you don't mind translate it
    21. Naruhinasasusaku
      i mean written translation
    22. Naruhinasasusaku

      can you translate this

      if you don't mind ??

      in visitor messages
    23. afgpride
      no i wasn't lol, no wonder you avoid other afghans... good, avoid them like the plague :lmao

      that is very true, i wish you success!
    24. Joran van der Sloot
      Joran van der Sloot
      Hey can you helpen mij? Ik ben trying to cover up dood lichaam, but my beautifull boot is niet zo steady, so she in het water gevallen and now she sunk to de bodem van the ocean.. help.
    25. afgpride
      That's what I said actually haha. "Rare" means minority.

      That's alright, it's all part of evolving. As long as what you're doing now is something you're actually interested in, everything else was part of the road you're heading in now.
    26. afgpride
      it could work in your favor; if men are rare, you will probably stand out more (in a good way)

      depends on the position, but yeah if you do pretty well in uni it's not that hard to get a decent job with them
    27. afgpride
      i'm talking about society as a whole, i didn't even know you could study that in uni

      mostly female huh, why do you think that is?

      so far so good, and i'm keeping my options open; could and up just working for google, being a video game developer or start my own programming based business (starting out with apps and eventually branching off into software)
    28. afgpride
      wow, pedagogy? that's the first time i've even heard of it, and it sounds interesting... i think we are definitely in need of it moving forward, wish you the best of luck

      i'm in my 2nd year
    29. Diddy
      Awww, you really like Korrasami :hurr
    30. Diddy
      I love the idea that two people can be together and then remain friends and have such a strong bond, it's so refreshing that they didn't start hating each other or that there was no awkwardness after the initial "okkkk we just broke up" strage.

      I feel your pain, I always go for the angsty ones so I understand perfectly :argh
    31. afgpride
      haha i do that too, but one time one of those showoff uncles (whom i didn't know) made a scene out of it and called me out in front of everybody for not saying salam, ranting about how kids our generation don't know their manners and stuff :lmao

      i see, i have some family in the netherlands too. have you decided what you want to do after you graduate?
    32. afgpride
      i hate that too, especially when there's a lot of them; i came late to a family gathering once and had to greet like 30 strangers one by one awkwardly on my own :catprone


      i was born in afghanistan, moved to canada as a refugee at the age of 5, since then i grew up in canada with a single mom and two younger siblings, currently studying computer science in uni

      that's my life in a sentence

      you're turn :pimp
    33. afgpride
      why do you run away? :lmao

      i'm not going to start speaking to you in dari or ask which family you belong to (might call you bachem a lot though)

      everyone has a story to tell :noworries
    34. Diddy
      I didn't hate Makorra but it was so forced and the whole original love triangle definitely was not for me.

      I'm not all that bothered by it since I don't particularly believe in the concept of deserving. Horrible things happen to good people and most of the time they are not equipped to deal with these horrible things, they just have to. Korra went through it and came out beautifully as a strong young woman ready to take on the world with all of its horrible flaws, but I do see your point.
    35. afgpride
      bachem you added me years ago and haven't even talked to me

      where's your manners :pek

      tell me your story
    36. afgpride
      you're afghan right?
    37. Diddy
      I hope so as well, I want more representation and more people seeing non-sexualized queer pairings on screen to have even the worst of the worst get used to the idea that us queers are real.

      Yep, pretty much, people are just so shocked since if they hadn't gone with Korrasami and they HAD to make something canon, Makorra would have been it, and you even see in people's reactions when they're talking that they were expecting something with them but thank god that didn't happen.
    38. Diddy
      It's about time, too. I hope this isn't gonna be just a rare occurrence.

      Yeah, a lot of the haters are probably homophobes or just don't give a shit about representation and how this affects (positively) the society we live in. It's the "but it shouldn't matter anymore so pls don't mention why it should matter to me" mentality that people have. It's easier to be ignorant, and in this case it's easier for ignorant straight people to rage that their straight couple wasn't the one.

      Yeah this will definitely help a lot of people out there, especially young girls.
    39. Diddy
      The world is advancing Blaze :hurr it's getting some character development.

      That sounds extremely familiar to me ;33 /is not trying to be a bitch it just comes naturally but yeah, it sucks some people are disappointed by it but the behaviour of any losing fandom is always fucking ridiculous :sag

      Yep, we are a family in celebration :hurr
    40. Diddy
      Well who expected it, really? I never thought they had the balls to make it canon but here we are :yay

      Meh, typical bitter pairing fan reaction. Being in the fandoms that I am in, I had to deal with A LOT of that and it's just the fact that they can't deny it anymore and they're lashing out:lmao I quite enjoy seeing them tbh, makes it all more real plus the tears are delicious :hurr

      I know, it's a FC thing. Many, many years ago a contract was made that stated that once we get canonized everyone who signed the contract will wear matching sets and here we are :awesome
    41. Diddy
      These kind of things make me glad youtube exists :lmao reaction videos are a blessing. I love how everyone reacted like :wth when they held hands :rotfl

      Haters gonna hate and they won't stop but now there can be no more "PLATONIC HANDHOLDING AND STARING INTO EACH OTHER'S EYES GOD WHY DO YOU MAKE EVERYTING OUT TO BE GAY" from them and they can eat shit :hurr
    42. Diddy
      Did you see this? :rotfl

      Seeing how happy people are because of Korrasami gives me life. I can't believe Bryke went as far as confirming it, I thought they were gonna play it off as a "you can interpret it however you want" sort of thing to be safe but damn :hurr /is still high on the happiness
    43. Sayaka
      Wow...so much hate...

      I even came across from NS fans that think this was like NH....LIKE what?
    44. Sayaka

      QUEER REP I SERIOUSLY lkxjldkgs
    45. Sayaka
    46. Kaitou

      its damn crazy huh?
    47. Kaitou
      I remember when I was in my late teens when I registered.
    48. Sayaka

    49. Sayaka
    50. Sayaka
      Hmm I'm bisexual so and my mom is kinda pretty laid back about it (though when her daughter said she might be Bi she has a gasket.) I think its really just maybe a parents reaction in a way...though they do need to realize that it is a possibility ya know? Honestly I just hope future comics of LOK will show some of the issues of sexuality. They already gotten through the war world war 2 phase? and they don't have ANY slavery issues...maybe Bryke will go into this issue, they do seem pretty interested in sexuality now...as far as I know book has been really gay and not just with Korrasami..

      Also I did see that Mako obviously has feelings but for Korra...The last scene made me see she didn't, like she just smiles at him unsure.

      Also have you notice Korra holds a facade with Mako and others but with Asami she literally pours her thoughts and heart out?
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    Jan 6, 1998 (Age: 19)
    The Netherlands
    Student, TA
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    In a godless relationship with multiple waifus
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    Episode: 32(Part I), 44(Part II)


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