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Apr 20, 2016
Sep 27, 2009
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Nov 9, 1991 (Age: 25)
Washington, D.C.

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#futurehive, 25, from Washington, D.C.

Bilaal was last seen:
Apr 20, 2016
    1. Kurou
      nigga what :lbj
    2. Sazabi24
      I'm mostly just studying for my university exams. Need high GPA for law school x_x
    3. Darth Nihilus
      Darth Nihilus
      I'm surprised you still lurk the forums :maybe
    4. Gemini Edlab
      Gemini Edlab
      That one you posted is 10/10 material though. :hestonlaugh
    5. Gemini Edlab
      Gemini Edlab
      You got any other funny shit like this one? :uvalaugh
    6. Gemini Edlab
      Gemini Edlab
      That was like a porn dialogue scene from a mongoloid porn movie. Wtf. :hestonlaugh
    7. Gemini Edlab
      Gemini Edlab
      I let my dupe warriors doing all the work nowdays. :maybe

      So, what's up pal? Long time no see you too.
    8. Gemini Edlab
      Gemini Edlab
      I am some old regular who was known as Blade.

      You remember him Bilaal? :maybe
    9. Xeogran
      Oh you did? I post randomly here and there, not stickied to one section.
    10. Xeogran
      You seem like a rather nice fella.
    11. Darth Nihilus
      Darth Nihilus
      I've been out of the loop for so long
    12. p-lou
      idk i only read maybe 3 or 4 chapters of it
    13. p-lou
      did YOU know viz is printing sunny and it'll be out in may????
    14. Asune
      that's some badass rep there
    15. God
      quality posters all leave :(
    16. Mali
      Thanks man, sorry for the late reply, I was on hiatus (lol).

      I'd also rep but, lolnull.
    17. Mali
      Velveteen Mandara fan :vegeta

      Weres your sig from?
    18. Han Solo
      Han Solo
      Yeah I've heard about A Drunken Dream and Other Stories before, didn't really know what it was though. I've been neglecting new manga aswell, just been keeping up with the stuff I know, it's a pain in the ass to find new gems when I've read most of what p-lou/Nuzzie/The Doctor have already recommened.

      Twin Spica is one new manga though, really good.
    19. Han Solo
      Han Solo
      Read any good new manga recently?
    20. Darth Nihilus
      Darth Nihilus
      That's what happens when you watch Krush Groove for the first time in years mein square
    21. p-lou
      i'm glad you responded bilaal

      i was worried the hurricane or earthquake got you :'(
    22. p-lou
      sunny is being scanned now

    23. Darth Nihilus
      Darth Nihilus
      AVS Converter
      Freemake Video Converter

      Whichever you choose
    24. Darth Nihilus
      Darth Nihilus
      You can't make them from mkv files. You'll have to convert the file into an avi file and then you can make gifs from the avi file itself afterwards.

      I have CS5 as well :maybe
    25. Castiel
    26. zenieth
      yo, what's that image from? And is it a decent watch?
    27. Hated Uchiha
      Hated Uchiha
      i know right lol bein a fan myself i figure i might as well hip people
    28. Hated Uchiha
      Hated Uchiha
      yessir. what u kno about it
    29. αshɘs
      As long as no one complains :p
      Uncivilized Planet for example also had rough stuff going on and the post is still there.

      Believers is also still intact, though at least it doesn't shows certain body parts

      Freesia was the first I've read by him :lmao
    30. αshɘs
      The concept and the art were good, yeah the execution lacked. This is definitely my least favorite by him, but for a first serialization it wasn't that bad.

      Also I was thinking of dumping Keep on Vibrating :lmao and there's also a oneshot called Hiroko at after-school
    31. Castiel
      Nicest guy in town
    32. Castiel
      I hope you don't mind that I did this, I just really liked it.
    33. p-lou
      this is what i got


    34. αshɘs
      Okay then. I think Zero also isn't dumped, so I'll post that too and maybe some other stuff as well.
    35. αshɘs
      Hmm since Takemitsu Zamurai isn't dumped yet, I might do it in the near future. There aren't any special rules for that, right?
    36. p-lou

      it should be there now. my bad. i also found out recently there was a volume of touch missing too. i dunno what happened. ):
    37. Big Bοss
      Big Bοss
      Going to finish Dororo in a bit, I will let you know how it goes, if you don't mind off course :quite
    38. αshɘs
      Is No.5 completely scanned?
    39. Abigail
      I need the Kuuga list again.

      Seems to have been removed from imageshack
    40. Crimson Dragoon
      Crimson Dragoon

      I got it by living through a Mafia game

      I was so proud of myself
    41. The Imp
      The Imp
      haha negi x nagi brings back good memories

      it was fun while it lasted
    42. Big Bοss
      Big Bοss
      I am definetly a fan of Tezuka's work now, and I am sure as hell not going to judge a manga for it's art before reading it from now on.

      I am going to finish Dororo but it you don't mind can you give me some recommendations of good manga's from Tezuka :)
    43. Big Bοss
      Big Bοss
      Damn I just read the first volume and it was awesome! this manga is so easy and fun to read, I mean I started and before I notice I had finish the first volume already.

      Also I got to say I wasn't too happy about the art but the story is so fucking amazing that after the 3 page you see that there isn't other type of art for this great story, and yeah now I think the art is great.
    44. Big Bοss
      Big Bοss
      Samurai manga?! man I was searching for a good Samurai manga after reading Vagabond, I am going to download this right now.

      Thanks man :brofist
    45. Big Bοss
      Big Bοss
      Hey man from which manga is your avatar? it's seems cool :hmm
    46. αshɘs
      I still need to read Keep on Vibrating, Wendy and Tropical Citron.

      But first; once I finish Eden, next up will be Gogo Monster and Takemitsu Zamurai:ryoma
    47. αshɘs
      I see you just added some Jiro stuff to the dump. I was just planning to make some recs in the oneshot/one volume thread today including Becchin and Mandara:pirate
    48. Red
      Where is your sig from?
    49. αshɘs
      You don't have to rush, since next volume will be scanned who-knows-when :/

      Didn't hear any news about its ending, but as it stands right now it might end in a couple of volumes. I don't know if Hayashida could compress the ending into one volume though...
    50. αshɘs
      Did you read the new Dorohedoro volume?

      I only ask because the thread has no activity despite the volume being out for a while now:(
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    Nov 9, 1991 (Age: 25)
    Washington, D.C.
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    In a committed relationship with my 2d waifu
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