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Oct 23, 2016 at 7:23 PM
Oct 31, 2010
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Active Member, from Carcosa

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Oct 23, 2016 at 7:23 PM
    1. Revolution
      You are welcome, Little Lady
    2. Revolution
      This is what you are looking for
    3. Vanadius
      I wanted to thank you for the rep. Although I find it unusual since I don't recall us being friends or even allies in the KL. Just curious as to why you repped me. By the way, I feel like I know you. Did you change your name?
    4. Vanity 6
      Vanity 6
      i'm secretly a fan of your posts.
    5. SuperSaiyaMan12
      I love how you accuse me of bias while posting shit like 'even though Naruto tanked an attack that cut the moon in half, it wasn't impressive since I think the moon was hollow!'
    6. blackguyinpinksuit
      Heh thanks for the rep man.

      You really are pro-sasuke huh :hurr
    7. tari101190
      Thanks for rep.
    8. arokh
      A dictatorship is a form of government. What you mean to say is that Sasuke's revolution will probably be violent and forceful in nature, as most successful revolutions are, even though his likely won't succeed and he and Naruto will meet in the middle and 'rule' the world together(this is just a figure of speech).

      However, Sasuke has given no inkling that he wants to rule the world as Commander in Chief. That's because we have no clue yet what his plan truly entails. I myself think its got something to do with destroying the past -- tampering with the memories of the ones in the genjutsu - who knows? He certainly has the power to do anything right now.

      You can surely say that Sasuke's methods are forceful, but the term dictaorship isn't one which logically follows yet because we have no clue what structuring Sasuke will be doing to the world. Its just a hunch at the moment.
      LMFAO u fail at reading a cartoon at the level of donald duck
    9. arokh
      Aahhahahah I told you so, Sasuke is going to be a dictator now it's confirmed (again). Kinda obvious but you were probably the only person on the planet who didn't understand this. How does it feel?
    10. ChaosTheory123
      Just in case you miss it :maybe

      Am genuinely curious about that one.
    11. TaskMaster
      Hey I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind looking at my story “So Called Heroes” and giving some feedback on it. It’s going to take over the Manga World!! It’s in the Konoha Literature section in the forums. Here is the link: X
      Please and thanks!
    12. Alucardemi
      Thanks Man!
    13. Colonel Awesome
      Colonel Awesome
      I appreciate your attempt to rep me, but your reps will be null until your reach 50 posts, just for future reference. :P
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