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Jan 23, 2013
Jun 29, 2008
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Jan 8, 1969 (Age: 48)
in Raki's boxers
Youma Headhunter extraodinaire

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L33t Kick-Ass Ghost, 48, from in Raki's boxers

_Claire_ was last seen:
Jan 23, 2013
    1. haegar
      mh. I can relate :hurr
    2. haegar
      I bumped up the thread: X Maybe somebody knows something ... and no, sry no clue about manwha exclusive sites...

      update: inquired in irc @ blackrock, raws are delayed or sth ... they will continue though, gonna post that ...
    3. haegar
      I dunno, sry, no clue. though one would think with it being new hiatus is unlikely and its a scanlation issue - specially since there were some squabbles back at the time about several competing groups or whatnot. I remeber looking for it at otaku central but not makin heads or tails of the damn spanish page. anyways, there is a thread somewhere here for this one ...
    4. Fran
      Holy smokes you're alive.
    5. haegar
      thx 4 cookie. gonna read the translated ch12 now ...
      *jumps up and down outa pure joy*
    6. Stark
      Mount Laurel
    7. Muk

      poke poke :D
    8. Muk
      poke xD poke ;D
    9. Taurus Versant
      Taurus Versant
      No I'm afraid not.

      And Lyme Disease :uwah Jesus, I'm sorry to hear that. My heart goes out to you, I hope you're getting better :hug
    10. Taurus Versant
      Taurus Versant
    11. Taurus Versant
      Taurus Versant

      This's the best I can do with the image from onemanga. Hope you like.
    12. Taurus Versant
      Taurus Versant
      I tried to do it in the drawing program on my laptop, but it's a primitive beast with no flair. I'll have to get back to you when I go home for the weekend, and have access to my computer with photoshop.
    13. Taurus Versant
      Taurus Versant
      I'm well, m'dear. And how about you? What've you been up to of late?
    14. NobodyMan
      Hey Claire! :iria It has been awhile hasn't it?

      I'm doing good. How about you?

      While I don't mind the fem-dom part (:hehee) the man pregnancy part made be go "huh?", that and power squid are lulz. :urahaha
    15. Cold
      That was hilarious :lmao

      Though in a culinary sense, it probably was bad. But neither of us is a chef so it's just funny :amuse
    16. Cold
      Life is cool. Need to find a job and an apartment in that order though (school is cool but I'm looking to graduate soon and I NEED to be away from the fam :arg)

      I'm sorry to hear that you've been under the weather D: I hope you're feeling better (I remember you explained your conditions to me before and I got depressed).

      :lmao human form huh? Into the pretty on the outside, beastly on the inside types eh? :urahaha
    17. _Claire_
      Ahh...Isley's sexy bod! Thankies!!
    18. Taurus Versant
      Taurus Versant
      Claire, put it on :ho


    19. Taurus Versant
      Taurus Versant

      I was just making a sig of pretty boy and was gonna try and force Yari to change it with her current sig, so that there'd be three of us with Abyssal Avatars and human form sigs.

      I'll get you an Isley Full Throttle avatar and you can join us in the awesomeness :awesome
    20. Memos

      oh don't be silly, of course i wouldn't:hug
    21. Dr.Douchebag
      Indeed it seems like you were destined to rock :ho
    22. Fran
      I am stealing pictures from your album :iria
      Some h0t colourings here.
    23. tom
      I have been thinking about coloring a claymore page recently, but I think I'm going to do jean's awakening first if anything.
    24. Dr.Douchebag
      Thank you clare but I'm Sagittarius, born on 17th dec ^^;

      and lol @ sharing the same date of birth with elvis XD
    25. NobodyMan
      You're very welcome. :hurr

      I hope you can get work there. Good luck with it. smile-big
    26. Memos
      That is definitely a possibility, as Cold just mentioned in the Claymore thread, they are a lot bigger than the average human, they are closer to youki size, so they may be, as you mentioned, something stuck in the middle.

      I do hope that they fight like Miata did, though that would mean that Isley would be well suited to fight them seeinga s he is as much of a close-range fighter as he is a long-range one.
    27. NobodyMan

      Oh, I'm really sorry to hear that. I hope everthing turns out ok for you in the end.
    28. Taurus Versant
      Taurus Versant
      I'll look forward to it :high
    29. Mider T
      Mider T
      I'm ashamed if I have no spoilers to contribute this close to chapter time:D:
    30. NobodyMan
      Hi Claire! :iria

      I'm glad you like it, someone was nice enough to make it for me at AnimeSuki. :wtf

      I'm ddoing just great! How about you? <3
    31. Taurus Versant
      Taurus Versant
      Anything to top Raki? :edu
    32. Taurus Versant
      Taurus Versant
      Robot Chicken is awesome :iria

      And I'm sorry to hear about all the problems you've been having :hug But you've got us now to make up for it :love
    33. Taurus Versant
      Taurus Versant
      Not entirely sure. I shoulda caught up with her on MSN earlier, but I wa so busy I missed the chance.

      I've missed you, ya know. It's always good to see a friend around, and you come and go in spurts, so when you're around, all is well :love

      How've you been?
    34. Fran
      Click Me
      The Bath House thread for Claymore stuff is here :awesome

      Click Me


      ...I like shorter-than-Helen hair :LOS

      Courtesy of Squire of Fate.

    35. Cold
      That's not fair :arg

      I'm sorry, I hope you feel better :gar
    36. Fran
      LOL, just read your message. I want moar Yuri! :nod ~ There's this really dodgy Doujinshi in the Bath House, but I don't think I'll go near that, haha ~ Will link you if you want it.
    37. Dr.Douchebag
      I got it from the animesuki forum , the claymore pics and gifs thread, its a very long thread so I don't really remember the page sorry :(
    38. _Claire_
      Hi baby! Hopefully I'll be back on in a few days - just after I got my new 'puter, my damn Verizon "net got knocked out and they won't get their buts out here to fix it!! If I had a Claymore sword, heads would be rolling for sure! Spread the word for me, dear, that I haven't abandoned my favorite gang. Just having bad internets problems!
    39. NobodyMan

      You're really back? :wtf


      I'm so glad you are back, and I'm happy to see you got a new computer. How do you like it so far?

      You sleep good, and I'll see you tomorrow. :love
    40. Cold
      :cry :cry :cry

      Well, at least Geek Squad does it rite :edu

      I haven't been as active do to school anyway :zaru
    41. Cold
      Stop dying Claire :argh

      I didn't notice your absence though as I was gone too. I went to AWA :gar (Anime Weekend Atlanta). Was awesome :awesome
    42. Taurus Versant
      Taurus Versant
      We should be friends. :awesome
    43. NobodyMan
      I've been good recently, we have a day of of school today, so that's nice. :LOS

      I like Death the Kid myself, he's tied at my #1 spot with Black*Star. :awesome

      Well, I'm glad you're doing fine. :love
    44. NobodyMan
      Hey Claire! :ohpek

      And how have you been? :wtf

      Still lovin' the new set. :awesome
    45. The Doctor
      The Doctor
      I'm glad you liked it.:amuse
    46. Cold
      A Get is a Get is a Get :gar If others weren't paying attention that's their fault (mine too :arg)
      The only other area in our little thread is post count, and at this point I don't think anybody is catching TB anymore :lmao So Gets are all the more special. 20K will be war, as will page 1000.
    47. Cold
      19K Get makes you officially Ghost Level :gar
    48. Sin
      Nah, I'm pretty much done D:

    49. Tieria Erde
      Tieria Erde
      :LOS I know which one you are talking about. I'm glad you like them because I really enjoy drawing Itachi... a lot. :awesome
    50. The Doctor
      The Doctor
      I wasn't mad :uwah
      I was kidding :lmao

      I'm sorry if I was a little harsh it wasn't my intention... well, I remember using smiles while I was complaining... I never use smiles when I'm mad :sag

      Anyway I'm sorry.
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  • About

    Jan 8, 1969 (Age: 48)
    in Raki's boxers
    Youma Headhunter extraodinaire
    Favorite Character(s):
    Itachi, Sasuke, Shikamaru, Yondaime
    Favorite Episode/Chapter:
    Episode: chuunin exam arc
    Chapter: "Tears"
    hate Priscilla, Love Raki, Riful gets on my serves a bit.

    Wind-cutting the crap out of ABs, youma




    Thank you, Lord Ryus!
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