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  1. ButterflyGod
    05-27-2015 05:34 PM
    700 wasn't enough for me. Caring for perhaps the length of five minutes doesn't make up for years of being an asshole ninety-nine percent of the time. No, it doesn't make it all better. I'm done with this shit, Kishi, and your fans are too.

    Kaguya is alive?! You know what, I'm not even going to ask anymore. Apparently bad guys just can't die in this manga while we lose good ones like Jiraiya. Orochimaru has more lives than Wile E. Coyote, which should tell you something right there.

    Why does the world have to be ending for Sasuke to show he cares? Why does it have to take that much? What, so it makes it ok? Uh-uh. For all the asshole Vegeta embodies, he at least lives with Bulma and Trunks in his down time. I mean, it really says a lot about him if Bulma is able to put up with his crap: he gives her a reason to by BEING THERE. Sasuke has given Sakura no reasons and yet she continues to pine after him even now when the canon has now revealed it was a waste of her life and her time. Poor Sarada.

    Child support means jack squat if you don't spend time with bonding and showing that child you love them. It's a rule of parenting even this childfree adult understands!

    Deleting my Naruto fanart folder sounds like a good idea. I'll keep the fan fiction I wrote around, because my work is my work, regardless of what it's about, I like keeping it around and sharing it with fans. But looking at SS just makes me mourn its death because it really is a dead pairing now. I'll just watch this to console myself not every canon pairing goes wrong and can be everything I could want out of one:

    If I'd known the 1st Naruto movie was the best it was ever going to get for SS, I would have quit while I was ahead... and that wasn't even canon.
  2. SoulFire!
    05-27-2015 08:44 AM
    Keep me up with what's going on! Our hotel is the DoubleTree on Time Square, so I'll easy to find! Looking forward to seeing NYC again!
  3. SoulFire!
    05-27-2015 08:39 AM
    I'm gonna be there for the Thursday Kishi panel--I'd love to meet up with everyone beforehand (hubby will be meeting up with a former employee for a visit) so that we can all attend together!
  4. SoulFire!
    05-27-2015 06:56 AM
    Since my flight back home is on Saturday, I'll pass and let someone else have the chance to go all four days. But thanks again for offering it to me first--and thank your friend, too!!
  5. SoulFire!
    05-26-2015 01:39 PM
    Hey--I definitely find it interesting--but is there cost involved and if so what is it? I've already secured a Thursday pass, so I'm coming regardless.

    Thanx for thinking of me!
  6. ButterflyGod
    05-26-2015 12:19 PM
    In my opinion, we can't defend it. The canon literally has left me nothing to use. SS could have been beautiful and instead it got trolled so hard. Guess I'm only slightly hanging on because I will miss what it was when there had been hope. Most of all, I think I will just miss being part of the fandom here. It really was the nicest fc to hang out in.
  7. ButterflyGod
    05-23-2015 01:58 PM
    My theory is he's just doing it for the money now. It's possible to get bored of even the very thing that's made you successful. At this point, Naruto is probably just a paycheck to cash now. It's what it feels like to me anyway. Naruto stands in my eyes as a large waste of potential that after 700 chapters it couldn't quite live up to. I'm actually hoping other writers/filmmakers sweep in and do their own adaptations of the material. It's why I prefer American comic book characters: pick your canon because it's all canon except when it's not, lol.
  8. ButterflyGod
    05-22-2015 12:13 PM
    The more I read about this "sequel" the more I've decided to ignore its existence completely. Should have titled it Naruto Gaiden: Jumping the Shark for the Nth Time!

    I thought Sasuke didn't have a forehead protector anymore?

    Wait, I thought the Akatsuki was wiped out? What idiot decided to re-found it?!

    I have a hard time believing Sakura wouldn't try to get some sort of message out to Sasuke over the 12 years they've been apart. Sasuke wasn't interested in being in contact with Sakura in all that time? Wtf then was up with that stupid ending of the original manga then? How has he in any way made up for anything?! *sighs*
  9. ButterflyGod
    05-21-2015 04:00 PM
    Having a hard time actually completely disagreeing with the haters anymore and as someone who loved on Sasuke devotedly as I have for many years, that is probably the worst thing I can say. If Kishimoto is going to constantly put Sasuke into such unlikeable set ups that cause continuous questioning of whether he's a good person at heart or not, and has been doing so for years, I just... I like Sasuke's moral ambiguity to a point. Now unless it's like you speculate and it's not Sarada or he doesn't know she's his daughter (and honestly I don't know which of the possibilities is more tragic i.e. Sasuke having to threaten someone who looks like his own kid with harm or never knowing he had a kid to begin with).

    TBH I only know what's happening in the manga through our conversations. I resent the fact Kishimoto washed his hands so quickly of the former generation and dried his hands on his jeans without waiting to dry them off properly before jumping into a different pool. Make of that analogy what you will.

    Naruto is the most sexist anime/manga I have read to date. It consistently and predictably undermines its female characters to the point you can set your watch to it. It seriously is a wonder I finished all 700 chapters of it. Usually hope springs eternal, but not in this case, sadly.
  10. ButterflyGod
    05-19-2015 12:29 PM
    And what's worse, it's just sealed fan opinion about him. There's no going back from that.

    I'll agree all around for that. Most everyone got shafted at the end.

    It's not a good relationship. I wouldn't even call it one. I mean, 12 fucking years... I couldn't even called myself married if my guy did that to me.

    I'm not surprised he had poor Kurenai remain a widow and made Sakura pine virtually alone for Sasuke. It seems the author doesn't think women are capable of loving more than one man. Or moving on. Or recognizing they got a shit deal and deserve better than what they've settled for.

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