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  1. Edward Cullen
    Today 01:45 AM
    Edward Cullen
    Love is partly pain. But SS is 98 percent pain. But you got a point. Lots of screwed up relationships in this manga. Gaara's past is so sad... I try to see it... but I don't like the entire picture that I see. I think you guys only focus on part of the picture personally. It's fine for him to accept the bonds in the end but the things he's done are unforgivable for the most part. Guy helped destroy the entire world. I just didn't like how pathetic Sakura was regarding Sasuke and around Sasuke for the most part. It was disgusting to see Sai get punched by Sakura for just speaking the truth.

    Well, part 2 of the manga was a train wreck past the Pein arc... Still, that's a problem with the manga. For over 690 chapters, Sasuke was an avenger who couldn't let anything go and desired revenge over all else,. In the last 2 chapters, his personality just lets go of the hate. That's awful writing...

    I guess part 3 and anime fillers could provide some SS moments. Since the manga ended with pairings confirmed, there's no reason the anime shouldn't add some SS moments along with some moments to support the other couples. Chouji certainly needs some.

    Uh, maybe you misunderstood me...
    I meant that some of the links don't work. As in... when I click it, it states no content found. I didn't mean it as a backhanded compliment or anything. DX
  2. Edward Cullen
    12-13-2014 04:33 PM
    Edward Cullen
    I still see SS as a twisted love. From Sakura's side, wow... It's a love that destroyed her friendship with her best friend who was the only one who ever showed her kindness when she was young. It's a love that caused her to betray her country/comrades/family for a guy who didn't even treat her well. It's a love that nearly resulted in her death or her having to kill the guy she loves. When did this love ever benefit her? And... what does she even love about Sasuke? Why does she love him? I can't understand it. As for Sasuke... what did Sakura's love ever do for him? Did it ever change his desire for revenge? Did it ever stop him from attempting to kill her? It didn't affect him at all.

    And that's the thing about SS that I hated most. It did have development. I always knew it would eventually happen. Tbph, one reason for that is that Hinata's entire character is based on her love for Naruto (yuck Kishi). But what a screwed up love SS is. If you had to sum up SS, there is no better summary than love is pain and pain is love.

    But that's another problem too. Sakura regresses whenever Sasuke is around. Rather than be a proud ninja, she regresses to a Sasuke fangirl whenever he's around. She's willing to throw away everything to be a with a guy who was willing to kill her. Surely you can't feel too great about the premise of that. The only time Sakura ever criticized Sasuke from what I can remember is during the FoD when she called him a coward and praised Naruto for being brave (a pretty big NS moment). As Sasuke got more evil, she got more timid around him. It sends a poor message about love...

    And about your cosplays:
    Cool stuff. :> Some of the links don't work for me though. : O
  3. Annabella
    12-13-2014 02:37 AM
    Thank you for the kind rep!
  4. ch1p
    12-12-2014 10:44 PM

    You signed up for the SS calendar project, but you never clarified what you wanted to do. Here's the project as it stands atm.
  5. skyrise
    12-11-2014 02:24 PM
    lol i'd be ecstatic to get a SS kiss but i don't see it happening- then again, maybe in the mini-series sarada might ask something that will spark a SS flashback back in the lovers-phase and we will see smth
    i mean, it does sting a TAD that naruhina got TWO kisses (even in a damn movie) and we got NOTHING. (i know i know it's not a competition BUT)

    it is annoying, sigh

    btw, i haven't asked you- do you have a job or? i mean, i recall you telling me that you've been to japan before so i can only assume that you must work somewhere.
  6. skyrise
    12-09-2014 11:33 AM
    oh that's toradora right? haven't watched it but THANKS FOR SPOILING IT (lol jk jk, i didn't intend to watch it anyway, so many things to do/watch so little time)

    haha, and yeah i don't think we would EVER get smth like this- sasuke strikes me as a the huggish type, man i'd love a FULL hug though.

    and fuck the anime, how much can it get prolonged? apparently FOREVER. i just wanna see those two scenes animated and then i'm out but it seems like imma wait YEARS for that to happen. maybe SP will even skip it
  7. skyrise
    12-09-2014 10:31 AM
    the one in your sig is the wedding one right? is it shot like this, shadow-ish and stuff?
    lol you are a bit picky, but well, we're shippers WHO REALLY ISNT

    the anime is about to get filler-ish again? about WHAT? fuck, we're into the final-final arc, wth. what silly storyline is gonna take place now? hell
  8. skyrise
    12-07-2014 05:25 PM
    yeah i wanna watch it too and then leave it behind (after i rage some moar lol)
    and i hear ya; i wish SS would be beautifully animated with a good story accompanying it but can we trust SP to do it justice? not really, not at the moment anyway
    the anime is close to the "hug" chapter, isn't it? that will set the tone of how they're gonna treat SS now that we're canon officially- if the quality is crap for that moment, then i don't expect things to change anytime soon
  9. skyrise
    12-07-2014 03:47 PM
    lol it's truly BAD yeah
    but we can take solace at the fact that things ended well- but we need to see A BIT of that magic, so i'm looking forward to the mini-series.


    and SP is a ball of dicks for this BLATANT false advertising, cheaters
  10. skyrise
    12-07-2014 06:57 AM
    yeah, we got some truly great fanartists, thank lord for that

    lol the VA shipping SS hard or what? it's a damn shame about the movie (i've only gotten online just now, imma check the reactions for the movie and I STILL GOT MY STUPID HOPE) but oh well. what can you do right?

    lmao@the gif, accurate

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