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  1. ℛei
    Today 05:57 AM
    thank you

    sei's voice is smexy i know right? those two were so feminine i can't even,they were prettier than some fem characters in manga i hate dramas honestly,i have a bad taste in mouth cos of them. pairing dramas are the worst,which start with "mah otp >>>>> ur otp" and end with personal insults. and also i've never understand " i ship x pairing so that means i should hate y pairing cos it's rival to my x pairing or i hate x character cos i ship yz pairing" thingie.THATS JUST LAME AS FUCK

    he already turned to good side during war idk if it's a good idea to make him evil again. I can't wait for p3,not too excited of burrito movie,since i smell it's gonna be like all SP movie ;________;
  2. ℛei
    Yesterday 08:36 AM
    ART IS A BOOM haha he's a typical bishie and im not surprised you got confused with his gender haku and gaara's uncle were very feminine too. yeah i'm trying to stay away,usually on here im stay away too,so much drama i cant bear with it,i love what i love and i no need debate im cool like that
    if he'll turn to a bad guy again that would be horrible you didnt know?kishi actually take the plot from some mexican soap opera for this manga
  3. Jυstin
    12-18-2014 12:13 PM
    Caring is your habit? Good to know

    Can't say I've ever tried human before, but I burned my thumb and thumbnail on a lighter before. Unsurprisingly it smelled just like delicious ham

    Oh yeah. Even Naruto had it sometimes. Pretty sure SAO is some type of shounen too... I think. It's not classified as ecchi but it's in there. Even the Pokemon anime 4kds' One Piece fiasco was pretty entertaining I'll admit. I think it's what put them under xD

    There you go again trying to be right Procrastination is like masturbation. They both feel good at first until you realize you've fucked yourself

    I never actually saw the episode myself. I just saw the ridiculous scenes on YouTube. I was beginning to think they didn't want the series to be taken seriously anymore Now I'm curious why they'd be fighting... Speaking of ninjas. Froakie and his evolution forms in the Pokemon series is so a ripoff of Naruto, Jiraiya, and Minato. They're frog ninja Pokemon and their Water Pulse looks like fucking Rasengan

    Then your resolve to have a resolve is weak Yeah pretty much everything in Part 1 was well done and had a solid message/theme. Sadly while the Naruto anime is more hardcore, I'd have to say the Pokemon Adventures manga is more hardcore then the Naruto manga. Fucking Arbok cut in half just like that :o Well tell me if these descriptions match Naruto and Sasuke :D

    Kazuma and Ryuhou are so like Naruto and Sasuke that it feels like Kishi copied them in many ways. Kazuma is like Naruto. He is the main character and is often very bold and rash. He's a loud mouth who's quick to talk and charge, and is very strong. Like Naruto to Sasuke, Kazuma started out as utterly inferior to Ryuhou in every way, until both slowly gained power to the point of becoming equals. He fights with brute force and is seen as laid back and carefree, while also being goofy and kinda stupid. His power lets him fight with brute explosive force and it's red/orange/yellow in color, like Naruto's outfit and the Kyuubi, and his hair sticks up when he uses his power, like Naruto's hair is. The final form of his power covers his whole body in said colored armor, rather than just his arm, to be like the Kyuubi shroud.

    Ryuhou is like Sasuke. He's the other main character and the rival of Kazuma. They start out as rivals, and remain as such throughout the series. Like Sasuke to Naruto, Ryuhou started out as Kazuma's superior in every way, until Kazuma and he slowly gained power to the point of becoming equals. Ryuhou is very calm and calculating, not letting his emotions get the better of him most of the time. He's also very pensive and reserved. He comes from a tragic background where his parents were killed, and attracts the ladies with his looks. He has red eyes and his hair is laid down and sharp, like Sasuke's. He's more serious and uptight than Kazuma, and is very coordinated and fluid with his motions. He fights with precise skill and finesse, his powers cut in the manner of a sword just like Sasuke has. His power summons a being to fight alongside him, a separate entity like Susano'o, and it's blue/purple in color, like Sasuke's Susano'o. Its final form also lets him wear it like an armor, with great cutting power, similar to when Susano'o surrounds Sasuke.

    Like Sasuke, Ryuhou had once gone under vagabond status (when Ryuhou lost his memories) and wore a cloak-like outfit similar to Sasuke at the end of the series and in The Last. I can't actually find a picture of Ryuhou in this outfit but he can be seen in this video of him.
    And check out how S-cry-ed handled the final fight! Way better than Naruto and Sasuke's imo.

    I got BluHell Firewall on my mom's FireFox in literally 20 seconds, and afterwards she could browse without having to close her session when FF would hang xD And you can turn BluHell Firewall on and off with a simple click by clicking the icon that appears next to the address bar, like if you wanna go to anilinkz or something. Since you have to watch ads for their vids, you need BluHell Firewall turned off, but it's easy to do :D Actually I just cut my own hair again so it's fine

    I love Gaara no matter what, but... wait you found his crazy murderous psychotic disposition more relatable? Now I'm really worried

    Well when you start to let people in and care about them, you start giving a fuck about what they think and say, so I've decided to not let that happen xD I'm still not the one who stares at them So far I haven't been disappointed by them. Well Futakoi maybe, but Futakoi Alternative was AMAZING.

    You'll never get to Japan that way Can you say you own a nuke? Can you? And no, atomic farts don't count So could that kid from Saved By the Bell, so is Deadpool on his level? I would blacklist you as an author .--.

    That doesn't mean you don't love anime. Just that you're a lazy procrasturbating fuck like me

    The question is, do characters ever actually stay dead in Code Geass? The answer is, sometimes (quote from PurpleEyesWTF at the end of one of his Code Geass abridged episodes due to people constantly showing up not dead lol). dealwithit Kind of. I can see why his character changed, in the 4 episode OVA between Part 1 and Part 2, but still it was shocking lol.

    Yeah there's a lot of abridgers who haven't updated in... I can't remember when since it's been so long

    You know I could take that very wrongly, right?
  4. ℛei
    12-17-2014 07:04 AM
    I see dei is something,that guy and his art lmao he always give me a thought like he's ino's elder brother kishi and his similiar drawing(well we know what shitstorm his "similiar portraits brought"). all kind of pairing wars are horrible,i love my skin so much,negativity ruins my skin,so im staying away of it i love oro,hope he is not gonna creep on sasgay again. i love karin and hope the fandom and kishi won't shit on her character once she'll appear in p3. lmao i have a scenario sasgay cheats on suckra with karin,suckra knows about that,she goes to nardo and cheats on sasgay with him,hinata sees that and goes to lee and this is a mango for 12 y/o teenage boys,ppl pls
  5. SoulFire!
    12-15-2014 10:46 AM
    Thanks! My retirement began in October, just in time for me to be on hand when NaruHina canonization took place! It's been a grand year!!
  6. ℛei
    12-14-2014 06:45 AM
    i don't like nagato but the rest are alright,especially itachi,deidara and hidan <3 lol that place is a hellhole everything and everyone are insane,thanks goodness we can blacklist tags. ohhh only nardo fandom? im into lots of fandoms i run two blogs; general and anime ones lok-legend of korra,atla-avatar the last airbender,pretty shitty fandoms,i left them both,i got so exhausting. lmao wait for new theories once oro and co will appear in next part karin is coming to take her kid back and nardo is divorcing hinata
  7. ℛei
    12-13-2014 10:57 AM
    you're right

    she's one of my fave girls! oh boy akatsuki dudes are epic tumblr is insane right now,my dash is just a horrible place to look at people just like waste their time on negativity and drama,they're bored. naruto fandom as bad as lok/atla i swear. good thing im a person who doesn't give a shit of fandom bullshit,i just read dramatic fandom stuff sometimes only for laugh,especially theories are something
  8. ℛei
    12-12-2014 09:05 AM
    I LOVE EVERYONE oh wait i sound like a pimp

    they look great together and also konan could def kick saucey's emo butt i love konan with yahiko and itachi better be away of the negativity,nardo fandom is being horrible lately,thats so annoying,like those kids have no lives apart spreading shit on net feel bad for them.
  9. Edward Cullen
    12-10-2014 01:09 PM
    Edward Cullen
    I just realized something...

    The 2nd intro doesn't match with the anime at all. It seems to be a song about romantic relationships... That doesn't suit the chuunin exams arc. The 8th intro is one of my favorites. :> I like the whoa whoa moments. Too bad fillers got such a great intro. Lyrics fit too. Maybe that's why I liked most part 1 fillers fine.
  10. ℛei
    12-09-2014 10:50 AM
    levi is the sauce of snk,wait...i can't blame you,most of girls have those fetishes
    i even made fc of my fave crack,i made a fc sasukonan man those two havent even been on one panel together but i ship it oh boy shipwars are something im not into wars,just read antistuff to laugh my ass off

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