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Haruka Katana is TranscendentHaruka Katana is TranscendentHaruka Katana is TranscendentHaruka Katana is TranscendentHaruka Katana is TranscendentHaruka Katana is TranscendentHaruka Katana is TranscendentHaruka Katana is TranscendentHaruka Katana is TranscendentHaruka Katana is TranscendentHaruka Katana is Transcendent
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  1. Edward Cullen
    Yesterday 02:03 PM
    Edward Cullen
    How could you make such a misspelling? I know it means no worries, but when can't even spell it, how could you expect anyone else to understand?

  2. Jυstin
    Yesterday 10:52 AM
    Talking with you has me constantly confused

    You expect me to type all this out on my Droid, even if it did have service?

    NOT ME :-C You think that's lots? It's nothing compared to my list of non ecchi Because I'm pretty sure that series isn't meant for girls' enjoyment mostly Yep. Saki's good at that, and also putting it in directly :D

    Soooo way different lol. They don't even compare. One is the worst anime I've seen and the other is the best xD Just bump it up the list then or get to work on that list asap

    Naruto clones shooting out of the water like missiles was indeed hilarious too xD I've seen some fights on YouTube here and there. Some are ok by Shippuuden standards, like Sasuke & Itachi vs Kabuto, or anything involving Sasuke and Itachi really, and even Sasuke vs Bee, but I still have Part 1 standards so I'm not impressed by any of them They did lose some fans though. Like I'll go back and revisit old anime I finished, but I won't bother to see Naruto episodes I haven't watched yet xD But did he kick? :o

    Just a harmless contest. That's all Hey back then she was just a learner, but now she is that mastah! :D I used to watch it as a kid so I'm used to it. It holds up better than Naruto now, even though Part 1 Naruto was leaps and bounds better :( I thought Bleach was cool, and if you watch the anime it probably still is (because it's not as far along as the manga that went to shit), but I'm not gonna pretend that it's anything to write home about. It seems like all of the "Big 3" series out now got really lazy towards the end. Just goes to show popularity doesn't equal quality v_v

    Really? Mine lets me. I even have Bluhell Firewall which blocks youtube ads so I can watch playlists with no interruption :D I'm glad I decided I wanted it shorter during a time when it's fucking cold outside and I don't wanna leave the house ever >_>

    Pretty much, and the little bit Sakura got lol. Gaara's hair reminds me of one

    ... experiences. Yeah let's say experiences lead to it What you don't think they have a good personality like Grumpy Cat? You... tried to bite a cactus? ... maybe... maybe not... maybe I don't even know :D I can't think of any right now, but I've seen a few. I try to guess the genre from the title alone lol.

    Nah you can hold your breath. Besides you have to poke air holes first :P Well my lazor is unstoppable, so this should be paradoxing I have seen enough fanfics to see that many people have much better writing talent than Kishi, with both characters and story arcs Yeah they can be used for hit n' run or hit n' FINISH HIM :D

    I'd believe it, cause Kaguya is definitely filler canon You should see the German dub for Naruto (iirc it was German). They censored out Zabuza's blade completely so that he was standing on a floating sword handle next to a tree

    Yeah figured that'd be his channel lol. I'm just glad it wasn't something like TouchMyRod or WatchMyRod Well Brotherhood is a longer series than FMA original. It's like 64 episodes. I need to find a video that'll motivate you! :o Yeah those endings are like Schrodinger's Cat lol. Lelouch can be both considered alive and dead at the same time. But yeah I believe he had gained the "code" his father had for immortality, because he defeated him. Just like, given Hei's powers, I believe a certain someone was saved at the end Yeah and his alter ego is Li Shenshun, so I'm assuming he's Chinese. His alter ego/fake identity is really kind and sincere, and somewhat silly or clumsy, and it makes you think that Hei's really like that and that The Black Reaper is just his alter persona, so it leaves you guessing at his true nature and you never know what is truly going on. It's almost done on an episode-by-episode basis because it was made as an anime before it was adapted to a manga; one of the only like that. As for Gemini of the Meteor... don't judge it by the standard of Darker Than Black season 1. It won't quite reach it, but it's only 12 episodes xD

    There's only like 3 or 4 anyway. Always funny interactions Yeah it's REALLY good. Takes place in ancient Egypt during the time the Pharaoh was sealed in the puzzle. It's like a memory world and the monsters are all real. Definitely worth watching all the previous episodes to lead up to it, and Warriors is a kickass OST :D

    You have embarrassing photos of my imagination? That's even worse D:
  3. Jυstin
    11-26-2014 10:21 AM
    Confused too. Another sign of becoming more like me

    ... ok I don't know what kind of creepy mental image you have of me now, but my computer can't last more than a half hour off the plug to begin with

    NO U Not compared to like the 70 other series that I've seen Lol was this friend a guy or a girl? This is important btw. That's why I love To LOVE-Ru. Saki is a genius and does a good job at having ecchi while making you almost forget it's there xD

    Well if you lasted through School Days, you'll like Little Busters!. It's actually not exactly my type of genre either, which is why it's only in my top 6-10 list, but it's so good! I promise if you watch it from start to finish, you won't regret it :roka

    I noticed some parts of that fight were a little weirdly animated lol. For the most part it was good, but stuff like Sasuke's face xD One thing I hated was how the Bijuudama looked. It was... nothing like KN4's Bijuudamaa on Orochimaru The movements were pretty fluid, but the animation of them left much to be desired. I saw Sasuke jumping and dodging Bee's strikes and his arms and legs kinda resembled noodles xD Very different from Lee dodging Kimimaro's strikes anyway. Still Sasuke vs Bee was one of the better animated fights in Shippuuden, at least in the latter half when the animation got really lazy and low-budget overall. I just saw the potential for so much more and knew they weren't doing their best Also yes Kishi was so bad with Part 2 fights that I forgot Naruto could kick xD

    What? It was totally innocent after all Pfft. We all know Sasha is a master of sneaking food when no one's looking :D Yeah as long as DBZ is, it's watchable. The "big 3", consisting of Naruto, One Piece, and Bleach, have been dragging REALLY long. I'm not really into One Piece, but people said Naruto was at least less trollish and better than Bleach lol.

    At one point I had to uninstall FF and install an older version because videos wouldn't work with it -__- Like they didn't test their shit out or something. At least it's not doing that anymore. Though my computer itself will do this thing where its sound driver just stops working, even though it says it's functioning fine, so I have to uninstall it and reinstall Idk. It's like the go to insult or something. I use it sparingly. I pretty much keep it as long as it is in the profile pic, but I want the back a bit shorter. It's of no concern

    Yep exactly, and sadly that arc still had more character development than most later arcs Well if it's Kpop vs bell hop, I know which I'd pick

    I can't be tsundere for something that doesn't exist, and besides I never denied my interest in anime characters Cats are the best. Independent and don't take shit from no one Wait you've actually thought about eating cacti before? xD I saw a few Seinen titles that looked interesting. And no I don't find hentai itself to be interesting, since all it is is fap material. As for the series Hentai!, it was just in the list of Seinen anime that I looked up on anilinkz :P

    You can have a laptop in there for entertainment then :D Nope. Too late. I'm charging my lazor If you can merely develop the characters and their relationships a bit more than Kishi did (or didn't), that would already be a huge improvement lol. The pain and limpness doesn't last long since it's just in the muscle. It's a good tactic when someone's too thick to hit the nerves directly :D

    We had Kaguya who was filler enough. Hopefully this villain doesn't out-filler her lol. I don't think anyone can out-filler Kaguya though ._. Yeah but TV would limit you to certain series with most likely horrible dubs and censoring and you can't binge on them

    Yeah it's something called "Marik Plays Bloodlines" or something like that. The channel is called ObeyMyRod. It's really good. I downloaded all the episodes to show to a friend who's internet is crappy :D But FMA is so good! :o Well I think Brotherhood is anyway. The original FMA's ending sucked. Of course I do. On top of her overall positive demeanor and the way she directly addressed Lelouch. Given the prerequisites for obtaining immortality via the Geass, I couldn't imagine that not happening to him when he confronted and defeated his father. Plus it would make too genius a twist for me to not wanna believe it They they kinda did it the same way they ended DTB, with you not knowing if a certain character was saved at the end or not, despite possessing enough information to assume he/she likely was, and how in S-cry-ed, the final battle was done so you don't know who the winner was, leaving it completely open to the viewer. Basically those 3 are examples of anime that have 2 possible endings that can neither be confirmed nor denied, so it's like giving 2 endings in 1 :D That's what makes Hei so interesting in Darker Than Black. He's the main character and good guy, but he's very... well as the series suggests, darker than black. The name Hei means black, which is what the title is referencing (not being darker than the actual color black). He's very cold and does not really have a high moral compass, despite working for the supposed good guys. That's where he differs from Batman. He's ruthless and uncaring and has no qualms with killing and deceiving for the sake of his mission. He's not even a huge focus of the story either. That's what makes the series so interesting. It's so complex, just trying to figure out Hei alone Did you see all of Marik's evil council of doom? xD Yeah Waking the Dragons is before the final season, and it's pretty damn good, though I love the final season more. Way better than a green haired Kaiba .--.

    Oh ok. That sounds totally normal and- HEY, wait a minute
  4. Jυstin
    11-25-2014 12:10 PM
    Now you're becoming unmotivated? The transformation into me progresses

    Where would I find the time to run around in tights beating people up? These replies alone take about half the night

    Is it me? It better not be me. I swear if you say me Seikon no Qwaser, Highschool DxD, High School of the Dead, Monogatari, To LOVE-Ru, Girls Bravo, and maybe Mayo Chiki! are the only ecchi titles I've seen lol. Wait you still watched it after you read that? Saki does it with style... to the point where I didn't notice till someone pointed it out xD

    As ironic and possibly cynical as it sounds, the ending could have been avoided if he'd just hooked up with her first, ironic seeing how he's a douche and she's psycho You have to watch it. It's so good. The cry you'll have will feel even better

    Seems like they go a little over the top with some of the animations lol. I wasn't a huge fan of the Killer Bee fight. When I saw it in an AMV I was like "Yeah I'm done with the anime" xD I think cause of how Shippuden in general doesn't go into detail with taijutsu movements anymore and the shadowing was... well there was no shading D: Funny how all of Sasuke's fights are at least somewhat decent

    Oh no, it's my favorite Are you saying people who like potatoes can't like potato chips? Toei animation? Did they go to shit after Dragonball Z? :o

    Oh I see lol. Well just in case, I can make an animation from pretty much anything, within some limits :P I'm always afraid each update I get will make it even worse >_> No. Not better. Awful. It's terrible. Not user friendly at all <_> The apps thing is kinda cool I guess, if they didn't make it such a clusterfuck lol. I need to get a big flash drive to save my shit >_> I usually tend to have hair that's on the longer side. Some people call it being a faggot. I tell them my faggotry is a separate issue altogether.

    Wait there was more to it than penis jokes? I actually kinda like his hair in the movie. Neat doesn't suit him. I like it looking kinda wild xD

    What makes you question my love for no one, and who am I being tsundere for then? Yep. And now they're my favorite animal, cause I'm a masochist, which is also why I eat cacti Apparently only HSotD is Seinen out of the ones I've seen ._. Monogatari is Slice of Life. And there's a Seinen one called "Hentai!"

    Who said sit? You're supposed to lay curled in the fetal position Negative? Oh that's it I'mma neg you Hey you could use that blank Icha Icha book to write a better ending :D At that place? XD Nah everyone was pretty chill, and we were just fucking around. Not a serious fight :x

    Going off my continued disappointment in SP, I can only assume I'm still overestimating them But yeah it's probably gonna suck with almost no Sauce in it .-. But you probably won't be able to watch anime or read manga in prison

    His one channel isn't. He even has a Let's Play channel as Marik and Bakura xD Trust me, you won't need to. I watched FMA and it still made me go "wtf" lol. Wait you haven't seen FMA (Brotherhood)? Same here. I didn't like that Lelouch had to die... ok well technically he didn't, but the rest of the world didn't know that. I prefer the less righteous characters in general. Sasshomaru, Hei, Gen, Sasuke, Iatchi, etc.. And oh yeah, that filler arc was kinda bad. The duels were really cool, but it felt like it dragged. Waking the Dragons was WAY better. Didn't know it was filler :o I did like how that filler you mentioned was a throwback to the ORIGINAL original Yugioh, where Kaiba had green hair. Only, in the filler arc, it was his step-brother.

    No embarrassing photos please D: Wait, you don't have embarrassing photos of me... wait, do you have embarrassing photos of me?? Who are you and what do you know!? Revy is an interesting and quirky member. I love those smileys that I'm sure she made lol.
  5. Sword Sage
    11-25-2014 09:43 AM
    Sword Sage
    also takl mentioned Hamura requested Hinata to stop Toneri by marrying him. So its possible he may have given her his power for whats left of it.
  6. Sword Sage
    11-25-2014 09:35 AM
    Sword Sage
    Besides the fact there been a NaruHina combo attack thats like Domon and Rain's final attack against Dark Gundam so lets hope for something epic!
  7. Sword Sage
    11-25-2014 09:31 AM
    Sword Sage
    Thats odd though takl said

    from takL

    Tensei gan = Toneri opens by robbing Hanabi of her eyes=has a power enough to destroy the earth.
    Hinata sees where the tensei-gan is using byakugan
    Naruto cant deal with it as hes from Hagoromo and not from Hamura and hinata give Hamura power to naruto by holding his hand.

    Its only a summary still, I think that Hinata could still have a hidden potential to awaken the sage's eye since Byakugan evolved to Sage's eye.
  8. Sword Sage
    11-25-2014 08:43 AM
    Sword Sage
    Well there is said that Hinata has like Hamura power that Naruto will give him to help defeat Toneri by Holding his hand.

    At least what takl said.

    Are you sure? I seen Hamura mentioned in the end of the script after google translate

    Is it true though Toneri been TNJ?
  9. Sword Sage
    11-25-2014 08:21 AM
    Sword Sage
    Then its confirmed about naruto and hinata will fight the final boss, right?

    I hope its true that Hamura gave Hinata his power like Hagomaro gave his power to Naruto.

    Would make an great missing combo of two legendary ninjas that saved the world.
  10. Sword Sage
    11-25-2014 07:53 AM
    Sword Sage
    Did it say about naruhina combo attack I like to know if that's true! Especially Hamura giving her his power to help Naruto defeat Toneri.

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