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  1. Primavera
    02-06-2012 09:36 PM
    Oh bby.

    I don't blame you. I saw the three examples on the first page and just had to have one like them. I fangirled when I saw the result. pek I saw the request you made. I bet it'll look beautiful when it's done.
  2. AppleChan
    02-06-2012 09:31 PM
    It sucks. I hate high school. I wanna go to college. I feel like it'll be more fun then. I'm in the IB Program which leaves like little time for yourself. >.<

    Lol That's how I was with FB at first,
  3. Fighting Kitsune
    02-06-2012 06:31 PM
    Fighting Kitsune
    I think you're right. If Sasuke did get a tattoo for Naruto, he wouldn't show it off, but he probably be proud of it and wear it in love for his idiot.

    Oh, I got what you were saying. I was just adding to it. Yeah, I have no idea why they think some panel like that is going to kill off our support for SN. Look at the shippers of the other Big 4 pairings: they had to deal with a whole bunch of shit being thrown on their pairings' ...development, but that doesn't stop most of them from shipping. Why should it be any different for us?

    Yeah, Unohana's with the one braid around her neck. I'm not a fan of hers, and I just think she's okay, but the woman does deserve some panel time.

    Oh, that thread? I have no idea why people think Sakura gets too much hate, either. If anything, I'm surprised she still has a huge fanbase and she's usually well-liked on other parts of fandom. Anyway, I looked in that thread, but I'm keeping myself from posting, because the last time I posted in a thread like that, I had people get on me because I said I said Sakura deserves the hate she gets and, in fact, her actions get excused a lot by a lot in fandom (though, I did end up making peace with some of the posters I debated with). Plus, threads like that tend to get people fired up and it's mostly going to be victimizing their favorites while rag on characters they dislike.
  4. Primavera
    02-06-2012 03:01 PM
    Indeed he is.

    Also, thank you! SNM did a wonderful job with it. <3 She made them look even more beautiful than they already are.
  5. Fighting Kitsune
    02-05-2012 11:18 PM
    Fighting Kitsune
    I think Sasuke wouldn't want to be branded by Naruto more on because he's got an ego the size of Africa than not wanting to get branded by a "dobe". But yes, no one wants to be branded by a usuratonkachi.

    And Anti-SN call us "delusional." If they actually think one little panel is going to stop us from shipping SN, then they got another thing comin'.

    Believe it: ten more years for Bleach. And yeah, I agree; as much as Naruto gets shit from people for being a typical storyline, I definitely think it has a stronger story than Bleach. But I still want to get back into Bleach. Also, I heard rumors of Unohana might be getting a fight in the next arc.
  6. Fighting Kitsune
    02-03-2012 12:32 AM
    Fighting Kitsune
    Oh, yes, that would've been perfect, but then I can't see Sasuke allowing that, either. But Naruto would've put up one helluva fight to get Sasuke branded.

    Oh, I saw the antis' reaction to that moment and I just laughed my ass off. What? Do they think that's going to stop us from shipping SN? Most SN fans already know our pairing isn't going to happen. Actually, for all we know, Naruto could be exaggerating and pretending to be disgusted. I mean, he pretended and convinced himself that he hated Sasuke (and we know that wasn't true), so I wouldn't rule that out as a possibility. Still, so I don't know why they're celebrating. But oh well, as Marie Antoinetee would say: "Let them eat cake."

    I think Bleach should've ended by the time Aizen was captured, but oh well. And I've heard that rumor, that Kubo wants the manga to continue for ten more years, and I think that's true.
  7. Primavera
    02-02-2012 11:35 PM
    Exactly. Why purposely get irritated when we could be enjoying something we like, like NaruSasu for you and ItaDei for me?

    Also, your set is hot. That Aizen~
  8. Primavera
    02-02-2012 11:11 PM
    Exactly. That would be like me going to a NaruHina thread and ranting about why I don't like it. There's really no point in it. I'd much rather focus on what I do like than waste my time thinking about what I don't.

    But maybe I just have a mental abnormality.
  9. Primavera
    02-02-2012 11:02 PM
    They probably went into that NaruGaa/GaaLee thread for post count and to express their dislike for yaoi. Though why they'd enter a yaoi thread in the first place if they dislike it so much is beyond me.
  10. Fighting Kitsune
    01-30-2012 11:09 PM
    Fighting Kitsune
    Oh, you're totally right; Naruto doesn't mind one bit having Sasuke's clan crest on him. And I didn't forget how scrumptious Sasuke looked in that pic, either.

    Oh, I heard about that NS rumor too. I wouldn't take it seriously, since it did happen in fillers. However, I can't blame NS fans for getting excited about it; hell, I would probably be the same way, if there was a SN scene in fillers, too. And a love confession from Naruto to Sasuke would be nice, but in this case, actions speak louder than words.

    Keep your fingers crossed for SN coming soon, Kat.

    YouTube's being a bitch? Dammit. Try this website:

    I didn't hear that rumor that Kubo was bringing him back, but that might be the incentive to get me back into Bleach. (Really, I want to get back into Bleach, but that damn long list of chapters/episodes scares me. ) And glad you like the set, despite it being femme slash.

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