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  1. Gold Roger
    01-20-2012 03:57 PM
    Gold Roger
    No problem, thanks for accepting!

  2. Mochi
    01-20-2012 09:26 AM
    Thank you for the rep!
  3. Fighting Kitsune
    01-18-2012 03:22 PM
    Fighting Kitsune
    Never mind. You out-glomped me.

    I'll give them the benefit of a doubt and pray they're just real young and don't know what they're doing.

    I thought Ben 10 was cheesy to, but then I heard from some of its fans it's not so cheesy and it's by the same guy who did Static Shock (a cartoon I loved when I was younger). So I think I'll watch some episodes online and give it a shot. And I would faint too if Naruto did that, but I doubt that would happen. Otherwise, Kishi might have the pleasant experience of being introduced to a piano string around his neck by enraged homophobic fanboys. If I was in Naruto's position, I would have dropped Sasuke and Sakura a long time ago, but then, that's me.

    I don't wish Sakura death anymore (don't worry, still hate her), but I just want her to stay away from everyone, to save them from her bitchy attitude and fuck-ups. And I've heard that too, but I think I remember izzy saying that he meant that forgot Sakura in terms of people affecting Sasuke or something along those lines.

    I did notice that the hands were missing, but it's still a beautiful set.

    Same here. I've noticed that, and I think you could dislike NS without bringing up Sakura's horrendous treatment of Naruto, (not speaking for me, because Sakura's shitty treatment of Naruto is the primary reason why I hate NS). Some people don't like NS because they think Sakura and Naruto make better friends and whatnot, or dislike it because Naruto and Sakura rely on a third party to hang out with each other (focus on Sasuke), etc. Again, I'm not speaking for myself, but I'm just repeating what some of them said. Anyway, I think some of them don't like NS because of Sakura's treatment of Naruto, but they don't want to piss off the people that like her and the people in the FC that don't see a problem with her treatment, hence why they jump on anyone saying anything less than positive about Sakura. Or it could be how you frame your dislike of Sakura's shitty attitude to Naruto, because I remember writing a rant about what I dislike about NS and I brought up how Sakura treated Naruto and no one jumped on me about it. Or it could just be a case of double-standards. Don't know, to be honest, Kat.
  4. Fighting Kitsune
    01-17-2012 10:34 PM
    Fighting Kitsune
    I out glomped you, Kat.

    I guess those people are masochists (and stupid).You don't see me going into the Anti-Hinata, Naruto, Itachi, etc, threads and harass people for disliking them. Get the hell over it, some people don't like your favorite character. Big fucking deal.

    Oh, yes, I'm about to give Ben 10 a try after hearing all about the delicious gay hints. Even better, the guys in Ben 10, after a SasuNaru-ish relationship from what I've heard. And I'm with you; I like out-of-open-gay couples, but I like ship teases as well. And there are times, I wished Naruto would just strip in front of Sasuke to let him know what's he's missing. Naruto is too nice at times, but then, that's what I like about him; he won't give up, even on friends who might not deserve his loyalty.

    I would like to hope against that outcome, but it seems possible. Oh well. Btw, love your new set.
  5. Fighting Kitsune
    01-16-2012 07:37 PM
    Fighting Kitsune

    That is true. I just have a nasty allergic reaction to stupid people, though. And don't remind of the FF.Net forum. Btw, that certain thread is still going on.

    Oh, Ben 10 has gayish hints too, and sad thing is the writers aren't even doing it on purpose and the male characters that are getting these hints even have girlfriends. The writers think they're writing the male characters having a strong friendship, but in the end, they just make them look gay for each other and look like they don't like spending time with their girlfriends and prefer being with each other. And that's what irritates me about Naruto from time to time: the fact he's too damn forgiving with people who don't deserve his forgiveness and comes off as a bit of an asshole to those who've been better friends to him. And I have a problem with NS because of Sakura still pining after Sasuke and treating Naruto like a whipping/errand boy and Naruto continuing to coddle her and kiss her ass. But yeah, whatever, SN still bends over the Big 3 and fucks them till they bleed.

    It's okay. Now that you've said it, the idea of Sasuke and Naruto being together in the after life isn't too bad and them avoiding being with Sakura is also a bonus.
  6. Nesha
    01-16-2012 07:03 PM
  7. Fighting Kitsune
    01-15-2012 12:35 PM
    Fighting Kitsune

    I like the set up of Manga Fox, but I just find there are way too many people who immature (and can't write) on that site. Granted, NF does have its tards and immature teeny posters, but Ii find NF a better place to be for maturity and less stupidity.

    Kishi should've done a shounen-ai story, but who knows why he didn't. Or maybe it's a case of the writers of Ben 10. And trust me, I hope NS doesn't the light of canonship, but I think there's a chance, because Naruto is too forgiving of Sakura and just usually puts up with her shitty attitude.

    *cries mores when you mention them dying together*
  8. Fighting Kitsune
    01-11-2012 02:09 PM
    Fighting Kitsune
    Yep, feeling way better. Thanks for asking.

    Yeah, it's that bad.

    Agree with everything you said about Sasuke and Sakura. She's not going to stand up to him and he's going to treat her like dirt and he's not going to feel any better about the shit he went through in his life. And I should've edited my last VM because I was trying to say, that out of the Big 3 I prefer NH, however, out of the Big 3, NS is the one who has the highest possibility to become canon. But despite me preferring NH over SS and NS, that doesn't say much about NH.

    They so would have been a "power" couple. *cries in a corner*
  9. Fighting Kitsune
    01-09-2012 04:49 PM
    Fighting Kitsune

    Manga Fox is not a place for the witty, wise and non-fantard. Abandon all hope ye who enter Manga Fox.

    Believe it, people said that for SS. And I agree; Sasuke needs an ass-whoping and psychiatric help. Not a fangirl who tried to put him down like a rabid dog. In my personal view of Big 3, I don't subscribe to the theory that NS is the best one of the three. I think it's NH. However, sadly, does have the most chance to happen more than the others. Meh, just cross your fingers and hope for the best (aka SN subtext and no pairings in the end, at least)

    Thanks. I like my current set, too. Sasuke why'd you have to leave? Could have stayed and be Naruto's ANBU guard.
  10. AppleChan
    01-09-2012 06:16 AM
    My set is isn't it? It's Shiki (also named II re I think) and Akira (also names Lost) from Togainu No Chi. The anime was awesome despite the lack shounen-ai that is was supposed to have but I know the video game has explicit scenes. Idk if the picture I have is from the game tho.

    I'm full of surprises tho. Oh really now? That sounds like a good idea.

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