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  1. Fighting Kitsune
    06-07-2011 09:46 PM
    Fighting Kitsune
    What? The wife got more time than the husband, even though the husband was the one who was chopping people up? And they both didn't get the needle? What kind of world do we live in?! Wait. Never mind. Forget I said that.

    I saw that post in the FC and was about to comment, but I know you're not allowed to bash characters in that FC. My advice would be to not bother with that poster. She's a member of the Anti-Hinata FC and prefers Sakura (she might be a fan. Not really sure ), so it'll be pointless to argue with her. Plus, we both know Hinata is definitely the lesser of the two evils. Hell, the girl is not even evil. Hinata isn't a lying abusive cunt like a certain Pink Gorilla we know. Also, Hinata's not a fangirl like people think she is. She didn't get upset at the idea of Naruto liking/loving someone; she does love him while admires him as well, but wants to be a good friend. Meanwhile Shitkura broke up a friendship over Sasuke, beat up Naruto b/c he "badmouthed" him, wanted to watch him pee, offered to betray her family, friends, and village for him, interrupted Naruto to talk about Sasuke, left Sai, Lee, and Kiba unconscious in dangerous territory just to deal with him, couldn't bring herself to kill him, and she still "loves" Sasuke, despite the facts he treated her like trash, and tried to kill her multiple times. But of course, Hinata is the obsessive fangirl but Sakura isn't, and/or is as much as of an obsessive fangirl as Sakura, according to some people.

    I found about Spain legalizing gay marriage on the New York Times website a year ago, when I was bored and curious and looking up about how other countries feel about gay marriage. And I was surprised just like you were and couldn't believe that a country like Spain could legalize it while we're, as you said, still living in the cave times, even though we consider ourselves to be a progressive country. I agree with you, despite SN not being sugary sweet, but Naruto nor Sasuke would rape each other.

    Lol, I'm the same way: I only like romances between two guys and I mostly read romance fics, usually on SasuNaru, RoyEd (you like RoyEd?! ), a few RenIchi, a few CloudLeon and Yullen and Lucky (D. Grayman). Btw, speaking of RoyEd, I was wondering...why do you like RoyEd? How do you feel about the other pairings in FMA? Especially EdWin? And do you know what happened at the end of the FMA manga/Brotherhood? Sorry, for all these questions, but it's hard to find a fellow RoyEd fan on this site (I noticed there's a lot of EdWin/Royai supporters). Lol, I also read for entertainment, not to self-insert. Plus, like you said, it's kinda hard to self-insert into a fictional that's the opposite gender.

    I know all about the little homophobes getting their nose twisted at your set (since I saw and replied to your post in the SN FC). Wear that set proudly, Kat and let those haters drown in their butthurt, I say.
  2. Xerces
    06-06-2011 06:08 PM
    You're disgracing the manga by supporting something inhuman like that. You deserved the neg.
  3. ℛei
    06-06-2011 12:48 PM
    Thanks for the reps
  4. Fighting Kitsune
    06-06-2011 09:56 AM
    Fighting Kitsune
    So fucking sick. I hope they rot in prison/got the needle/rot in hell.

    I pray and hope for an ending with no endings. If he decides to make one pairing canon, like you, I hope to God it isn't SS or NS, because it makes it look like Naruto or Sasuke have no sense of self-respect and because Sakura got her cake of snagging one of the two most eligible bachelors in the Shinobi World when all she did whine, cry, and act like a total narcissistic. hysterical, non-understanding, obsessive, and bullying bitch. She deserves no one.

    We may be open to homosexuality (somewhat) in this country, but at the same time, look at how we still get our panties in a twist about gay marriage or gay couples adopting kids, when countries like South Africa, where they had apartheid and a lot of homophobia, and Spain, a country of a Catholic majority and long-standing Catholic traditions, legalized gay marriage. So, it doesn't/wouldn't surprise me if a lot of these American creators get so pissy about fanfics because of slash fanfics and/or all that rape, smut, etc., stuff out there on the web. And Sasuke raping Naruto in a fic? Doesn't surprise me and I've seen a lot of those types of fics and I think those people got the idea because of what Sasuke did to Naruto in the manga. It's sad that they view SN that way, but at the same time, SN isn't a lollipop-sweet and lovey-dovey pairing though, so on one hand, I can understand where they are coming from. But still...

    It's just not Twilight and SS that use self-insertion. A lot of books from the romance genre, IMO, use self-insertion as well, except this time it's grown women (guess that's why I hate reading romance novels). But anyways, I feel bad for these girls that feel the need to self-insert when it comes to stuff like SS and Twilight. They feel that insecure and unhappy about themselves to put themselves in the shoes of a fictional character to live out fantasies of finding true love.

    Glad you like my avy. Thought it was appropriate to broadcast to the Naruto fandom how Sasuke feels about people shipping him with Sakura of all people. I also love your set, Kat, and it definitely and accurately portrays my view of how Naruto should handle the Sasuke threat.
  5. Xerces
    06-05-2011 04:43 PM
    Who the hell are you
  6. Fighting Kitsune
    06-04-2011 05:44 PM
    Fighting Kitsune
    That's good.

    Decapitated heads in a tub? Getting in with them? And it was real? That is fuckin' sick, horrifying, disgusting and other words that I can't think of at the moment, that would fit all along with the these words. Geez, and they have the nerve to call us yaoi girls sick.

    There can only be one! (Blatantly ripping off of Highlander)

    Yeah, American creators seem to get more into a shitfit about fanfics, especially slash. Probably because American hangups with homosexuality. I also think they get their panties in a twist because they probably heard about some fanfics that have rape, Stckholm Syndrome, smut, etc,. I have no idea why Twlight is so popular either, along with SS, but oh well, like you said, Kat: little girls do need their dreams and fantasies, I guess.
  7. ninjaneko
    06-02-2011 06:24 PM
    Whenever I see your username, I think of this :
  8. Fighting Kitsune
    06-02-2011 09:16 AM
    Fighting Kitsune
    Besides your head throbbing, you can't and don't want to move your head too much because of the pain.

    I thought I was a perv, too, for liking yaoi a lot and preferring it over the boring hetero pairs these creators push for in their movies, books, anime, etc., but yeah, we're pretty normal compared to these fetishists. Got off on killing people? What show was this, if you don't mind me asking, because I think I have an idea on which you're talking about.

    Agree, agree, agree! Let's just pray that no pairing shit happens (except SN, but we know that won't happen ).

    I think Kishi isn't too bothered about people writing about fanfics on his story and characters. Actually when I think about it, a lot of the mangaka or Japanese creators know about fandom and don't seem bothered and give a shit about people writing fanfics with their characters. The only creators that seem to have a shitfit about people writing fanfics on their story and characters are American creators. But this is from I observed and strictly my opinion. And yeah, you're right Naruto and InuYasha do have some of the highest fic counts on along with Harry Potter and Twilight (why there are so many fanfics on this shit, I have no idea). And I also enjoyed a number of fanfics better than official material. Quite sad in a way, actually.
  9. Jezebel
    05-31-2011 02:33 PM
    Thank you for the welcome. :D
  10. Fighting Kitsune
    05-30-2011 09:05 PM
    Fighting Kitsune
    Oh nothing's wrong. Just wanted to talk to you (ignore the sappiness )

    Oh, okay.

    Good that your braids loosened up. Ugh, don't you hate people braid so tight?

    Lol, that's the same reaction I had when I looked up what that term means. Nasty ass shit and on one hand, I can't believe people get off on that shit and on the other hand, I can because people are sick. And yep, all matters of perversion leads to sick delights.

    I agree. Kishi would have to do a whole of shit pulling and manuevering to make SS or NS canon, but other than that, I really don't see any of the Big 3 pairings happening.

    Actually, Anne Rice was not worried about fiction, but rather fanfiction based on her stories, because she thought fan fiction was "insulting her ability as author" by implying that what she wrote in canon wasn't fine and didn't satisfy the fanfic author. In other words, she was being a paranoid and arrogant bitch thinking fanfiction on her stories was implying she's a horrible author and people don't care for her stories. No, Ms. Rice, people write fanfics for your story because your story and characters interested them enough to make them write it/them in different scenarios and fueled their imagination. Honestly, if I was a writer of a book, TV show, movie and or the creator of a video game, I would be flattered if people wrote fanfics on it, because that means I did good enough job to endear them to my story and characters.

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