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  1. Basilikos
    06-30-2015 01:49 AM
    Hey, Weather.
  2. MAPSK
    06-30-2015 12:59 AM
    Looks good, but you still haven't made everyone's dura island level
  3. MAPSK
    06-25-2015 07:20 PM
    I still need to read the last couple of novels here

    Also, how much do you wanna bet Fang is going to try and debunk my relativistic calcs for DxD now?
  4. MAPSK
    06-25-2015 07:10 PM
    Of course. Harem ending is confirmed, and (even better) Asia isn't a part of it. This is like all my Christmases at once
  5. MAPSK
    06-25-2015 07:08 PM
  6. MAPSK
    05-28-2015 01:05 AM
    Eh, like I said, he'll find a way. That's just how these stories end
  7. MAPSK
    05-28-2015 12:59 AM
    I figured there would be. Can't end the series until Kousuke fixes the screw loose in his love interest's head (all the better if it involves screwing her brains out )
  8. MAPSK
    05-28-2015 12:45 AM
    So I gotta know. Do they ever find a way to make Renko not kill-crazy besides the gas mask?
  9. AquaGrizzly
    05-27-2015 11:23 PM
    Yo, Weather I'd like to get your opinion on somethings.

    In Imperishable Night I always assumed that the protagonist team used some sort of time stopping spell, but recently it made me realize that would mean that everyone would be immune to planetary time stop. And as humerus as that is, given that even regular powerless humans were not effected by the imperishable night, I sort of have doubts of it being time stopping. So I looked at it this way, instead of stopping time, what if the protagonists stopped the planet's rotation/revolution which would effectively create the endless night.

    Here is some of the points I gathered:

    Throughout the story, aside from one instance* everyone refers to the endless night as "stopping the night" not "stopping time"
    *That instance being the Scarlet team which I'll get to latter.
    There is no indication of Yuyuko/Youmu/Alice/Marisa having access to time manipulation.
    Incidentally it is the same game where ZUN mentions Marisa's Asteroid Belt card being able to separate 2 planets. So being able to stop the planet would back up such a statement (even though it was Alice who causes the Imperishable Night for the magic team, the point should still stand.)
    Ignoring the scarlet team for now, it is the it is the youkai side of each team that causes the endless night.

    The only problem I've come across is the scarlet team, in particular it is only on stage 4 that this problem seems to exist.
    In stage 4 for the Scarlet team, Reimu makes a comment about the flow of time being weird.
    However, Sakuya makes this comment immediately after: "What are you talking about?" Which is indicating that she isn't doing anything to time.
    Remilia also makes comments about Sakuya "doing something weird" and making an offhand reference to manipulating time, but it seems more like Remilia is joking around and intentionally trying to get Reimu mad so that she can have a rematch with her for what happened with the Scarlet Mist Incident.
    So to me it seems there is evidence that it isn't Sakuya that is causing the endless night for the Scarlet Team. Also, it would be weird for the pattern, of each of the youkai partners being the ones to stop the night, to be broken for one of the teams.

    I would like you opinion on this, if you wouldn't mind.

    While, I'm at it I'd also like you opinion on something I found while looking up the previous inquiry.

    Mainly I'd like you to look at Stage 6A and 6B for the magic team, as I found this interesting info.
    In 6A, Alice notes that it isn't just the fake moon that is strange but also the stars.
    In 6B, there is a pure earth with the true pure moon. But, as we know the the earth isn't pure and as is mentioned in 6B a pure earth would have no people living on it.
    Which leads us to quite an interesting situation. Eirin's spell isn't simply stealing the moon or something like that. Instead what Eirin did was create a dimension that is at least the size of a galaxy and and swapped the real earth with her created fake pure earth.
    Or at least that's what I got out of it, the whole fake moon thing is just so confusing as it wasn't really explained with the greatest depth and clarity for me.
    What are your thoughts?
  10. MAPSK
    05-27-2015 10:49 PM
    Any other recommendations? No offense, I don't mean to bash on your tastes, but just going off the premise and what little I've seen of the anime, Blade Dance kinda looks like shit. That and the whole MMORPG LN thing has been kinda ruined for me by Log Horizon, which makes every other series that's tackled the premise look like absolute garbage in comparison

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Posted 01-26-2016 at 10:32 PM Comments 0
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A new official Touhou manga is out.


This is the 4th part of Touhou Sangetsuei series focusing on the pranks and daily lives of the Three Mischieavous Fairies Sunny Milk, Luna Child and Star Sapphire.

Last Time Marisa and Cirno played big roles, seems is now Clownpiece's turn.

Seems funny enough.

Posted 01-16-2016 at 07:30 PM Comments 2
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So let's get this started:

Meet Chang'e


Anyway she is a god of the Moon, worshipped by Moon Rabbits, and also a Hourai Elixir Drinker, meaning she is 100% immortal and unkillable like Kaguya and Mokou.

Anyway the same as mithology, she has her Husband Houyi who is famous for Shooting Down nine suns.


Posted 09-28-2015 at 06:09 PM Comments 4
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For some reason the Narutoforums is looking in reverse for me, is this happening to other people?


Posted 06-25-2015 at 02:35 PM Comments 8
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As you all might now ZnT author died in 2013, before finishing the official Light Novel.

Apparently according to the oficial page the LN Series will have a continuation, not sure if it is the one the author wanted (he had all the ideas he just didn't write them before dying)

I say at first that this is great news, ZnT was the anime along Higurashi that introduced me to anime...

Posted 05-08-2015 at 06:49 PM Comments 12
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So.. Forbidden Scrollery 24-25.

A dead human turns himself into a Youkai to become immortal. Reimu's Answer?


Splitting his...
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The same thing happened...
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Ah it went back, thanks....
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