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Frooba is worst girlFrooba is worst girlFrooba is worst girlFrooba is worst girlFrooba is worst girlFrooba is worst girlFrooba is worst girlFrooba is worst girlFrooba is worst girlFrooba is worst girlFrooba is worst girl

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  1. Wosu
    12-31-2013 11:14 AM
    Yep... There's just something thrilling about imagination running wild about the endless possibilities.Lol, being positive is not about self loathing, I love myself but I don't bring down others. Yeah you were right. Of
    Adrenaline>>>>ocytoxin, well they are good in their own way. It's not that hard tbh, you gotta convince your brain you can do it, or is the thing I generate something else?

    Well if it makes you feel better, I was 4' 9" in 6 grade and pretty scrawny at that. Waaaaaaiiiiiitttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How dare you not like Frooba!!!!!????
    Hahaha, good! Was just teasing you anyways, one post is not enough for a conclusion. I knew you would never do such a thing just because you're in a bad situation...

    World peace doesn't sound too farfetched tbh, now a utopia with absolutely no conflict that's absurd. World peace is more about having minor conflicts other than major ones is it not? But yeah, I see what you mean. Your goals always have to be a step by step process and always have to start small. But I like thinking ahead and also in the attainable future. I find it better to think both ways.
  2. Gino
    12-30-2013 06:08 AM
    Nope just chilling.
  3. Gino
    12-30-2013 01:35 AM
    I'm doing alright
  4. Wosu
    12-30-2013 12:55 AM
    Yeah, I like the not knowing, but sometimes I just wanna know. Nawp, more like believe in the you that believes yourself and others, so pretty much! Haha, project positivety, tell me how that Goes, maybe you will gain the ability to auto activate a small amount of adrenaline. You should root for yourself more than them then!! Though they sound awesome...
    Hey you just gotta drink your milk... If only it was that easy, yo... But you're of normal height for a girl your age correct?
    of course you do, that's why I likes you.

    I notice you've been using religious words lately, well not lately but in the last post... Have you recently accepted Hésus? Then doesn't that friend of yours know your predicament? Is she a good enough teddy bear? But strength is also subjective as is most things, I find those who have their thoughts that defy some generally accepted society norms as strong. Well as long as those thoughts are not obscene.

    It seems to work well enough for me actually and for all those who wonder if their actions serve no purpose. But it also signifies like I said not having your potential and voice limited!!!
  5. Wosu
    12-29-2013 02:59 PM
    Thee as in general you, meaning anyone faced with the predicament. Froobie, there should always be at least one person that believes in you because you believe and thyself!!!! But don't let him believe in you more than you do!
    hey, if you think bout it, 8 inches isn't much. You still have time.

    Woah, language! There are like children here... But they will be worth it, it's nice to improve from weaknesses. No greater feeling imo. Like that time I stopped being scared of dogs. Then you better wipe your own tears for good then! Grrr, of course you're that strong, you developed your own ideals and stuck with it, at least that's how I always see you.

    My goal is not to wipe anyone's tears, just the teddy bear that's there to help you do so on your own!
    As much as I like astronomy, I will not pursue a career in the field. But the whole premise of piercing the heavens is to not limit yourself with a mere goal of just a career that's reachable and once it is, you will most likely question yourself of where to go now. The whole point is to keep having major goals that pushes you with ultimate life ENERGY!!!!!!!

  6. Gino
    12-29-2013 07:13 AM
  7. Wosu
    12-29-2013 02:58 AM
    The ambiguity of not knowing what one feels for thee. Glad to see you're enjoying him... that's the right phrase right? I don't think it is, but ill go wolith it. Good! You're only 8 inches shorter than moi!
    Dumping on others is never an option, got carry it and then move on!!!

    Of course you're strong, you're one of the strongest people I've ever met. I meant that previous post in the most non-insulting manner. I'm just going to be with you until you wipe your own tears and pierce the heavens with me!!!!!
  8. Wosu
    12-29-2013 01:39 AM
    I always take it well, I just happen to love ambiguity and hate it at the same time. How's that super cute guy of yours? The one you thought was gay... Yes, metaphor and also literally I've been called a teddy before. A 6 foot something teddy bear.
    Ah so you've found a source of your displeasure? Just like me then, except you're taking it more negatively.

    Come on Fropbs, I left you for a month and you ventured deeper into the ville. Then from now on, I won't leave you.
    I'll be your teddy bear until you go back to being the strong woman I KNOW! :D
  9. Wosu
    12-29-2013 01:23 AM
    Not fully, more so her parents had this rule she couldn't date seniors or juniors, and she got herself a sophomore boyfriend, i had my normal always positive reaction. I didn't act any differently around her tbh, just a limited version of my my full self.
    Yes, your teddy bear. Think of it as a metaphor. Yes everyone!!!!! And pierce the heavens because i shall not limit my potential to the earth.
    How's it going with you?
  10. Wosu
    12-29-2013 01:11 AM
    Yeah... The problem is that I liked someone, which already dims my super positive aura, depending on how much I like them.
    But this one had the most adjustment of perception and some acts that made me anxious.
    I pretty much went back to normal after liking her less in that way. Now time for me to become your teddy bear, conquer everyone's hearts, rule the world And pierce Da HEAVENSSSS!!!!!!

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