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How do I attain a new rank?
The Narutoforums "Ninja Rank" system is based upon the number of posts you create in sections of the forum where posts will count towards your total. There are areas will it will not count. See below for details.

What are the ranks, and how many posts do I need to attain them?
The ranks are as follows:

Academy Student----------------0
Academy Teacher----------------300
ANBU Recruit-------------------450
Special Jounin-----------------600
Elite Teacher------------------900
Torture Specialist-------------1,100
ANBU Squad Leader--------------1,300
ANBU Captain-------------------1,800
Elite Jounin-------------------2,500
S-Class Missing-nin------------3,000
Legendary Ninja----------------4,000
God of Shinobi----------------15,000
Final Villain------------------22,000
Sith Lord--------------------27,300

I'm making posts. Why isn't my post count going up?
There are sections of the forum where posts do not count towards your total. These are:

Konoha Times
Academy Registration
The Konoha Lounge
The Blender
The Konoha Arcade
The Pachinko Parlour
The Staff Conference Room
Rules and Frequently Asked Questions

Additionally, the Konoha Landfill also has disabled postcount.

My post count's gone down. Why?
If you've made posts in a section of the forum which has postcount enabled, your count will go up. If the thread you've posted in is then moved to the Landfill, your posts will go back down again. Additionally, if one of your posts has been deleted by a forum moderator, that post will no longer count towards your total. This would include all post count from Conversation Threads because they are archived in the Landfill at roughly 2000 posts.

Who are the forum Moderators, Administrators, and notable persons?
You can look up all the forum leaders under the
forum leaders listing.

Under the Moderators tab, you'll find the persons tasked with maintaining specific forums. If you have a question pertaining to a certain forum, PMing the moderator in charge of it would be the best course of action. Moderators have specific powers only under their own section. They can move, trash, delete, merge, close and open, moderate (make it so that a thread would have to be approved before viewing, that way only moderators can see them), and sticky threads in their section. They can also edit thread titles, change/remove/add poll options, and with a bit of work, add a poll. They can make announcements and prune a subsection. They also can do IP searches.

Under the Super Moderators tab you'll find the Super Moderators - moderators with knowledge of the entire forum and the ability to moderate any part of it. If you want to report something inappropriate that requires editing/removal, or have a question about the forum in general, asking them would be your best bet. Super Moderators have all the power of Moderators, just over all sub-forums. They also have the power to enable/disable/edit avatars and signatures, execute forum-wide/section bans and unbans, perform reputation seals, view incoming reputation, and do hard deletion (soft deleting is what mods do, in which you can see the "this thread/post" is deleted. Hard deleting removes it entirely and you can never get it back).

Under the Administrators tab, you'll find the persons in charge of running the inner workings of the forum. If you have a question, the Administrators are probably not the best persons to ask - although we'll try to help, we're generally somewhat busy and may take some time to respond. Administrators have everything the Super Moderators have. They have the power to create usergroups and move members into their respective usergroups (some moderators are also granted power over usergroup changing like the Bathhouse usergroup and senior membership). They have the power to remove polls in threads. They can change the number of reputation points and posts you have, along with changing anything else in your profile - check all incoming and outgoing reputation, create and manipulate sub-forums, change usernames, change username colors via usergroups (or manipulate however they want - flashing, sparkles, etc), section ban and unban, IP ban, upload icons and emotes, change sub-forum descriptions, change what the reputation ranks say, change post ranks, and promote members to staff.

Members with a Dark Red user name are Forum Advisors. These are retired staff members who still wish to help out with forum policies or staff taking a break from regular duties. They do not have any actual powers, however. Please contact a regular Moderator if you need help.

How do I make these cool buttons to hide text?
[SPOILER=Optional text on button]Text/images to be hidden[/SPOILER]

Note that no other BBCode tags may be used as the text on the button.

How do I use BitTorrent?
The Narutoforums Bittorrent FAQ by Reznor is a good place to get some basic answers about aspects of the bittorrent system.

For a more detailed description, Brian's BitTorrent FAQ and Guide goes over every bit of bittorrent comprehensively.

How do I add images to posts or signatures?
Answer #9: Using the forum code, you can put images into your posts using the IMG tags.

You need to host the image on a website... you can try,,, or

Once you have the url for your image, place it in the post or signature and put it in image tags. Thus,


What is a signature, and how do I use one?
A signature is a block of text or images that is placed after every one of your posts. To create a signature, go to Edit Signature, which can be found under the User Control Panel.

Where can I get an avatar or a signature image?
Try looking around the internet - many websites offer avatar galleries. If you're looking for a custom avatar or a signature, you can submit a request in the Requests forum.

How do I post a Poll in a thread?
When creating a new thread, you'll notice under "additional options" the option to post a poll with the thread:

Make sure the check box is checked, and hit "submit new thread". Once you hit submit thread, the thread will be created; the poll will only be added once you complete the process by filling out this screen:

What are the green bars next to my post? What is reputation?
A FAQ specifically aimed at explaining the reputation system: The NF Reputation FAQ.

What are the various options I have under the quick links bar?

1. User CP - accesses the User Control Panel
2. FAQ - If you're reading this, you know what this is.
3. Members list - a directory of all the members of Narutoforums.
4. Calendar - a list of scheduled events and birthdays for Narutoforums.
5. New posts - find the newest posts made on NF.
6. Search - handy feature. Use to search the forum by keywords.
7. Quick links - links to the most useful features of the user CP.
8. Log out - Sign out of Narutoforums.

What are the options I have under the User Control Panel?

1. Edit Your Details: change your age, biography, and other profile fields.
2. Edit Your Profile Picture: add or replace your picture displayed in profile.
3. Contacts & Friends: lists all your contacts and friends. You may deleted or add contacts and/or friends here..
4. Group Memberships: use this to request membership for 18+ members, senior members, no skin, etc. (Please pay attention to the requirements!)
5. Pictures & Albums: lists your albums so you can edit them.
6. Edit Avatar: add or replace your avatar.
7. Edit Signature: add or remove items from your signature block.
8. Edit Email & Password: change your e-mail and password settings.
9. Edit Options: change the configuration of your Narutoforums display.
10. Edit Ignore List: to remove a user from your ignore list, delete their name from the appropriate box. To add a user to the list, enter their name in the empty box and hit okay. (Note that staff members cannot be ignored.)
11. List Messages: lists all your private messages.
12. Send New Message: send a new private message to a NF user.
13. Track Messages: shows the status of the tracked private messages you've sent out.
14. Edit Folders: create or delete folders for your private messages.
15. List Subscriptions: lists all the threads you've subscribed to.
16. Edit Folders: edit the folders which contain your subscribed threads.
17. Event Reminders: this lists all your events. (This feature is disabled on the Narutoforums).

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