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Conversation Between Blazing CobaltX and Ash
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  1. Blazing CobaltX
    12-08-2013 05:06 PM
    Blazing CobaltX
    I'm sure there are thousands of others with exactly the same title, whatcha gonna do about that?

    Huh, your family doesn't know? Even the people you're still 'okay with'?
    Well the reason I got so frightened by the idea of telling my mom is because of the things she says and her opinions on homosexuality, which is negative obviously. So the moment I started thinking 'fuck am I gay??/' I also started worrying about my mom finding out. Not necessarily my family, not even my dad, just my mom. The reason why it was so hard for me to accept it was because of the fear of what my mom would do if I told her.
    Nope, it's too early to show her my yuri collection, but she's seen my desktop and the amount of eyesex on that is already too much for her. I wonder if she started looking differently at my desktop now she knows it, since I did tell her the part that the domino of admitting it to myself started with "liking a certain relationship between two characters of the same gender". I wonder if she thinks those two were the ones I liked, which she's totally right about in that case.

    In long stories, there needs to be at least some gay denial, in which one of the two dates a guy but then realizes that her feelings for x were real all along. Upon which she now has to come on terms with her feelings and mostly that doesn't happen until the other one actually confesses as well and then BAM relationship. Oh, such a refreshing formula.

    Where did I imply I'd ever come back for him? I have my own anime crushes!

    Just the thought of how much effort that'd take makes me feel tired. Then again, if there's something I'm dying to do and I actually can do it, then I'm willing to spend so much time on it.
  2. Ash
    11-11-2013 02:01 PM
    I'm not being picky, I'm just know what I want Shota Lord My tumblr title is Master of all Shota.

    That's so cool of you Personally I don't care what my family thinks. I don't need their validation, so I don't plan on telling them. But it's great that she actually acted reasonable about it. Did you think she would throw you out or something? Well, it is just a phase after all Did you show her your yuri collection?

    Oh, it's like that here too... Except the snow stays around for a few days. But when it does come down, it comes down hard!

    Yaoi is no different Usually it takes "persuading" to get some guys to realize their feelings, but they all come around in the end Like these completely straight guys will fall in love with other guys, either their lifelong friends or someone they just met, and after some awkward altercations and comin to terms with their feelings, then the other guy forces sex on him, and THEN they fall in love.

    Don't think you can take him away from me later He's all mine!

    I have no idea but it seems like it would take a long time! Making the dancing animations, designing the templates for every character and outfit, all the face motions and mouth movements to sync with the song... It's all so wonderful pek
  3. Blazing CobaltX
    11-10-2013 12:46 PM
    Blazing CobaltX
    Don't be picky, it's all pretty much the same. Although Shota Lord does sound better...

    It's a loooooong story but to make it short when my family had a discussion about homosexuality again I found out my mom's opinion on it is different than I thought it was and she isn't that negative on homosexuals. So after a few days I decided to tell her, because it just felt right to do so now that we had talked about the topic anyways. She thinks it has to do with my age and that I can't be sure yet, and despite disagreeing I decided not to argue since I was already very happy that my mom didn't kill me.

    Once it snows here, the snow will remain for like a month, since the cold weather will prevent the snow from melting. Eventually the snow becomes ice and then it becomes a game of 'don't fall or you'll die'. No thanks.

    Yeah, yuri is veeeerryyy serious business! ...And most girls fall in love with their best friends instead of senpais.

    You can have him.

    That's pretty impressive. I wonder how much effort it takes to make such things...
  4. Ash
    10-27-2013 05:20 AM
    Shota King I like Shota Lord or Shota Master better. But you're right. I wouldn't want to ruin my image by having two chicks in my set

    You're gay? But seriously, how did that turn out?

    Getting out of bed in the freezing cold does suck... But you know what doesn't suck? Getting into bed when it's freezing cold! pek Walking to work in the winter isn't bad... Unless it snows. And it only snows here maybe twice a year

    Right, because we all know yuri is super srs and all about the fucking

    I'll be glad to have Ash as my daddy And I ain't gonna share him either.

    Also, watch this
  5. Blazing CobaltX
    10-26-2013 09:32 AM
    Blazing CobaltX
    You wouldn't dare stealing my avatar, it's a yuri one for god's sake! That doesn't go with your shota king image!

    I told her I'm gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.

    That's less of a problem than freezing to death the moment you leave your bed. I can't stand going to school early in the winter, even my tears freeze.

    ...I'm glad that trope doesn't exist in yuri.

    He's the Chosen One to be 10-year-old forever. You can have him as your dad, I don't want that, even if he is the Chosen One or something.
  6. Ash
    10-16-2013 12:23 PM
    Considering I really only post in the FC section now, I don't think we'll run into each other I'll jus t have to steal your avatar then! I have no idea what it is, but you will know confusion!

    What did you tell your mom?

    Not to mention you get soaked in sweat when it's too hot and you have to shower like every day So disgusting

    That's not the way cute shota boys do He must always be there for his Senpai! He must break through and use his cuteness to make everything right!

    Ash is more than just a 10-year-old! He is immortal! He in the Chosen One foreseen to save the world! He has a power beyond your comprehension You should be proud to have him as your daddy.
  7. Blazing CobaltX
    10-15-2013 05:44 PM
    Blazing CobaltX
    Then again we rarely post in the same sections, so there's almost no chance for me to get confused. Plus I have a ship as my avatar, no way I'm gonna mistake your posts as yours now.

    Also, after much debating, I finally told my mom.

    I don't know which one I prefer, although I think I prefer too hot. Then again, finding a way to cool yourself takes more time than warming yourself up, also I like snuggling into my blankets whenever it gets cold.

    Nitori, although he was just worried, should've left him alone. It did no good to his self-confidence. Well, at least he apologized, but he should've known better.

    Ash as in the Ash in your avatar? How could a 10yo be my dad?!
  8. Ash
    10-15-2013 01:26 PM
    Now you will know confusion! Hopefully you survive the experience


    I'd much rather have too cold than too hot Good news is it's starting to get cold over here pek The heat lasted a few months too long!

    And he's all nice and friendly with Nitori Those two need to get it on!

    Ash is your other dad, I hope you know
  9. Blazing CobaltX
    10-11-2013 01:06 PM
    Blazing CobaltX

    Sounds like the ideal world!

    I love both summer and winter, but the downside of both is that in the winter it's too darn cold and in the summer it's too damn hot and I don't like being fully exposed as in the way I have to wear clothes or else I'll die.

    Same! I have totally forgiven him for all his douchy actions, now he's a nice, good guy! Also second season.

    Proves once again we're related.
  10. Ash
    09-26-2013 08:33 PM
    Now you will confuse my posts for your own!

    Sounds good to me Keep all men and women separate from each other at all times!

    I have little desire to go outside, especially during the summer when I get soaked in sweat the moment I walk out the door I like going out during the winter though!

    That last episode I forgive Rin for everything!

    Stubborn, too Just like your father.
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