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Thoughts on Comics : Animal Man # 22-26 (Final)

Posted 07-17-2009 at 07:29 PM by San Juan Wolf
Updated 07-17-2009 at 07:47 PM by San Juan Wolf

Issue 22 "Time in a Bottle" finds Buddy, anxious to get a time machine, so much so that after the former Clockwork Commander proves to be no help, he just goes off to another superhero team and lies to them to get a time machine , in the name of the JL .The devide doesn't seem to work, though, as he is simply only a nearly always invisible flickering shade in the past, "broadcasted" from the future . He finds out he was the spook that his daughter Maxine saw in issue 14 all along , and that he cannot warn his family at all . Then, he is somehow , for some reason (it's never explained) brought back even further , to when he was a kid . There, he simply remains, spending time in an endless memory until he is conronted by a stranger who can see and hear him .

Issue 23 "Crisis" has Buddy meet up with a few other characters, who , for some unexplained reason can see him just fine, and most of them are deathless to a decree . Also, back in the present, the Psycho-Pirate being the only person who remembers characters who were wiped out of existence during the "Crisis on infinite earths" , brings them back . The characters begin to crowd Arkham ad the yellow alieans apear again, guiding prof. Highwater along with them . Also, Buddy finaly returns to the present .

Issue 24 "Purification Day" has Buddy deal with the insane Overman , a mad as a hatter psychedelic alternative Superman (who beats Bizarro Superman to a pulp just moments before) . Th characters are made to realise that they exist as characters in comic books, but that they will also outlive their creators and will live again any time someone reads their old stories and they dissapear . The Psycho-Pirate dissapears to, but not before Buddy can use the advice Hawkman gave him in issue 6 and just turn off Overman's doomsday bomb . Prof. Highwater agrees to become a seal, if you will, between the worlds of the crisis and pre ciris and voluntarily stays in Arkham asylum, wearing the Psycho-Pirate's mask .

Issue 25, "Monkey Puzzle" , has a monkey writing the script of the issue on a typwriter, while Buddy finds himself in limbo- where characters who aren't curently written about remain until their brought back (though this only seems to concern those that weren't erased by the Crisis) . Among them we even find Mr. Freeze who quite arogantly claims he has no place there . Here, Buddy takes care of the dying monkey , trying to bring him to some mystical city, but after years of wandering, he just gets back to his house . His pets died in the meantime . So did the monkey . Buddy takes out the script from it's dead fingers and re-reads the issue, panel after panel . He then goes up, as insturcted, and cuts out a paper key that untimately leads him to Grant Morrison .

(Ps: I realy felt sorry for the "Space Canine Patrol Agents" . I realy wish someone would use em, as you could write great stories with em, because their just animals )

Issue 26, "Deus Ex Machina" is the last issue of the Morrison run . In here, Buddy in confronted by Grant Morrison, who explains to him his own dependancy on what the writer chooses for him to . They then take a walk, all the while partaking in one of the best written dialoges in comic history . Morrison then , to make things more interesting, has two villians apear out of nowhere to fight Buddy, as he thanks all the people involved in the maing of Animal Man . In the end, Buddy is given a happy life with his family and Morrison goes away to signal his childhood imaginary friend, Foxy, who replies without Grant actualy having seen it .

This part of the run was realy amazing, bringing in the aspect of making the heroes suffer simply for the readers entertainment, as well as debating that th comic book world is in fact a much better place even if it seemingly is more violent . But there, anything can be rectified .

The series wasn't canceled, but surprisingly, no one seems to discus it after Morrison left, even if it was done by Peter Milligan himself, who co-authored the more or less obscure "Freakwave" series, being even more surreal in just 7 or so pages then even a common Doom Patrol issue by Grant ! I would realy wanna get into Milligan's run to .It's strange, but both of Morrison's earliest hit series were continued by other people after he left, (Doom Patrol having been taken over by Rachel Pollack ), yet these remained in his shadow and failed to atrack the notoriety they might have had, had their issues been the start of the series, rather then just a passing of the torch .

Overall, the Morrison run is short and offers many great or even fabulous issues, and it is no wonder this made Morrison an instant hit .
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Can you please combine these somewhat? You're clogging the page.
Posted 07-17-2009 at 07:57 PM by Stealth Tomato Stealth Tomato is offline
Was thinking of making em short and easy readable, rathen then one huge ugly ol' whoer of a thing . Sides, I tried to group em under what felt like important bits, it's not done fully at random .
Posted 07-17-2009 at 08:02 PM by San Juan Wolf San Juan Wolf is offline
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