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Downtown Konoha
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The Konoha Times ( 2 Viewing )
NF is again back up again. Every post is a repost repost.
Threads: 97
Posts: 41,823
Academy Registration ( 4 Viewing )
New here? Come on in and introduce yourself!
Threads: 20,991
Posts: 244,451
by Nep Nep
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The NF Café ( 84 Viewing )
Debate Corner Philosophical Forum
Konoha University

Discuss the latest news over a cup of coffee.
Threads: 41,230
Posts: 1,586,325
Fanclubs ( 133 Viewing )
General Member Joke
Bleach One Piece Anime/Manga
Come here to create or join a fanclub!
Threads: 5,532
Posts: 7,920,568
by Shiki
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Konoha Plaza ( 49 Viewing )
Area 11
A sun-lit square lined with quaint ninja bistros and frequented by friendly pigeons, this is where to post on-topic threads of a random sort.
Threads: 8,694
Posts: 663,078
by krory
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Akihabara District
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Manga Library ( 100 Viewing )
Manga Library Lounge Manga Recommendations
Fairy Tail Hunter x Hunter Toriko Kingdom
Tower of God Shingeki no Kyojin  Nanatsu no Taizai
Tokyo Ghoul
Walk up to the second floor to talk about all kinds of manga out there.
Threads: 7,995
Posts: 823,287
by Rax
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Anime Channel ( 26 Viewing )
Anime Recommendations Anime Channel Café
Hunter x Hunter Gundam Kill La Kill
Sailor Moon Fairy Tail Fate/Stay Night Dragonball
Change to channel 12 to talk about every other anime out there!
Threads: 5,181
Posts: 715,772
Winter 2015 Juuou Mujin no Fafnir
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Naruto Avenue
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House of Uzumaki ( 40 Viewing )
Discuss topics relevant to both anime and manga (remember to spoiler-tag manga stuff) such as fan favorites, pairings, cosplay, general character discussion and so on.
Manga Colorings Fanart
Fanfiction Videos Other
Pachinko Parlour
Threads: 23,420
Posts: 502,853
Konoha Library ( 94 Viewing )
Come here to talk about the Japanese Naruto manga, but remember not to be too loud.
Threads: 52,477
Posts: 1,586,988
Naruto Translations ( 5 Viewing )
Freelance translation and scanlation groups or individuals can exhibit their releases here. (This is not for chapter discussion; keep that in Konoha Telegrams.)
Threads: 2,377
Posts: 31,779
by Vaatu
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Naruto Dub Discussion ( 2 Viewing )
English Dubbed Naruto Discussions. The English dub is only currently available on itunes, DVD, Neon Alley, and video games. If you watch Naruto in Japanese with English subtitles please skip this section and go to the Konoha TV section instead. If you read the manga, please go to the Konoha Library.
Threads: 1,469
Posts: 121,205
Naruto Battledome ( 22 Viewing )
Konoha Colosseum
It's Naruto match-ups, so knock yourselves out discussing any battles!
Threads: 10,164
Posts: 515,823
Konoha TV ( 19 Viewing )
Subtitled Naruto discussion (NOT Naruto on Cartoon Network and Disney XD). American viewers please use the English Naruto Discussion forum. No manga spoilers - NOT EVEN IN TAGS - period.
Threads: 6,753
Posts: 403,951
One Piece Avenue
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One Piece Harbour ( 6 Viewing )
The place to discuss topics about One Piece of a general nature.
Baroque Fanworks
Threads: 3,563
Posts: 115,286
Ohara Library ( 63 Viewing )
The place to discuss Eiichiro Oda's wildly popular pirate manga series, One Piece.
Threads: 27,088
Posts: 926,933
Pirate TV ( 5 Viewing )
A subforum dedicated to the One Piece anime. NO MANGA SPOILERS!
Threads: 1,140
Posts: 39,096
One Piece Battledome ( 38 Viewing )
Come here to pit your favourite One Piece characters against each other in Mortal Kombat!
Davy Back Fight
Threads: 3,858
Posts: 180,506
by maupp
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Bleach Avenue
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Court of Pure Souls ( 6 Viewing )
Come here to discuss things about Bleach of a general nature.
Bleach Fanworks
Threads: 4,650
Posts: 127,586
Society Library ( 54 Viewing )
This is the area where we would like all talk about things relating to the Bleach Manga to be.
Threads: 22,277
Posts: 720,103
Bleach Battledome ( 8 Viewing )
Seireitei Stadium
Pit characters from Bleach against one another in hypothetical fights.
Threads: 6,192
Posts: 207,779
Society TV ( 1 Viewing )
This will be an area where you can talk about the Bleach Anime. NO MANGA SPOILERS!
Threads: 2,067
Posts: 83,365
Outskirts of Konoha
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Outskirts Battledome ( 68 Viewing )
Where your favorite characters from any venue come to do battle!
Threads: 4,482
Posts: 110,282
Konoha Ad Board ( 1 Viewing )
Come post-up a link to your website on our ad-board!
Threads: 5,254
Posts: 46,769
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Roleplaying Forum ( 7 Viewing )
For your online role-playing needs.
Threads: 797
Posts: 248,165
Konoha Mall
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Foreign Languages ( 1 Viewing )
Interested in learning a language? Willing to teach a language? This is the place to be!
Threads: 1,857
Posts: 119,091
by ane
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Arcade ( 17 Viewing )
Talk about various games and systems in this department!
Game Shelf
     → Pokémon
     → Super Smash Bros.

     → League of Legends

Threads: 1,725
Posts: 214,721
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Music Department ( 3 Viewing )
Walk into the music department to talk about various genres of music and artists. Especially Chaka Khan.
Threads: 3,720
Posts: 292,888
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Konoha Theatre ( 19 Viewing )
Talk about movies, television, musicals, and plays here!
     → Legend of Korra
     → A Game of Thrones

Comic Book Theatre

Threads: 5,724
Posts: 599,956
Sports Bar ( 7 Viewing )
Konoha Football Club
National Basketball Association
American Football
Take a seat in the bar and talk about sports.
Threads: 2,594
Posts: 1,388,138
Discuss everything that might revolve around health and life style, from fashion to tampons.
Threads: 1,945
Posts: 104,756
Konoha Ryokan ( 6 Viewing )
Here at the Konoha Ryokan, we encourage our guests to discuss the general flavors of Japan and its rich culture, along with our special blend of "otaku culture".
Threads: 243
Posts: 14,941
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Tech Hub ( 4 Viewing )
Come to the Tech Hub on the 2nd floor to talk about everything related to computers.
Technical Difficulties
Computer problems? Forums not working? Ask any tech question here and we'll help you fix it.
Threads: 5,575
Posts: 54,967
by Mider T
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Reader's Corner ( 2 Viewing )
Where creative and scholarly minds gather to discuss literature of every sort, from member made original fiction to popular books and poems. Let your imagination take you into a different world.
Threads: 1,906
Posts: 67,957
by MbS
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Hidden Village of Art
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Art Exhibit ( 8 Viewing )
Open to all artists to post your original work and discuss pros and cons of art techniques, modern art, discussion for post-impressionism/modernism/the kings. This also goes for legendary graphic artists, those passionate photographers, and so on -- all ready to explore the depth to their own medium.
Art 101
Threads: 14,905
Posts: 159,976
by Kanga
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Want an Ava or Sig? Request it here. Have an avatar/sig you don't use? Give it away here
Threads: 2,936
Posts: 243,700
Sketch of the Fortnight
Signature of the Week
Photo of the Fortnight
Come into the battledome to challenge someone in an julistic artistic battle.
Threads: 3,426
Posts: 74,892
by fires
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Anbu Central
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Ask Taxman, get (non $$$) returns.
Threads: 4,651
Posts: 90,289
by Blunt
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The place for all your questions.
Threads: 18
Posts: 33,607
Konoha Sanitation
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Konoha Landfill ( 22 Viewing )
Plug your noses because all the trashed threads are put in here.
Threads: 23,217
Posts: 3,384,974
by Ftg07
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Konoha Recycling Heap ( 175 Viewing )
Trashed Threads are recycled if moved here, so posts in them still count
Threads: 255,186
Posts: 11,903,383
by Reznor
02-25-2015 09:44 AM Go to last post
This is for threads that need a specific action done on them. One thread at a time please.
Threads: 152
Posts: 860
by Vaatu
04-16-2014 10:40 AM Go to last post
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